美音:[pɔınt ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[pɔınt ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.点,尖端,分数,要点,分数 vt.弄尖,指向,指出,瞄准,加标点于 vi.指,指向,表明


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动词过去式:pointed 过去分词:pointed 现在分词:pointing 第三人称单数:points


punct=to prick(刺)

近义词, 同义词


aim  direct  indicate  show    


/pɔɪnt; pɔɪnt/
1 [C] (often in compounds 常用以构成复合词) sharp or tapered end of sth; tip (物体的)尖端; 尖儿
*the point of a pin, knife, pencil, etc 大头针、刀子、铅笔等的尖儿
* a pin-point, knife-point, pencil point, etc 针尖儿、刀尖儿、铅笔尖儿
* The stake had been sharpened to a vicious-looking point. 木桩削得尖得吓人.
* the point of the jaw, eg as the target for a punch in boxing 颌端(如拳击的攻击目标).
2 [C] (often with a capital as part of a name 常用于名称中, 首字母大写) narrow piece of land sticking out into the sea; headland or promontory 岬角; 海角
*The ship rounded the point. 船绕过了岬角.
* Pagoda Point 宝塔角.
3 [C] (geometry 几) thing that has position but no size, eg the place where two lines cross 点
*AB and CD intersect at (the point) P. AB线和CD线在P点相交.
4 [C]
(a) any dot used in writing or printing, eg as a full-stop, as a marker of decimals, etc (书写或印刷用的)点(如句号、小数点等)
*Two point six (2.6) means the same as 2---. 二点六(2.6)即为2---.
* The first twofigures after the decimal point indicate tenths and hundredthsrespectively. 小数点後的头两位数分别表示十分位和百分位. =>App
4 见附录4.
(b) tiny dot or mark of light or colour (光亮的或有颜色的)小点
*stars seen as points of light in a dark sky 在黑暗的天空中点点发光的星星.
5 [C] (often in compounds 常用以构成复合词) particular place or locality 地点; 位置
*Guards had been posted at several points around the perimeter. 在环形防线上已布置了几处岗哨.
* an assembly, rallying, meeting, etc point 集会、集合、会面等的地点
* a steamer service calling at Port Said, Aden and all points east, ie all other ports further east 到塞得港、亚丁以及东部各港口的航运业务.
6 [C] particular time or instant 某一时刻或瞬间
*At one point I thought she was going to refuse, but in the end she agreed. 当时我以为她要拒绝, 但最後她却同意了.
* The film started to get very violent, at which point I left. 那部电影看着看着出现了极残暴的场面, 我立刻就走了.
* at the point of death, ie about to die at any moment 在临死时.
7 [C] (often in compounds 常用以构成复合词) stage or degree of progress, increase, temperature, etc (进展、增进等的)阶段, 程度; (温度等的)度
*reach danger point, ie reach a dangerous level 达到危险的地步
* boiling/freezing/melting point 沸[冰/熔]点.
8 [C] any of the
32 marks on the circumference of a compass 罗经点(罗盘上的32个刻度)
*the cardinal points, ie the four main points
*N, E, S and W 基本方位(北、东、南、西等四个主要方位)
* (fig 比喻) Search-parties had been sent out to all points of the compass, ie in every direction. 已向四面八方派出了搜索队.
9 [C] unit of measurement, value, scoring, etc (作测量、数值、记分等单位的)点、分等
*a point on a scale 刻度上的一点
* The pound fell several points on the Stock Market today. 今天证券市场上英镑下跌了好几点.
* We need one more point to win the game. 我们再得一分就能胜这一 局.
* [attrib 作定语] a points system 点数制. =>App
4 见附录4.
10 [C] individual idea of sth said, done or planned; single item or detail (说法、做法或想法的)点; 项; 条
*the main points of a story, a discussion, an argument, etc 故事、议论、争论等的要点
* points of difference, similarity, agreement, disagreement, etc 差异、相似、一致、分歧等之处
* One point in favour of her plan is its cheapness. 她的计画可取之处是花费少.
* explain a theory point by point, ie explain each individual idea in it, in order 逐点阐释一理论.
11 [C]
(a) thing said as part of a discussion 论点; 见解; 观点
*Various committee members made interesting points. 许多委员提出了使人关注的意见.
(b) effective argument 有力的论据
*`But she might not agree. ' `You've got a point there/That's a point (ie I had not thought of that.) '. `可是她有可能不同意呀.'`你说得对[有道理](我没想到这一点).'
12 [C] distinctive feature or characteristic 特点; 特徵
*sb's good, strong, bad, weak, etc points 某人的优点、长处、缺点、弱点
* I'm afraid tidiness is not his strong point, ie he is untidy. 我看他这个人不大讲究整洁.
13 the point [sing] the matter under discussion; the essential thing 谈论的事; 要点; 核心问题
*Let's stop discussing trivial details and come/get to the point. 咱们别再谈琐碎细节了, 说正事吧.
* The speaker kept wandering off/away from the point. 讲演的那个人总是走题.
* The point (at issue) is this.... 问题的要点是这样的....
14 [U, sing] essential meaning, main feature (of a story, joke, remark, etc); reason; purpose; value (故事、笑话、意见等的)中心意思, 重点; 理由; 目的; 价值
*get, see, miss, understand the point of sth 明白、了解、不明白、理解某事的中心意思
* a story, remark, etc with a/some/no/little point (to it) 有[有些/没有/没什么]重点的故事、意见等
* There's not much point in complaining; they never take any notice. 埋怨也没什么用, 人家根本不理睬.
15 [U] (fml 文) effectiveness; urgency 效力; 鼓动力
