美音:[pu:ʃ ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[pu:ʃ ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.推,推动,奋发,干劲,进取心,攻击 vt.推,推动,推行,逼迫,增加 vi.推,推进,增加,努力争取


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动词过去式:pushed 过去分词:pushed 现在分词:pushing 第三人称单数:pushes

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coax  drive  encourage  force  goad  nudge  press  prod  propel  shove  spur  thrust  urge  pull    


/pʊʃ; puʃ/
1 [C] act of pushing; shove 推; 搡
*Give the door a hard push. 用力推那门.
* He opened the gate with/at one push. 他一下子就把大门推开了.
2 [C] large-scale attack made to break through enemy positions 为突破敌人阵地而发起的大规模攻势
*The commander decided to postpone the big push until the spring. 指挥官决定把大规模的进攻推迟到春天进行.
3 [U] (infml 口) determination to succeed; drive 毅力; 推动力
*He hasn't enough push to be a successful salesman. 他缺乏优秀推销员应有的闯劲.
4 (idm 习语) at a `push (infml 口 esp Brit) if one is forced to do so 不得已时
*We can provide accommodation for six people at a push. 如情况需要, 我们可以安排六个人的住处. give sb/get the `push (esp Brit infml 口)
(a) dismiss sb/be dismissed from one's job; give sb/get the sack 解雇某人[被解雇]; 开除某人[被开除]
*He got the push when the new manager came. 新经理到任後, 他被解雇了.
(b) bring/have brought to an end one's relationship with sb 与某人断绝关系
*He gave his girl-friend the push. 他跟女朋友吹了. if/until/when it comes to the `push if/until/when a special effort is necessary or a special need arises 如[到/在]需作出特别努力或有特别需要时
*If it comes to the push, we shall have to use our savings. 遇有急用时, 我们只好动用积蓄.

