美音:[pleı ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[pleı ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.游戏,比赛,运动,赌博,剧本 v.玩,扮演,播放,进行比赛 v.播放


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动词过去式:played 过去分词:played 现在分词:playing 第三人称单数:plays 形容词:playable 名词:playability

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/pleɪ; ple/
1 [U] activity done for amusement, esp by children; recreation 游戏, 玩耍(尤指儿童的); 娱乐
*the happy sounds of children at play 儿童游戏时欢乐的声音
* the advantages of learning through play 寄学习于娱乐的优点
* His life is all work and no play. 他的生活是只知工作没有娱乐.
2 (sport 体)
(a) [U] playing of a game 比赛; 竞赛; 运动
*There was no play/Rain stopped play yesterday. 昨天没有[因雨停止]比赛.
* The tennis players need total concentration during play. 网球运动员在比赛中需要全神贯注.
(b) [U] manner of playing a game 比赛、竞赛或运动的表现或作风
*There was some excellent play in yesterday's match. 昨天的比赛有些出色的表现.
* They were penalized for too much rough play. 他们因在比赛中过于粗野而受罚.
(c) [C] (esp US) action or manoeuvre in a game 比赛中的动作或技巧
*a good play 漂亮的动作
* a fine defensive/passing play 精彩的防守[传递]动作.
3 [C] work (written to be) performed by actors; drama 戏剧; 剧本
*a radio play 电台广播剧
* a fine edition of Shakespeare's plays 莎士比亚戏剧集锦
* She has just written a new play. 她刚写完一部新剧.
* act/take part in a play 在一剧中[参加一剧的]演出
* We are going to see the new play at the Playhouse. 我们要到大剧院看新剧.
4 [U] (scope for) free and easy movement 自由活动(的范围)
*Give the line more play, eg in fishing. 把线放松些(如钓鱼线).
* a knot with too much play, ie one that is not tight enough 松的结(系得不紧的)
* We need more play on the rope. 绳子要松些.
5 [U] activity; operation; interaction 活动; 作用; 相互的影响
*the play of supernatural forces in human destiny 超自然的力量对人类命运的影响.
6 [U] light, quick, constantly shifting movement 轻的、快的、不断转换的动作
*the play of sunlight on water 阳光在水面上的闪烁.
7 [U] taking part in card-games, or board games, roulette, etc when playing for money; gambling 赌博
500 in one evening's play 一晚上赌博输掉500英镑.
8 [sing] turn or move in cards, chess, etc (纸牌、下棋等游戏中)轮到的机会
*It's your play, ie You are the next to make a move. 轮到你了.
9 (idm 习语) bring sth into `play cause sth to have an influence 使某事物发生作用或影响
*This financial crisis has brought new factors into play. 这次金融危机引发新的因素起了作用. call sth into play => call2. child's play => child. come into `play (begin to) be active or have an influence (开始)积极活动或起作用
*Personal feelings should not come into play when one has to make business decisions. 为公事作决策不应搀杂个人情感. fair play => fair1. give, etc free play/rein to sb/sth => free2. give sb/sth full play => full. in full play => full. in `play as a joke; not seriously 开玩笑地; 打趣地
*The remark was only made in play. 那话只是说着玩的. in/out of `play (sport 体) (of the ball in football, cricket, etc) in/not in a position where the rules allow it to be played (指足球、板球等的球)按规则处于可[不可]比赛状态中. make a play for sb/sth (esp US) perform actions that are designed to achieve a desired result 为得到意想的结果而采取行动
*She was making a big play for the leadership of the party. 她千方百计要当党的领导.
* He was making a play for the prettiest girl in the college. 他挖空心思想勾引那所学院中最漂亮的女生. a play on `words pun 双关语
*The advertising slogan was a play on words. 那条广告口号是双关语. the state of play => state1.

