美音:[pleıs ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[pleıs ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.地方,地点,位置,职位,处境,住所,地位 vt.放置,寄予,任命 vi.名次列前


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名词:placer 动词过去式:placed 过去分词:placed 现在分词:placing 第三人称单数:places 形容词:placeable

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arrange  compose  fix  locate  put  set  situate  station  displace    


/pleɪs; ples/
1 [C] particular area or position in space occupied by sb/sth 地方; 场所; 所在地
*Is this the place where it happened? 这就是事发地点吗?
* This place seems familiar to me I think I've been here before. 这地方好像很熟悉--大概我从前来过这里.
* I can't be in two places at once. 我分身乏术.
* He loves to be seen in all the right places, ie at all the important social events. 他喜欢在所有重大的社交场合上出头露面.
2 [C] city, town, village, etc 城、镇、村等
*We saw so many places on the tour I can't remember them all. 我们旅行到过很多地方, 我记都记不清.
* This town is the coldest place in Britain. 这镇子是英国最寒冷的地方.
* Australia is a big place. 澳大利亚这个地方很大.
3 [C] ~ (of sth) (often in compounds 常用以构成复合词) building or area of land used for a particular purpose or where sth occurs (作某用途或发生某事的)建筑物或场所
*a `meeting-place, `birthplace, `hiding-place, etc 会面地点、出生地、隐蔽所
* places of amusement/entertainment,ie theatres, cinemas, etc 娱乐场所(戏院、影院等)
* a place of worship, ie a church 礼拜的场所(教堂)
* He can usually be contacted at his place of business/work. 通常可在他的办公[工作]地点和他联系.
* a place of learning, eg a university 做学问的地方(如大学)
* one's place of birth/death 出生[死亡]之地.
4 [C] particular spot or area on a surface 物体表面的某点或某处
*a sore place on my foot 脚的痛处
* The wall was marked with damp in several places. 那堵墙有几处潮斑.
5 [C] particular passage or point in a book, play, etc (书、戏剧等的)某段落或某点
*The audience laughed in all the right places, eg in a play. 观众看到有趣处无不大笑不已(如在观剧时).
* Put a piece of paper in (ie in your book) to mark your place. 在你读到的地方夹上张纸条.
6 [C] seat or position, esp one reserved for or occupied by a person, vehicle, etc 座位或位置(尤指某人、车等保留或占据的)
*Come and sit here I've kept you a place. 到这儿来坐--我给你占了一个座位.
* There's only one place left in the car park. 停车场里只剩一个位置了.
* the place of honour at the head of the table 餐桌上首的贵宾席
* There will always be a place for you here if you decide to come back. 只要你决定回来, 这里永远给你保留位置.
* Return to your places and get on with your work. 各回各位去干自己的工作吧.
* (fig 比喻) have an assured place in history 在历史上占有一定的地位
* I went to buy a newspaper and lost my place in the queue. 我去买了份报纸, 回来就找不到我排队中的位置了. =>Usage at space 用法见space.
7 [sing] rank, position or role in society (used esp with the vs shown) (社会的)等级, 地位, 身分(尤与所示动词连用)
*keep/know one's place 保持个人的地位[知道自己的身分]
* forget one's place, ie not behave according to one's social position 举止与身分不合
* not be one's place (ie one's proper role) to give advice 无资格进言.
8 [C]
(a) position or office, esp as an employee 职位或职务(尤指雇员的)
*She hopes to get a place in the Civil Service. 她希望获得一份公职.
(b) opportunity to study at a school or university (在学校)学习或研究的机会
*She was awarded a place at the Royal College of Music. 她获得皇家音乐学院的学籍.
* The ballet school offers free places to children who are exceptionally talented. 该芭蕾舞蹈学校给有特殊天赋的儿童提供免费学习的机会.
(c) membership of a sports team 运动队员的资格或身分
*She worked hard for her place in the Olympic team. 她为进入奥林匹克运动队而努力.
9 [C]
(a) natural or suitable position (for sth) (某物的)自然的或恰当的位置
*Put everything away in its correct place. 把东西放到该放的地方去.
* (saying 谚) A place for everything and everything in its place. 物各有其位, 物各在其位.
* The dustbin is the only place for most of these clothes. 这些衣服大都只配进垃圾箱.
(b)(usu negative 通常用否定式) suitable or proper location(for sb to be) (某人的)相宜的或应在的地方
*A railway station is no place for a child to be left alone at night. 火车站可不是让儿童在晚上独自呆的地方.
* City streets are no place to be if you don't like noise or crowds. 要是怕吵、怕人多就别上街.
10 [C] (mathematics 数) position of a figure after a decimal point, etc (小数点後的)位:calculated/correct to
5 decimal places/5 places of decimals,eg 6.57132 计算[精确]到小数点後5位数(如6.57132).
11 [C usu sing 通常作单数]
(a) (in a competition) position among the winning competitors (竞赛中)获胜者的名次