/pʊʃ; puʃ/
1 (a) [I] use force in order to move sth away from oneself 推; 搡
*You push from the back and I'll pull at the front. 你在後面推, 我在前面拉.
* Push hard and the lever will go down. 用力推就能把控制杆按下去.
(b) [Tn, Tn.pr, Cn.a] use force on (sth) in order to move it away from oneself, forward or to a different position 推动(某物)
*You can pull a rope, but you can't push it! 绳子能拉不能推!
* push the pram up the hill 推着婴儿车上山
* push the table a bit nearer the wall 把桌子推得离墙近一点
* He pushed the door open. 他把门推开了.
* (fig 比喻) push a problem to the back of one's mind 把某问题置诸脑後. =>illus at pull 见pull插图.
(c) [Ipr, Ip, Tn.pr, Tn.p] move forward using force 推进; 往前挤
*The crowd pushed past (us). 人群从(我们)旁边挤了过去.
* We had to push our way through (the crowd). 我们只好从(人群)中挤了过去.
2 [Ipr, Tn] ~ (on/against) sth exert pressure on sth; press 对某物施加压力; 按
*He pushed hard against the door with his shoulder. 他用肩膀用力顶那房门.
* Push the doorbell. 按门铃.
* You can stop the machine by pushing the red button. 按红色的按钮就能把机器停住.
3 (a) [Tn, Tn.pr, Cn.t] (infml 口) try to make (sb) do sth (that he does not want to do); drive or urge 逼迫(某人)做某事; 驱策; 敦促
*One has to push the child or she will do no work at all. 这孩子要有人督促, 否则她什么也不干.
* She was pushed into going to university by her parents. 她是父母逼着上大学的.
* We pushed him hard to take up science. 我们极力让他学习自然科学.
(b) [Tn.pr] ~ sb for sth try to obtain sth from sb by putting pressure on him 对某人施加压力以图获得某事物
*push sb for payment 催逼某人付款
* We shall have to push them for a quick decision. 我们须敦促他们迅速决断.
4 [Tn] (infml 口) persuade people to buy (goods, etc) or accept (an idea, etc) 劝人购买(物品等)或接受(某意见等)
*You will have to push the new product to win sales there's lots of competition. 你要努力打开新产品的销路--市场上竞争很激烈.
* Unless you push your claim, you will not get satisfaction. 不努力争取就得不到满意的结果.
5 [Tn] (infml 口) sell (illegal drugs) to drug-users 向嗜毒者贩卖(毒品)
*She was arrested for pushing heroin. 她因贩卖海洛英而被捕. =>Usage at sell 用法见sell.
6 (idm 习语) be pushed for sth (infml 口) not have enough of sth 缺少某事物; 某事物不足
*be pushed for money, time, etc 缺少金钱、时间等. be pushed to do sth (infml 口) have difficulty doing sth 做某事有困难
*We'll be pushed to get there in time. 我们很难及时赶到那儿. push the `boat out (infml 口) celebrate regardless of the expense 不惜费用地庆贺
*This is the last party we shall give, so let's really push the boat out. 这是咱们要举行的最後一次聚会了, 所以豁出点钱来热闹一下吧. push one's `luck (infml 口) risk sth in a bold and often foolish way, hoping that one's good fortune will continue 莽撞冒险以期再交好运
*You didn't get caught last time, but don't push your luck! 上次没把你抓住, 可别再碰运气了! push up (the) `daisies (infml joc 口, 谑) be dead and in one's grave 入土
*I shall be pushing up daisies by the time the project is finished. 等到这项目完成时, 我早已入土了.
7 (phr v) push sb about/around (infml 口) order sb to do things in a bullying way; order sb about/around 蛮横地指使某人做某事; 摆布某人. push ahead/forward/on continue on one's way 继续前进
*Let's push on it's nearly nightfall. 咱们继续往前走吧--天快黑了. push ahead/forward/on (with sth) continue doing sth, in a determined way 毅然继续做某事
*push ahead with one's plans 坚决按自己的计画行事. push along (infml 口) leave 离开
*Goodbye I'd better be pushing along now.再见吧--我现在该走了. push for sth make repeatedand urgent requests for sth; press for sth 一再地或迫切地要求某事物; 催促某事物
*They are pushing for electoral reform. 他们迫切要求改革选举制度. push sth forward force others to consider or notice sth 迫使他人考虑或注意某事物; 提出某事物
*He repeatedly pushed forward his own claim. 他不断地提出自己的要求. push oneself forward ambitiously draw attention to oneself 引人注意自己; 出风头. push off (infml 口) (often as an impolite command 常作不客气的命令语) go away 走开
*Push off! We don't want you here. 走开! 我们这儿用不着你. push (sth) off/out push against a bank, etc with an oar or a pole, so that a boat, etc moves away (用桨或篙顶岸等)把船等撑开. push sb/sth over cause sb/sth to fall or overturn 使某人[某事物]倒下或被推翻
*Several children were pushed over in the rush to leave. 大家都争先恐後跑着离开时有几个孩子被推倒了. push sth through get sth accepted or completed quickly 使某事物迅速地被通过或完成
*push a plan through the committee stage 使一项计画先在委员会中迅速通过. push sth up cause (esp prices) to rise steadily 使(尤指物价)稳步上升
*A shortage of building land will push property values up. 建筑用地缺乏将造成房地产价格逐渐上升.


A push is an applied force intended to drive or impel.
1. Technology trends may push Silicon Valley back to the future.

2. The contradiction as a result may be that these children, conversely, will push further, unconsciously hoping that, if they push too hard, they will force their parents into setting limitations.

3. How fast these nations should push ahead is a matter of debate.

4. Although something going wrong in any aspect (方面) of your life now seems to push you into temporary despair much more easily than before, you have some very important things to hang on to — people who care, your sense of humor, your talents, your cat

5. "We don't push knowledge on them," said the head of a branch of this juku in northwest Tokyo.

6. You steer and I´ll push.
    你来掌方向盘, 我来推.

7. You also find drivers will be abrupt and people will push past you.
    你还会发现汽车司机开车很鲁莽, 人们推搡着在你身边过去。

8. Many pedal their tricycles, but most of them prefer to push or drag them.

9. In 1928 some porpoises were photographed working like beavers to push ashore a waterlogged mattress.

10. Fifteen policemen had to push very hard to get him off the main street.