美音:[(noun) ´prəudus (verb) prə´du:s ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[(noun) ´prəudus (verb) prə´du:s ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.产物,农产品 vt.提出,出示,生产,制造,结(果实),引起,招致,创作


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形容词:producible 动词过去式:produced 过去分词:produced 现在分词:producing 第三人称单数:produces


ducc=to lead(领导) 变化型 duct

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/prə'dju:s; [US] -'du:s; prə`dus/
1 [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (from sth) create sth by making, manufacturing, growing, etc 制造、生产、出产或创造某事物
*America produced more cars this year than last year. 美国今年生产的汽车比去年多.
* She has produced very little (work) recently. 她近来作品很少.
* Linen is produced from flax. 亚麻布是以亚麻纤维为原料制造的.
* He worked hard to produce good crops from poor soil. 他辛勤耕作, 为使瘠薄的土地上长出好庄稼.
* a well-produced book, ie one that is printed, bound, etc well 印制得很好的书.
2 [Tn] cause (sth) to occur; create 引起(某事物); 产生
*The medicine produced a violent reaction. 这药物引起了剧烈的反应.
* His announcement produced gasps of amazement. 他宣布的消息引起了一片惊叹声.
3 [I, Tn] bear or yield (offspring or crops) 生育(子女); 产(仔); 出产(农产品)
*The silkworms are producing well. 这些蚕的吐丝量很大.
* The cow has produced a calf. 这母牛生了一头小牛.
* The soil produces good crops. 这种土壤能长出好庄稼来.
* The cows are producing a lot of milk. 这些母牛的产奶量很大.
4 [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (from/out of sth) bring out or show sth so that it can be examined or used 拿出或出示某事物(以供检验或使用)
*produce a railway ticket for inspection 出示火车票以供查验
* The man produced a revolver from his pocket. 那人从衣袋里掏出一支左轮手枪.
* He can produce evidence to support his allegations. 他能提出证据以表明他的指控属实.
5 [Tn] arrange the performance of (a play, an opera, etc) or the making of (a film, TV programme, record, etc) 安排上演(戏剧、歌剧等); 制作(影片、电视节目、唱片等)
*She is producing `Romeo and Juliet' at the local theatre. 她正在当地的剧院里安排演出《罗密欧与朱丽叶》.
* He hopes to find the money to produce a film about Japan. 他希望筹集到资金以便拍一部关于日本的影片.
6 [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (to sth) (mathematics 数) make (a line) longer (so that it reaches a particular point) 将(一线)延长(至某点)
*produce the line AB to C 把线段AB延长到C点.

/'prɒdju:s; [US] -du:s; `prɑdus/ n [U] things that have been produced (produce 1), esp by farming 产品; (尤指)农产品
*fresh produce 新鲜的农产品
* agricultural, farm, garden produce 农业的、农场的、园圃的产品
* It says on the bottle `Produce of France'. 瓶上标有`法国制造'的字样.
1. Becoming more creative means paying attention to that endless flow of ideas you produce, and learning to capture and act upon the new that's within you.

2. But some parents already produce second children with nonfatal transplants in mind, and many experts do not oppose this.
    但有些父母已经生了第二个小孩,目的是进行一些非致命器官的移植, 对此许多专家也不反对。

3. We keep trying all four methods, but the sheer volume of rubbish we produce worldwide threatens to overwhelm us.

4. We produce a steady flow of labor-saving devices; we communicate rapidly through faxes, phone calls or emails rather than through personal contacts,
    我们发明了一系列节省劳力的装置;我们通过发传真、打电话或发电子邮件与他人迅速地进行交流, 而不是通过直接接触。

5. They had laboured for three years to produce this floating work.

6. These factories produce tubes , transistors , radio sets and TV sets.

7. They had laboured for three years to produce this floating work of art;

8. The need to produce ever-increasing quantities of cheap food leads to a different kind of pollution.

9. These hydroelectric (水电的) projects produce electricity for the people of nearby cities and towns.

10. The goal of the Scottish scientist Ian Wilmut is to develop a way to raise identical sheep that produce medicines for humans.