美音:[prə´feʃənəl ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[prə´feʃənəl ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.自由职业者,专业人员,职业运动员,职业艺人 adj.专业的,职业的


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fess=to speak(说)

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/prə'feʃənl; prə`fɛʃənl/
1 (a) [attrib 作定语] of or belonging to a profession 职业(上)的; 从事某职业的; 属于某专业的
*a professional man, woman, practitioner 从事某职业的男子、女子、开业者
* professional associations, codes of practice, conduct 专业协会、职业道德规范、职业道德
* You will need to seek professional advice about your claim for compensation. 你在索赔的问题上需要内行人士作指导.
* The doctor was accused of professional misconduct. 那医生被控有违行医道德.
(b) having or showing the skill or qualities of a professional person 具有专门知识的; 表现专门技能的; 内行的
*Many of the performers were of professional standard. 许多表演者都具有专业水平.
* He was complimented on a very professional piece of work. 他由于一件表现出精湛技艺的作品而受到赞扬.
* She is extremely professional in her approach to her job. 她对工作极为精通. Cf 参看 unprofessional.
2 (a) doing as a full-time job sth which others do as a hobby or as apart-time job 职业性的; 专业的; 非业余的
*a professionalboxer, footballer, golfer, tennis player, etc 职业的拳击手、足球运动员、高尔夫球运动员、网球运动员等
* a professional cook, dressmaker, musician, etc 职业厨师、裁缝、乐师等
* After he won the amateur championship he turned professional, ie began to earn money for his sport. 他获得业余比赛的冠军後便转为职业运动员了.
(b) (of sport, etc) practised as a full-time job (指运动等)职业性质的
*professional football, golf, tennis, etc 职业的足球赛、高尔夫球赛、网球赛等
* She had been on the professional stage (ie a professional actress) in her youth. 她年轻时当过职业演员. Cf 参看 amateur 1. 3[attrib 作定语] (derog 贬) repeatedly doing the specifiedannoying thing 不断制造麻烦的
*a professional complainer, gossip, moaner, trouble-maker, etc 专门发牢骚、散布流言蜚语、发泄不满情绪、惹事生非等的人.

1 person qualified or employed in one of the professions 具有某专业资格的人; 从事某专业的人; 专业人士
*studio flats suitable for young professionals 年轻的专业人员适用的单间公寓
* You need a professional to sort out your finances. 你需要专业人士替你管理财务.
2 (also infml 口语作 pro) professional (2a) player or performer, esp a sportsman employed by a club to teach and advise its members 职业运动员; 职业演员; (尤指受雇于俱乐部的)职业教练, 职业顾问
*a golf professional 高尔夫球职业运动员.
3 (also infml 口语作 pro) (approv 褒) highly skilled and experienced person 技术精湛经验丰富的人; 内行; 专家
*She's a true professional! 她真不愧为专家!
* This survey is the work of a real professional. 这份调查是真正内行人做的.


Project Management Professional (PMP) is a credential offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). , there were 393,413 active PMP certified individuals worldwide.
1. The hardened professional smuggler is never troubled by such feelings.

2. The hardened professional smuggler, on the other hand, is never troubled by such feelings, even if he has five hundred gold watches hidden in his suitcase.

3. The fourth time he fell into the hands of a professional slave-catcher, who promptly had the man´s foot cut off with an axe against a tree stump.

4. The people doing the confirming always appear very professional, while seeming to say you're not.

5. Naturally, the name change didn't cause Debbie / Lynne's professional achievement — but it surely helped if only by adding a bit of self-confidence to her talents.
    当然, 黛比 (或林恩) 的职业成就并不是改名带来的,但是它肯定给她带来了好处,虽说改名仅使她对自己的才能增加了一点点自信。

6. He is a professional footballer.

7. He is a professional journalist.

8. Here no professional teachers, but parents, brothers and sisters, nurses and playmates; there teachers specially trained to teach languages.

9. "That's very common in professional women.

10. And when male high-school students are asked what kinds of careers they would like to have, the only two job fields that consistently receive large numbers of responses in open surveys are "professional athlete" and "media personality&