*He finished in third place. 他得了第三名.
(b) (in horse-racing) position among the first three, esp second or third (赛马的)位置(获胜的前三名, 尤指第二名或第三名)
*Did you back the horse for a place or to win? 那匹马你买的是位置还是独赢?
12 [C]
(a) house, esp a large one in the country 房子; (尤指)乡间巨宅
*They have a flat in town as well as a place in the country. 他们在城里有一套公寓, 在乡村还有一所房子.
(b) (infml 口) home 家
*We're having the party at my place. 我们的聚会在我家举行.
13 Place [sing] (esp Brit)
(a) (as part of a name for a short street, square etc 用于短街、广场等名称中)
*Langham Place 兰厄姆广场.
(b) (as part of a name for a large country house 用于乡村巨宅的名称中)
*Wakehurst Place 韦克赫斯特山庄.
14 (idm 习语) all `over the place (infml 口)
(a) everywhere 到处
*Firms are going bankrupt all over the place. 各地的商行都纷纷破产了.
(b) in an untidy state; disordered 凌乱; 紊乱; 杂乱
*The contents of the drawers were strewn all over the place. 抽屉里的东西乱七八糟.* Your hair is all over the place. 你的头发乱蓬蓬的. change/swap `places (with sb)
(a) take sb's position, seat, etc and let him take one's own 与某人交换位置、座位等
*Let's change places you'll be able to see better from here. 咱们换一下位置吧--你从这儿看清楚些.
(b) be in sb else's situation or circumstances 在他人的处境或环境
*I'm perfectly happy I wouldn't change places with anyone. 我十分愉快--这种幸福我跟谁都不换. fall, fit, slot, etc into `place (of a set of facts or series of events) begin to make sense in relationship to each other (指一系列事实或事件)开始有头绪
*It all begins to fall into place. 一切开始明朗了. give place to sb/sth be replaced by sb/sth; give way to sb/sth 为某人[某事物]所取代; 让位给某人[某事物]
*Houses and factories gave place to open fields as the train gathered speed. 火车越开越快, 把房子和工厂抛在後面进入了一片开阔的田野. `go places (infml 口) be increasingly successful, esp in one's career 不断进展(尤指在个人事业上)
*two young people who are really going places 两个事业顺利的年轻人. have one's heart in the right place => heart. in the `first, `second, etc place (used eg when making points in an argument 用于如列举理由时) firstly, secondly, etc 第一点、第二点等. in high places => high1. in `my, `your, etc place in my, your, etc situation or circumstances 处于我的、你的等情况、处境
*What would you do in my place? 你要是处于我的地位, 你怎样做?
* In her place I'd sell the lot. 我要是她就全部卖掉. in `place
(a) in the usual or proper position 在平常的或应在的地方
*She likes everything to be in place before she starts work. 她喜欢东西都摆好再开始工作.
(b) suitable or appropriate 合适的; 恰当的
*A little gratitude would be in place. 应当略表谢意. in place of sb/sth; in sb's/sth's place instead of sb/sth 代替某人[某事物]
*The chairman was ill so his deputy spoke in his place. 主席有病, 所以由副主席代为致词. lay/set a `place put cutlery, dishes, etc for one person in position on the table 在餐桌上摆上一份一人用的餐具
*Set a place for him when you lay the table he may come after all. 铺桌子时给他摆上一份餐具--毕竟他有可能来. lightning never strikes in the same place twice => lightning. lose one's place => lose. out of `place
(a) not in the usual or a correct or suitable place 不在平常的或应在的或适当的地方.
(b) unsuitable; improper 不适合的; 不适当的
*Her criticisms were quite out of place. 她的批评太不相宜了.
* Modern furniture would be out of place in a Victorian house. 在维多利亚时代式的房子里摆设现代家具很不谐调. a place in the `sun situation of equal or shared privilege 平等的或均等的有利地位或处境
*Nations that had been oppressed for centuries were now fighting for a place in the sun. 多少世纪以来受压迫的国家现在都在争取平等. pride of place => pride. put oneself in sb else's/sb's `place imagine oneself in sb else's situation or circumstances 设想自己处于他人的地位或处境. put sb in his (proper) `place humiliate sb who has been impertinent or boastful 对无礼的或自夸的人加以羞辱
*He tried to kiss her but she quickly puthim in his place. 他想要吻她, 她顿时让他自讨没趣. take`place occur; happen 发生
*When does the ceremony take place? 仪式什么时候举行?
* We have never discovered what took place (between them) that night. 我们从未发觉那天晚上(他们之间)发生了什么事情. =>Usage at happen 用法见happen. take sb's/sth's place; take the place of sb/sth replace sb/sth 代替某人[某事物]
*She couldn't attend the meeting so her assistant took her place. 她不能出席会议, 所以由助手替她.
* Nothing could take the place of the family he had lost. 他失去了家庭, 这一损失是无法弥补的. there's ,no place like `home (saying 谚) one's home is the best place to be 哪里也不如自己的家.