/pleɪ; ple/
1 (a) [I, Ipr, Ip] ~ (with sb/sth) do things for pleasure, as children do; enjoy oneself, rather than work 玩; 玩耍; 游戏
*There's a time to work and a time to play. 有工作的时间, 也要有娱乐的时间.
* play with a ball, toy, bicycle 玩球、玩玩具、骑自行车玩
* a little child playing with his friend 和小朋友一起玩耍的小男孩
* children playing for hours in the garden 在花园里玩了几小时的儿童.
(b) [Ipr no passive 不用于被动语态, Tn no passive 不用于被动语态, Tg] ~ (at) sth/~ (at) doing sth (esp of children) pretend to be sth or do sth for amusement (尤指儿童)装扮, 假装
*Let's play (at) (being) pirates. 咱们装海盗玩儿吧.
* The children were playing at keeping shop. 孩子们假装开商店玩儿.
2 [Tn, Tn.pr, Dn.n no passive 不用于被动语态] ~ sth (on sb) trick sb for amusement 开某人玩笑
*play a joke/prank/trick (on sb) 开某人玩笑[对某人搞恶作剧/作弄某人]
* They played me a rotten trick. 他们跟我开了一个很讨厌的玩笑. TAKING PART IN A GAME 参加比赛
3 [I, Ipr, Tn, Tn.pr] ~ (sth) (with/against sb); ~ sb (at sth) take part in a game; compete against sb in a game 参加比赛; 同某人比赛
*play football, cricket, chess, cards, etc 踢足球、打板球、下国际象棋、玩纸牌
* playing (darts) with one's friends 和朋友玩(掷镖游戏)
* She plays (hockey) for England. 她在英格兰队打(曲棍球).
* On Saturday France play(s) (Rugby) against Wales. 星期六法国(橄榄球)队和威尔士队比赛.
* Have you played her (at tennis) yet? 你同她比赛过(网球)了吗?
4 [I, Tn] gamble at or on (sth) 赌(某事物); 在(某事物)中赌博
*play at the roulette table 赌轮盘赌
* play the casinos 在娱乐场赌博
* play the stock-market, ie buy and sell shares, etc to make money 买卖股票.
5 (a) [Ipr, Tn] take (a particular position) in a team (在体育队中)担任(某角色)
*Who's playing in goal? 谁做守门员?
* I've never played (as/at) centre-forward before. 我以前从未当过中锋.
(b) [Tn, Tn.pr, Cn.n/a] ~ sb (as sth) include sb in a team 让某人加入队中比赛
*I think we should play Bill on the wing in the next match. 我认为下一场应当让比尔任边锋.
* Who shall we play at/as centre-forward? 咱们派谁当中锋?
6 (a) [I, Ipr, Ip, Tn, Tn.pr, Tn.p] (in sport) (try to) strike, kick, throw, etc (the ball, etc), esp in the specified manner or direction (体育运动中)击, 踢, 掷, 投(球等)(尤指以某种方式或向某方向)
*She played (at the ball) and missed. 她击球未中.
* In soccer, only the goal-keeper may play the ball with his hands. 在足球运动中只有守门员可以用手触球.
* He played the ball onto his wicket, ie accidentally struck it so that it hit the wicket. 他把球打进了自己的三柱门.
(b) [Tn] (in sport) make (a stroke, etc) (体育运动中)做出(某动作)
*play a fast backhand volley 作快速反手拦击.
7 [I] (of a sports pitch, etc) be in a certain condition for playing (指体育比赛场地等)处于某条件
*a pitch that plays well, poorly, etc, ie allows the ball to move easily, slowly, etc 好用、不好用等的场地.
8 [I, Tn]
(a) move (a piece) in chess, etc 下, 移动(棋子等)
*She played her bishop. 她走了象.
(b) put (a playing-card) face upwards on the table in a game of cards (纸牌游戏中)出牌
*Have you played? 你出牌了吗?
* Don't play out of turn! 别抢出牌!
* play one's ace, a trump, etc 出A、王牌等. PRODUCING MUSIC OR SOUND 演奏或放音
9 (a) [I, Ipr, Tn, Dn.n, Dn.pr] ~ (sth) (on sth); ~ sth (to sb) perform on (a musical instrument); perform (music) 演奏(乐器或音乐)
*In the distance a band was playing. 远处一乐队在演奏.
* play (the violin, flute, etc) (well) 演奏(小提琴、笛子等)(演奏得优美)
* play (a sonata) to an audience 给听众演奏(一奏鸣曲)
* play a tune on a guitar 用吉他弹一曲调
* play sb a piece by Chopin 给某人演奏萧邦的一首乐曲.
(b) [I] (of music) be performed (指音乐)演奏
*I could hear music playing on the radio. 我听到收音机里演奏着音乐.
