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英音:[plæn ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.计划,设计图,平面图 vt.计划,设计


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名词:planner 动词过去式:planned 过去分词:planned 现在分词:planning 第三人称单数:plans

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aim  arrange  design  devise  intend  maneuver  mean  plot  project  propose  scheme  think    


/plæn; plæn/
1 ~ (for sth/doing sth); ~ (to do sth) arrangement for doing or using sth, considered or worked out in advance 计画; 规画; 方案
*make plans (for sth) (为某事)定计画
* a plan to produce energy from waste material 利用废物作能源的计画
* What are your plans for the holidays? 你假期打算做什么?
* a carefully worked-out plan 精心设计的方案
* a change of plan, ie deciding not to do what was planned 计画的变动
* a development plan, eg for an industry, a town or an area 发展规画(如工业、城镇或地区的)
* The best plan (ie The best thing to do) would be to ignore it completely. 上策是完全不予理睬.
* a plan of attack/campaign, ie a way of doing sth, esp sth difficult 攻坚[攻关]方案.
2 (a) detailed, large-scale diagram of part of a town, district, group of buildings, etc (城市、区、建筑群等的)详图
*a plan of the royal palace and its surroundings 皇宫及其环境详图
* a plan of the inner city 市中心详图.
(b) (esp pl 尤作复数) outline drawing (of a building or structure) showing the position and size of the various parts in relation to each other (建筑或结构的)平面图, 设计图
*draw up plans for an extension 绘制扩建图
* The architect submitted the plans for approval. 建筑师将设计图表交付审批.
* The plans of the new development are on show at the Town Hall. 镇公所大厅展出了新开发平面图.
(c) diagram (of the parts of a machine) (机器部件的)图解, 说明图
*plans of early flying machines 早期飞行器的说明图. Cf 参看 chart, map.
3 way of arranging sth, esp when shown on a drawing; scheme 安排, 方式, 方法(尤指图示); 示意图
*a seating plan, ie one showing where people are to sit at a table 座位示意图.
4 (idm 习语) go according to plan (of events, etc) take place successfully (指事情等)顺利进行, 按计画实现
*If everything goes according to plan, I shall be back before dark. 假若一切顺利, 我天黑之前就回来.

v (-nn-)
1 [Tn] make a plan of or for (sth) 为(某事物)定计画或绘设计图、平面图等
*plan a garden 设计花园
* a well-planned city 精心设计的城市
* a planned economy, ie controlled by the government 计画经济.
2 [I, Ipr] ~ (for/on/sb/sth) make preparations (为某事物)做准备
*plan for the future, one's retirement, etc 为将来、退休等做准备
* I had planned for
20 guests, but only
10 arrived. 我做好了招待20位客人的准备, 可是只来了10位.
* We hadn't planned on twins! 我们没有生双胞胎的准备! =>Usage at arrange 用法见arrange.
3 [Tt] make plans (to do sth); intend 计画, 打算(做某事); 意欲
*When do you plan to take your holiday? 你打算什么时候休假?
* We're planning to visit France this summer. 我们正计画今年夏天到法国旅行.
4 (phr v) plan sth out consider sth in detail and arrange it in advance 策画、筹画或详细安排某事物
*plan out one's annual expenditure 做出全年的开支预算
* plan out atraffic system for the town 为该镇筹画交通系统. plannern
(a) person who makes plans 设计者; 策画者.
(b) (also ,town `planner) person who works in or studies town planning 城市规画的工作者或研究者. planning n [U]
(a) making plans (for sth) (做某事物的)计画
*family planning, ie using birth control to limit the number of children a couple have 计画生育.
(b) = town planning (town). planning permission (esp Brit) licence to build a new building or change an existing one, granted by a local authority (兴建或改建建筑物前当局授予的)建筑许可证.


A plan is typically any diagram or list of steps with timing and resources, used to achieve an objective. See also strategy.
1. Even young students who plan on staying in the United States just long enough to finish two semesters of high school have difficulty finding a host family.

2. C.You try to spend less and plan good menus anyway.

3. We must plan everything carefully.

4. When he finally retired, he put his plan into effect.

5. This plan is apparently a good one.

6. This plan has the teacher´s approval.

7. The plan failed because of his betrayal.

8. The plan was doomed from the start.

9. This plan ended in a fiasco.

10. They have framed a plan of action.