/pleɪs; ples/
1 [Tn.pr, Tn.p]
(a) put (sth) in a particular place 将(某物)置于某处
*He placed the money on the counter. 他把钱放在柜台上.
* The notice is placed too high nobody can read it. 布告贴得太高--谁也没法看.
(b) put (sth) in its proper place 将(某物)放在应放之处
*Be sure to place them correctly. 务必把这些东西放对地方.
* He placed the books in order on the shelf. 他把书按顺序摆在书架上.
2 [Tn.pr, Tn.p] put (sb) in the situation or circumstances specified (used esp as in the expressions shown) 使(某人)处于某处境或环境(尤用于以下示例)
*place sb in charge/command (of sth), ie make him the leader 让某人负责[指挥](某事物)
* place sb under arrest, ie arrest him逮捕某人
* place sb in a dilemma/difficult position/quandary, ie make matters difficult for sb 使某人进退两难[处于困境/犹豫不决]
* place one's faith/trust in sb/sth 信赖某人[相信某事物]
* place confidence in sb, ie be confident that he will help, etc 对某人抱有信心
* Responsibility for the negotiations was placed in his hands, ie He was made responsible for them. 由他负责谈判事宜.
3 [Tn] identify (sb/sth) by using one's memory or past experience 凭记忆或经验辨认(某人[某事物])
*I've seen his face before but I can't place him. 我以前见过他, 但我认不出他是谁.
* She has a foreign accent that I can't quite place. 她有外国口音, 但我听不出是哪儿的口音.
4 [Tn, Tn.pr, Tn.p] make a judgement about (sb/sth) in comparison with others; class (sb/sth) 经比较评价(某人[某事物]); 将(某人[某事物])分类
*I would place her among the world's greatest sopranos. 我认为她可以算是世界上第一流的女高音.
5 [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (with sb/sth) give (an order or a bet) to a person or firm (向某人或某公司)发(定单)或打(赌)
*They have placed an order with us for three new aircraft. 他们向我们订购了三架新飞机.
* Place your bets now the race begins in half an hour! 现在可以下赌注--赛事于半小时後开始!
6 [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sb (in sth); ~ sb (with sb/sth) find a home, job, etc for sb 为某人找到、安排或安置(家、工作等)
*The agency places about
2000 secretaries per annum. 该代理机构每年可为约2000名秘书安排工作.
* They placed the orphans with foster-parents. 他们为这些孤儿找到了养父养母.
7 [Tn, Tn.pr] invest (money), esp in order to earn interest 投(资)
*The stockbroker has placed the money in industrial stock. 证券经纪人已用那笔钱购入了工业股票.
8 [esp passive 尤用于被动语态
*Tn, Cn.a] state the finishing position of runners (in a race) or contestants (in athletics) (体育竞赛中)定出(选手的)名次
*He was reponsible for placing the winners. 他负责评定选手名次.
* She was placed third. 她被定为第三名.
9 (idm 习语) be placed
(a) (Brit) (in horse-racing) finish first, second or third (赛马中)得第一、第二或第三名.
(b) (US) (in horse-racing) finish second (赛马中)得第二名.
1. Evaporation takes place more quickly when there is wind or sunshine.

2. Bonpland pronounced the place to be quite simply "paradise".

3. For the puma was often observed at one place in the morning and at another place twenty miles away in the evening.

4. We make good use of special plastics in place of alloy.

5. When they passed the place where the dead boy lay, each soldier saluted.
    当他们路过停放着男孩尸体的地方时, 每个士兵都向他敬礼.

6. While I was wondering at this, our schoolmaster took his place.
    当我正为这些情景感到诧异时, 我们的老师回到了讲台上.

7. We should situate a thinker and his thought in their proper place.

8. While I was wondering at this, our schoolmaster took his place.

9. We could see that, for another young woman was serving in her place.

10. We put our hands down but I just stayed exactly where I was. Then one of the bank workers pressed a button behind the counter and the steel gate at the front of the bank moved into place so that we were locked in. We just stayed like that until the p