美音:[pres ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[pres ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.压,按,印刷,压力,拥挤,紧握,新闻 vt.压,压榨,紧抱,逼迫 vi.压,逼迫,拥挤,受压


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动词过去式:pressed 过去分词:pressed 现在分词:pressing 第三人称单数:presses


press=to press(压)

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/pres; prɛs/
1 [C usu sing 通常作单数] act of pushing steadily with (sth held in) the hand 用手(持物)按、压、挤、榨、捏等
*Flatten the dough with a press of the hand. 用手把生面团压平.
* Those trousers need a press, ie with a hot iron. 那条裤子该熨一熨.
2 [C] (esp in compounds 尤用以构成复合词) any of various devices or machines used for compressing or shaping things, extracting juice, etc 任何压榨或挤压成形之器具或机器
*a `winepress (制酒的)葡萄榨汁机
* a `cider-press 苹果榨汁机
* an `olive-press 橄榄榨油机
* keep one's tennis racket in a press 把网球拍放在球拍夹中
* a hydraulic press 水压机.
3 (a) (also `printing-press) [C] machine for printing 印刷机
*He took a copy of the newspaper as it came off the press. 报纸在印刷机上印出来後他拿了一份.
(b) [U] printing or being printed (used esp as in the following phrases) 印刷(尤用于以下词组中)
*pass sth for press, ie give final approval for sth before it goes to be printed 核准稿件以备付印
* go to press, ie start to be printed 付印(开始印刷)
* Prices are correct at the time of going to press, but may be changed. 付印前价目无误, 之後或有变化.
* stop press 停印.
4 (often 常作 the Press) [Gp] (journalists who work for) newspapers, periodicals and the news sections of radio and television 报刊; 定期刊物; 广播和电视的新闻节目; 报界; 新闻界; 记者们
*The Press were not allowed to attend the trial. 新闻界人士不得出庭旁听.
* The majority of the press support the Government's foreign policy. 舆论界多数支持政府的外交政策.
* the local/national/provincial press 地方[全国性/省级]报刊
* the gutter press, ie newspapers that concentrate on sensational stories about people's personal lives 低级报纸(专门宣扬别人隐私者)
* The freedom of the press (ie right of journalists to report events, express opinions, etc freely) must be protected. 新闻报道的自由(记者自由报道新闻、表达观点等的权利)应该得到保障.
* [attrib 作定语] press advertising, comment, freedom 报刊上的广告、报刊评论、出版自由.
5 [sing] treatment given to a person, a group, an event, etc in radio, newspaper, etc reports (广播、报刊等对个人、团体、事件等的)报道, 评论
*be given/have a good/bad press 受到舆论界的好评[批评].
6 [C] business for printing (and publishing) books or periodicals 印刷业; 出版业; 出版社
*Oxford University Press 牛津大学出版社
* a small press specializing in illustrated books 专印有插图的书的小出版社.
7 [sing]
(a) crowd or crowding of people 人群; 人群拥挤
*The child got lost in the press of people leaving the match. 在看完比赛後散场的人群中把孩子挤丢了.
(b) pressure of affairs; hurry or stress 事务的压力; 匆忙; 紧迫
*the press of modern life 现代生活的压力.
8 [C] large cupboard, usu with shelves, for clothes, books, etc 大柜橱(通常有架以放置衣物、书籍等)
*a linen press 衣物柜.