*speech, words, remarks, etc that have/lack point 有[没有]分量的讲话、词语、话等.
16 [C] (often in compounds 常用以构成复合词) electrical socket, into which a plug is put 插座
*a lighting, power, cooker point 照明、电源、电炊具插座
* a 13-amp point 13安培的插座.
17 points [pl] (in ballet) the tips of the toes (芭蕾舞用语)足尖, 脚尖
*dancing on points 用足尖跳舞.
18 points [pl] (Brit) (US switch) set of movable rails at a place where a railway line divides into two tracks, which can be altered to allow a train to use either track (铁路上的)转辙器, 道岔
*change/switch the points 转换道岔
* [attrib 作定语] a points lever, mechanism, etc 转辙器扳手、装置等.
19 [sing, U] (in cricket) fielder near the batsman on the off side; his position (板球中的)(击球员右侧的)防守球员, 防守位置.
20 [U] (as a compound after a number 用于数词後构成复合词) unit of measurement of type-size in printing (作活字大小单位的)点
*6-point is small and 18-point is large6点的活字小, 18点的活字大.
21 (idm 习语) at the ,point of a `sword, `gun, etc by threatening sb with death or wounding by a sword, gun, etc 以死威胁某人; 用剑、枪等加害某人
*captured at the point of a sword 在武力威胁下被捕. beside the `point irrelevant 离题的; 不相干的. carry/gain one's `point persuade people to accept one's argument 说服别人接受自己的论点. a case in point => case1. the finer points => fine2. give sb points (at sth) offer sb advantages and still win 比赛中向某人让分而仍获胜
*He can give me points at golf, ie He plays better than I do. 打高尔夫球他让我几分还能赢. have one's `points have certain good qualities 有某些优点
*I suppose wine has its points, but I prefer beer. 葡萄酒固然有它的好处, 但我还是喜欢啤酒. if/when it ,comes to the `point if or when the moment for action or decision comes 到必须采取行动时; 到做决定时
*If it came to the point, would you sacrifice your job for your principles? 必要时你肯为坚持原则而牺牲工作吗? in ,point of `fact in reality; actually 事实上; 实际上
*He said he would pay, but in point of fact he has no money. 他说他付钱, 可实际上他并没有钱. labour the point => labour2. make one's `point explain fully what one is proposing 充分解释自己提出的事
*All right, you've made your point; now keep quiet and let the others say what they think. 好啦, 你已经把话说清楚了; 那就别说了, 让别人谈谈看法. make a point of doing sth do sth because one considers it important or necessary 认为做某事重要或有必要
*I always make a point of checking that all the windows are shut before I go out. 我出门前总是要检查所有的窗户, 看是否都关好了. a moot point/question => moot. not to put too fine a point on it => fine2. on the point of doing sth just about to do sth 正要做某事时
*I was on the point of going to bed when you rang. 你来电话时我正要睡觉. on `points (of a win in boxing) by the number of points scored without knocking out one'sopponent (指拳击取胜)靠点数. a ,point of de`parture(a) place or time at which a journey begins 启程的地点或时间.
(b) (fig 比喻) starting point for a discussion or enterprise (讨论或事业的)起点
*Let's take `Das Kapital' as a point of departure for our survey of Marxism. 咱们以《资本论》为出发点来研究一下马克思主义. a ,point of `honour/`conscience thing of great importance to one's honour or conscience 关系到荣誉或良心的事
*I always pay my debts punctually; it's a point of honour with me. 我还债总是很准时, 这是我的名誉问题. the ,point of `no `return
(a) point (on a long voyage, flight, etc) at which fuel supplies, etc will not be sufficient for a return to the starting point, so that one must continue the journey in order to survive 航线临界点(长途航行中之某处, 燃料等不敷返回原地之用只得继续前进).
(b) (fig 比喻) point at which one becomes committed to an action or a decision that cannot be reversed (行动或决定)已到欲罢不能的境地. a ,point of `order (in formal discussions, eg debates) matter of correct procedure according to the rules (正式讨论中, 如辩论时)(符合规定的)程序问题
*On a point of order, Mr Chairman, can associate members vote on this matter? 主席先生, 按规定准会员对这件事可以投票吗? a/one's ,point of `view attitude; opinion 态度; 观点; 看法
*This is unacceptable from my point of view. 依我看, 这事不能同意.
* What's your point of view on nuclear power? 你对核动力有什么看法? possession is nine points of the law => possession. prove one's/the case/point => prove. score a point/points => score2. a sore point => sore. stretch a point => stretch. one's/sb's strong point/suit => strong. take sb's `point understand and accept sb's argument 理解并接受某人的论点. to the `point (in a way that is) relevant and appropriate 中肯; 恰当
*remarks that were very much to the point 切中要害的评论
* His speech was short and to the point. 他的讲话简明中肯. to the point of sth to a degree that can be described as sth 达到某程度
*His manner was abrupt to the point of rudeness. 他举止唐突, 近乎粗鲁. up to a (certain) `point to some extent; in some degree 在某程度上
*I agree with you up to a (certain) point. 我在某种程度上同意你的看法.