10 (a) [Tn, Dn.n, Dn.pr] ~ sth (for sb) cause (a record, record-player, etc) to produce sound 用(唱片、唱机等)播放
*Can you play (me) her latest record? 给我放放她最新录制的唱片行吗?
* Play that jazz tape for me, please. 请给我放那盘爵士乐录音带吧.
(b) [I] (of a tape, record, etc) produce sound (指录音带、唱片等)放音
*There was a record playing in the next room. 隔壁房间里正在放唱片. ACTING 表演
11 (a) [Tn] act in (a drama, etc); act the role of (sb) 演(戏等); 扮演(某人)的角色
*They're playing `Carmen' at the Coliseum. 他们在伦敦的大剧场上演《卡门》.
* play (the part of) Ophelia 扮演奥菲莉娅(的角色).
(b) [I, Ipr] ~ (to sb) (of a drama) beperformed (指戏剧)演出, 上演
*a production of `Hamlet' playing to enthusiastic audiences 为热情的观众演出的《哈姆雷特》.
12 [La, Ln, Tn no passive 不用于被动语态] behave in a specified way; act as if one were (a particular type of person) 以某种方式表现; 装成(某种人)
*play dead, ie pretend to be dead in order to trick sb 装死(骗人)
* play the politician, diplomat, etc 扮政治家、外交家等
* play the fool, ie act foolishly 做蠢事
* play the sympathetic friend, the wronged wife, the busy tycoon, etc 装成有同情心的朋友、受委屈的妻子、忙碌的企业家等. OTHER MEANINGS 其他意义
13 (a) [Ipr] move quickly and lightly, esp often changing direction 快而轻地动(尤指常变换方向)
*sunlight playing on/over the surface of the lake 湖面上闪动的阳光
* (fig 比喻) A smile played on/about her lips. 她双唇露出一丝微笑.
* His mind played on the idea of going away for a holiday. 他心里动着度假的念头.
(b) [Tn.pr] direct (esp light or water) in a specified direction 将(尤指光或水)对准某处
*play the torch beam over the walls 用电筒照墙的那一边
* The firemen played their hoses on the burning building. 消防队员用水龙喷射燃烧着的建筑物.
* They played the searchlights along the road. 他们用探照灯照射那条路.
(c) [I] (of fountains, etc) produce a steady stream of water (指喷泉等)持续喷水.
14 [Tn] allow (a fish) to exhaust itself by pulling against the line 让(鱼)拉钓线使之疲乏.
15 (idm 习语) what sb is playing at (usu expressing anger, irritation, etc 通常用以表示愤怒、烦躁等) what sb is doing 某人在搞什么名堂
*I don't know `what he thinks he's `playing at. 我不知道他在搞什么名堂. (For other idioms containing play, see entries for ns, adjs, etc 与play搭配的其他习语见有关名词、形容词等的词条, 如 play fair => fair2; play the game => game1.)
16 (phr v) play a`bout/a`round (with sb/sth) act or handle sb/sth in a casual irresponsible way 玩弄某人; 摆弄或乱弄某物
*Stop playing around and get on with the job. 别胡闹了, 接着做工作吧.
* You shouldn't play around with (ie flirt with) another woman's husband. 你不应该和人家的丈夫厮混.
* Don't play about with my expensive tools! 别乱摆弄我的昂贵的工具!


A bamboo display is a display with a support structure made out of bamboo.
1. Because people enjoy challenges, they like to play sports and watch other people play sports.

2. But the conference heard equally strong evidence for the role that environmental factors play in creating genius.

3. Find more time to play with the children, do a thousand and one jobs about the house,

4. We all like to play baseball.

5. When he began to play a tune, we had our first glimpse of the snake.

6. Which team do you play for?

7. Wilma´s brother Wesley liked to play basketball.

8. It is possible to play simply for the fun and exercise:

9. When he began to play a tune, we had our first glimpse of the snake.

10. We were very much surprised when the snake charmer suddenly began to play jazz and modern pop songs.