/pres; prɛs/
1 (a) [Tn, Tn.p] move (sth) by pushing steadily against it 对(某物)施以压力使之移动; 按动(某物)
*press the trigger of a gun 扣枪的扳机
* press (down) the accelerator of a car 踩(下)汽车的油门
* press (in) a button 按电钮
* press a switch (up) (向上)扳开关.
(b) [Ipr, Tn.pr] ~ (sth/sb/oneself) against/on sth; ~ sth to sth (cause sth/sb/oneself to) push steadily against sth (使某物[某人/自己])对某物施以压力; 压、挤、推或顶某物
*My boot is pressing against a blister on my toe. 我的靴子挤压了我脚趾上的水 .
* I had to press myself against the wall to let them pass. 我得贴紧墙壁好让他们过去.
* The child pressed her nose against the window. 那小女孩把鼻子贴在窗户上.
* He pressed a handkerchief to his nose. 他用手帕捂着鼻子.
(c) [Tn.pr] ~ sth into sth put sth in a place by pushing steadily against it 对某物施以压力使其进入某位置; 将某物压入、按入或塞入
*press money into sb's hand 把钱塞进某人手中
* press putty into a hole 把油灰塞入洞中.
2 [Tn, Cn.a] apply force or weight to (sth) in order to get juice, etc from it 挤出(某物)的汁等; 榨(某物)
*press apples, olives, oranges, etc 挤压苹果、橄榄、橙子等
* press grapes to make wine 榨葡萄制酒
* press fruit dry, ie obtain all its juice 把水果榨乾(取其全部汁液).
3 [Tn, Cn.a]
(a) make (sth) flat or smooth (by using force or weight) 压扁, 压平(某物)
*press flowers, eg between pages of a book 把花压扁(如夹在书里)
* press the soil flat with the back of a spade 用铲子的背面平整土地.
(b) shape or remove creases from (clothes) by applying pressure with an iron 熨平(衣物)
*That suit ought to be pressed. 那套衣服得熨一熨.
* Press the pleats flat. 把褶子熨平.
4 (a) [Tn.pr] ~ sb/sth to one hold sb/sth close; embrace sb/sth 抱紧某人[某物]; 拥抱某人[某物]
*She pressed the child to her. 她把那孩子搂在怀里.
(b) [Tn] squeeze (a person's arm, hand, etc) as a sign of affection 紧握(某人之臂、手等)表示情意
*Overcome with emotion, he pressed her hand and left her. 他感慨万千, 用力握了一下她的手, 离开了她.
5 [Tn, Tn.pr, Cn.t] ~ sb (for sth) try repeatedly to persuade sb (to do sth) 一再劝说某人(做某事); 催促; 催逼; 敦促
*I don't want to press you, but shouldn't you be leaving? 我不想逼你, 但你还不该走吗?
* The bank is pressing us for repayment of the loan. 银行催我们偿还贷款.
* They are pressing us to make a quick decision. 他们正在敦促我们迅速作出决定.
6 [Tn] make (one's case, etc) urgently or repeatedly (used esp with the ns shown) 急于做或坚持做(某事等)(尤与以下句中名词连用)
*I don't wish to press the point, but you do owe me 200. 我是不愿老提这一点的, 可你还欠着我200英镑呢.
* She is still pressing her claim for compensation. 她仍然坚持要求赔偿.
* They were determined to press their case at the highest level. 他们决定把他们那事向最高层反映.
7 [Tn] make a pressing(n a) of (a gramophone record) 压制(唱片).
8 (idm 习语) be pressed for sth have barely enough of sth 缺少某事物
*Please hurry we're a bit pressed for time. 请快点--我们时间不多了.
* I'm very pressed for cash at the moment can I pay you next week? 我现在手头很紧--下周再付给你行吗? press sth home
(a) push sth into place 用压力使某物就位
*He locked the door and pressed the bolt home. 他锁上房门, 并插好插销.
(b) obtain as much advantage as possible from sth by being determined in attacking, arguing, etc (在进攻、争辩等方面)坚持不懈以多获益
*press home one's advantage 坚决维护自己的利益
* press home an argument, an attack, a point, etc 把争论、进攻、某一论点等坚持到底. press sth into `shape flatten, smooth or shape sth by pushing against it 压平某物; 施加压力使某物平整; 将某物压制成型. time presses => time1.
9 (phr v) press across, against, around, etc (sth) (of people) move in the specified direction by pushing (指人们)挤着走; 拥挤着前进
*The people pressed round the royal visitors. 人们把那些王室贵宾团团围住.
* The crowds were pressing against the barriers. 人群向着栅栏推挤.
* She had to press through the throng to reach the stage. 她不得不穿过拥挤的人群走上舞台. press ahead/forward/on (with sth) continue (doing sth) in a determined way; hurry forward 坚决地继续(进行某事物); 坚持(做某事); 加紧
*The firm is pressing ahead with the modernization plan. 公司竭力实施现代化计画.
* We must press on with the project without wasting time. 我们要不失时机地加紧进行这项工程. press for sth make repeated and urgent requests for sth 一再迫切要求某事物
*The chairman is pressing for a change in the procedure. 主席一再要求改变程序.
* The unions are pressing for improved working conditions. 工会再三要求改善工作条件. press sth from sth; press sth out of/in sth make sth by applying force or weight to a surface 压制某物
*press car bodies out of sheets of steel 把钢板冲压成汽车车身
* press holes in a piece of leather 在一块皮革上打出许多洞
* press out shapes from a piece of card 从一张纸板上压出各种花样. press sth from/out of sth; press sth out remove (juice, etc) from fruit by squeezing 挤出(果汁等); 榨出(汁液)
*press the juice from oranges 挤橙子汁
* press oil from olives 榨橄榄油
* press the seeds out of a tomato 挤出西红柿的籽. press (down) on sb weigh heavily on sb; oppress sb 对某人施重压; 压迫某人
*His responsibilities press heavily on him. 他身负重任. press sth on sb insist that sb accepts sth (against his will) 硬要某人接受某事物
*They pressed gifts on their benefactors. 他们硬要赞助人接受礼物.
* I didn't want to take the money but he pressed it on me. 我不愿接受那笔钱, 但是他却硬塞给我. press sth on/onto sth attach sth to sth by pressing 把某物紧贴在另物上
*press a label on a parcel 把标签贴在包裹上
* press a clean pad onto a wound 把一块乾净的纱布敷在伤口上.

/pres; prɛs/
1 [Tn esp passive 尤用于被动语态] (formerly) force (sb) to serve in the army or navy (旧时)强徵(某人)入伍.
2 (idm 习语) press sb/sth into `service use sb/sth because he/it is urgently needed; use sth as a temporary measure (因急需)徵用某人[某物]; 临时使用某物
*Her whole family were pressed into service when the shop was busy. 店里忙时, 她全家都来干.
* Old buses were pressed into service as emergency housing for the refugees. 用旧公共汽车应急来安置难民.


Hans Jürgen Press (1926–2002) was a German illustrator and writer of children's books. Many of his books contain stories and puzzles in which the reader searches the illustrations for clues to the mystery.
1. But so far, the public has expressed its gratitude to the students in letters to the Press.

2. But so far, the public has expressed its gratitude to the students in letters to the Press.

3. When you press this button , the radio will start.

4. This book is published by Oxford University Press.

5. This exhibition received a great deal of attention in the press,

6. The story of a poor family that acquired fame and fortune overnight, dramatically illustrates the power of the press.

7. The company that operates the Chunnel issued press releases accusing the reports of being inaccurate.

8. Then she imposed her company upon him, accompanying him in his idle walks to the mill to press her attempt to penetrate the silence in which he had unconsciously covered himself.
    而后她执意要陪他散步到磨坊去, 试图打破他这种并非有意的沉默,

9. He was formerly much eulogized by the press.

10. As the neighbours complained of the noise, my husband spent weeks training him to press his paw on the latch to let himself in.