/pɔɪnt; pɔɪnt/
1 (a) [I, Ipr] ~ (at/to sb/sth) direct people's attention at sb/sth by extending one's finger towards him/it, or by using any similar sign or indicator; show the position or direction of sb/sth 指出某人[某事物]或其位置或方向
*It's rude to point. 指手划脚是不礼貌的.
* `That's the man who did it,' she said, pointing at me. `那事就是他干的,'她指着我说.
* He pointed to a tower on the distant horizon. 他指向远处地平线上的一座塔.
* A compass needle points (to the) north. 罗盘的指针永远指向北方.
* The clock hands pointed to twelve, ie it was noon or midnight. 那座钟的时针、分针都对着十二(正午或午夜).
(b) [Ipr] ~ to sth (fig 比喻) suggest (the likelihood of) sth; indicate sth 暗示某事物(的可能性); 指示某事物
*I can't point to any one particular reason for it. 那件事我找不出具体原因来.
* All the evidence points to his guilt. 所有证据都表明他有罪.
2 [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (at/towards sb/sth) aim or direct sth 以某物瞄准或对着
*point one's finger (at sb/sth) 用手指着(某人[某物])
* point a gun at sb 用枪瞄准某人
* point a telescope at/towards the moon 用望远镜对准月亮.
3 [Ipr, Ip] face or be turned in a particular direction 面对或转至某方向
*A hedgehog's spines point backwards. 刺 的刺毛是向後长的.
4 [Tn] give force to (sth); make more noticeable 强调, 着重(某事物); 使更显着
*a story that points a moral 突出某寓意的故事.
5 [Tn] fill in the spaces between the bricks of (sth) with mortar or cement 用灰泥或水泥勾(某物)的砖缝
*point a wall, chimney, etc 勾墙、烟囱等的缝.
6 [I] (of a hunting dog) take up a position with the body steady and the head indicating the direction of a hunted bird, etc (指猎狗)站定并用头指示猎物方向.
7 (idm 习语) point the `finger (at sb) (infml 口) accuse sb openly 公开指责某人. point the `way (to/towards sth) show the possibility of future development 指出发展的可能性
*Large electronics companies developed television, but Baird pointed the way with his experiments. 大型电子工业公司研制出了电视, 但这有赖于贝尔德的实验为此指出了方向.
* tax reforms which point the way to a more prosperous future 预示前景更为繁荣的税制改革.
8 (phr v) point sth out (to sb) direct attention to sth 使注意某事物
*point out a mistake 指出错误
* point out to sb the stupidity of his/her behaviour向某人指出其行为愚蠢
* I must point out that further delay would be unwise. 我必须指明再延误就要吃大亏了. point sth up give special emphasis to one particular aspect of sth; show sth very clearly 强调某事物的某方面; 明确显示某事物
*The recent disagreement points up the differences between the two sides. 最近的争执清楚显示双方有分歧.
1. Everyone should agree on a meeting point outside of the area — perhaps in a town several miles away.

2. But as the paper moved from side to side under the pen point, its movement would be recorded in ink upon its surface.

3. But can the colossal cities of the future really function without overloading all their services to the point of collapse and destroying the environment through pollution of air and water?

4. C.You decide to present your point of view; you explain your reasoning seriously to your friend.

5. This point has been made clear in the foregoing chapter.

6. This latter point was of great importance.

7. There´s really no point in arguing about pinpoints.

8. They never sympathized with my point of view.

9. There is no sky in June so blue that it does not point forward to a bluer,

10. The basic features include a crest (the highest point of the wave),