美音:[reız ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[reız ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.上升,高地,提出 vt.升起,唤起,提高,使出现,解除,饲养,筹集,使复活


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名词:raiser 动词过去式:raised 过去分词:raised 现在分词:raising 第三人称单数:raises

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boost  build  construct  create  elevate  hoist  increase  lift  produce  rear  lay  lower    


/reɪz; rez/
1 [Tn, Tn.pr, Tn.p]
(a) lift or move (sth) to a higher level; cause to rise 举起, 升起, 提起, 抬起(某物)
*raise one's hand 举手
* He raised his eyes from his work. 他停下工作举目观看.
* raise a sunken ship (up) to the surface 把沉船打捞出水面
* raise one's hat to sb, ie as a sign of respect 向某人举帽致敬.
(b) move (sth/sb) to an upright position 竖起, 立起, 扶起(某物[某人])
*raise a man from his knees 把跪着的男子搀起来
* We raised the fence and fixed it in position. 我们把篱笆竖立起来并固定住.
2 [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (to sth) increase the amount or volume or heighten the level of sth 增加某物之数量或容量; 提高某事物的水平
*raise salaries, prices, profits, etc 增加薪水、提高价格、加大利润
* He raised his offer to 500. 他把出价提高到500英镑.
* raise one's voice, ie speak more loudly 提高嗓门
* raise the temperature to
80 使温度升高到80
* raise standards of service 提高服务水平
* raise sb's hopes, ie make sb more hopeful 点燃某人的希望.3 [Tn] cause (sth) to arise or appear 引起, 激起(某事物); 使(某事物)产生或出现
*raise doubts, fears, suspicions, etc in people's minds 引起人们的怀疑、恐惧、猜疑等
* The horses' hooves raised a cloud of dust. 马蹄扬起了一片尘土.
* raise the spirits of the dead 使死者显灵
* The dirty joke raised a blush on her cheek. 这个下流笑话羞得她脸通红.
4 [Tn]
(a) cause (sth) to be heard 使(某事)尽人皆知
*raise a commotion, fuss, protest, stink, etc 搞出骚乱、纷扰、抗议、纠纷等
* raise the alarm/alert 发出警报
* The retort raised a cheer in support of the speaker. 发言人这一反驳博得了一片支持的欢呼声.
(b) bring (sth) up for discussion or attention; put forward 将(某事物)提出讨论或引起注意
*The book raises many important issues (for our consideration). 该书提出了许多重要问题(值得考虑).
* I'm glad you raised that point. 你能把那一点指出来, 我感到很高兴.
5 [Tn] bring or collect (sth) together; manage to obtain 召集或集结(某事物); 筹措
*raise an army 招募军队
* raise a loan, a subscription, etc 借款、募捐
* raise funds for charity, eg by holding a bazaar 筹集慈善基金(如藉助于举行义卖活动)
* a fund-raising event 筹款活动.
6 [Tn]
(a) (esp US) bring up (a child, etc) 养育(孩子等)
*I was raised by my aunt on a farm. 我是在农场由姨妈抚养大的.
* It's difficult raising a family on a small income. 依靠微薄的收入是很难养家的.
(b) breed (farm animals); grow or produce (crops) 饲养(家畜); 种植或生产(作物). Cf 参看 rear2.
7 [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (to sb/sth) build or erect (a monument, statue, etc) 建造或树立(纪念碑、雕像等)
*raise a memorial to those killed in war 立碑纪念战争中的死难者.
8 [Tn] end (a siege, etc) 解除(包围等)
*raise a blockade, a ban, an embargo 解除封锁、禁令、禁运.
9 [Tn] (infml 口) get in contact with (sb); find (sth) 与(某人)接触; 与(某人)建立联系; 找到(某人)
*I can't raise her on the phone. 我打电话找不到她.
* I've been trying to raise this spare part everywhere. 我一直在到处寻找, 想弄到这种备件.
10 [Tn] (in card-games, esp poker) bet more than (another player) (纸牌戏, 尤指扑克牌戏中)下赌注超过(对手)
*I'll raise you! 我超过你(的赌注)!
11 (idm 习语) kick up/raise a dust => dust1. lift/raise a finger/hand => lift. raise `Cain/`hell/the `roof (infml 口) be very angry; cause an uproar 大怒; 大吵大闹
*He raised Cain when he found he had been cheated. 他发觉受骗而勃然大怒. raise one's `eyebrows (at sth) (esp passive 尤用于被动语态) show disdain or surprise 表示轻蔑或惊讶
*Eyebrows were raised/There were many raised eyebrows when he shaved all his hair off. 他把头发剃光了, 人人见了都大吃一惊. raise one's glass (to sb) drink a toast (to sb) 向(某人)祝酒. raise sb's hackles => hackles. raise/start a hare => hare. raise a `laugh/`smile amuse people enough to make them laugh/smile 逗得人大笑[发笑]. raise/lower one's sights => sight1. raise sb's `spirits make sb feel more cheerful or brave 使某人感到振奋或受到鼓舞; 鼓起某人的勇气
*My win at chess raised my spirits a little. 我赢了这盘国际象棋才打起了一点精神. raise the `temperature increase tension, hostility, etc 加剧紧张气氛、敌对情绪等
*This insult raised the temperature of the discussion. 这种侮辱的覀€语使讨论的气氛顿时紧张起来. raise one's voice a`gainst sb/sth speak firmly and boldly against sb/sth 坚决而勇敢地发言反对某人[某事物].

n (US) =rise1 3
*get a raise of
200 获得加薪
200 英镑.
1. The pay raise will be offset by inflation.

2. They raise glasses to the friendship between the two peoples.

3. Then I raise my left hand and shout: ´All those against, blow.´

4. The Mormons believe that it is a woman's duty to marry at a young age and raise as many children as possible.

5. Tomintoul, Scotland — On Saturday night at The Grouse's Nest, they're still willing to raise a glass or two to “Lord Williams” , though now his title prompts laughter.

6. The goal of the Scottish scientist Ian Wilmut is to develop a way to raise identical sheep that produce medicines for humans.

7. High rates of inflation may raise prices to the point where women are forced to earn money themselves.

8. He sees practical applications everywhere for how companies should decide whom to hire, how couples can increase the odds that their marriages will last, how parents should raise their children and how schools should teach them.

9. My sister and I have diverse ideas on how to raise children.
    在养育孩子问题上, 我和姊姊有迥然不同的看法。

10. My sister, perhaps recoiling even more deeply from all this strangeness, is ill with a fever and can hardly raise her head.