美音:[reındʒ ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[reındʒ ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.山脉,行列,范围,射程 vt.排列,归类于,使并列,放牧 vi.平行,延伸,漫游


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动词过去式:ranged 过去分词:ranged 现在分词:ranging 第三人称单数:ranges

近义词, 同义词


distance  extent  length  limit  reach  scope    


/reɪndʒ; rendʒ/
1 [C] connected line or row of mountains, hills, etc (山、丘等连贯而成的)脉, 排, 列, 行
*a mountain-range 山脉.
2 [C] group or series of similar things; selection or variety 成套或成系列的东西; 种类
*sell/stock a whole range of tools, dresses, foods 出售[备有]各种各样的工具、服装、食品
* The new model comes in an exciting range of colours. 这种新式样有各种鲜艳的颜色.
* have a wide/narrow range of interests, hobbies, etc 兴趣、爱好等甚广[不广].
3 [C] limits between which sth varies; extent (种类或变化的)限度, 范围, 幅度, 程度
*a soprano's range, ie between her top and bottom notes 女高音的音域
* What is the salary range for the post? 这一职位的薪金幅度是多少?
* The annual range of temperature is from -10C to 40C. 全年的温度较差为-10C至40C.
* There's a wide range of ability in the class. 这班的水平差距很大.
* That subject is outside my range, ie one I have not studied. 那个问题已超出了我的研究范围.
4 (a) [U] distance within which one can see or hear; distance over which sounds will travel 视力或听力所达到的距离; 声音所能传送的距离
*It came within my range of vision. 该物体进入了我的视野.
* take a long-range shot, eg with a camera 进行远距离拍摄
* They live within range of the transmitter. 他们住在无线电发射机的有效范围以内.
* She was out of range (of my voice). 她在那地方听不见(我的声音).
(b) [U, sing] distance to which a gun will shoot, or over which a missile, shell, etc will travel (枪炮、导弹等的)射程
*The gun has a range of five miles. 这炮的射程为五英里.
* in/within/out of/beyond (firing) range 在射程以内[以外]
* He shot the lion at point-blank range, ie when it was so near that he could not miss. 他在近距离平射射程内向狮子射击.
* fire at close/long range 进行近[远]距离射击.
(c) [C] distance that a vehicle, aircraft, etc will travel before it needs to be refuelled (车辆、飞行器等)不再次加油可抵达的距离.
5 [C]
(a) area of ground with targets for soldiers, etc to practise shooting 射击场; 靶场
*an army range 军用射击场
* a `rifle-range 步枪靶场.
(b) area within which rockets and missiles are fired (火箭和导弹的)发射场.
6 [C] area within which a particular plant, animal, etc may be found (某类植物、动物等的)生长区, 分布区.
7 [sing] (US) large open area for hunting or grazing (大面积空旷的)狩猎场, 放牧场.
8 [C] (esp formerly) cooking stove with ovens and hotplates for pans, etc (尤指旧式的)炉 
*a kitchen range 厨房中的炉 .

/reɪndʒ; rendʒ/
1 (a) [esp passive 尤用于被动语态
*Tn, Tn.pr] arrange (sb/sth) in a line or in ranks, or in a specified way 使(某人[某物])排成行或队
*troops ranged facing each other 面对面排列的部队
* The spectators ranged themselves along the route of the procession. 观众沿队伍行进的路线排成行.
* flowerpots ranged in rows on the window-sill 窗台上一排排摆放着的花盆.
(b) [Tn.pr] ~ sb/oneself with sb/sth place sb/oneself in a certain group 使某人[自己]站在某一方面
*On this issue, she has ranged herself with the Opposition. 在这个问题上, 她站在反对派一边.
2 [Ipr] ~ between A and B/from A to B vary or extend between specified limits 在A和B之间变化或变动; 从A延伸到B
*Their ages range from
25 to 50. 他们的年龄在25岁到50岁之间.
* Prices range between
7 and 10. 售价在7英镑和10英镑之间.
* The frontier ranges from the northern hills to the southern coast. 边界从北部山地一直延伸到南部海岸.
* His interests ranged from chess to canoeing. 他的爱好从下国际象棋到划独木舟, 范围很广.
3 [I, Ipr, Tn] ~ (over/through sth) wander over/through (an area) freely; roam 漫游(某地); 漫步
*cattle ranging over the plains 在平原上来回走动的牛
* (fig 比喻) research ranging over a number of fields 涉及若干领域的研究
* a wide-ranging discussion, ie covering many topics 内容广泛的讨论
* range the hills, countryside, etc 漫游山地、乡村等.
4 [Ipr] ~ over sth
(a) (of guns) fire bullets, etc over (a distance) (指枪炮)射程达到(某距离)
*This rifle ranges over a mile. 这种步枪射程达一英里.
(b) (of bullets, missiles, etc) travel (a distance) (指子弹、导弹等)射程达到(某距离).
1. Except for today, prices range from $6 for a dozen short-stems to $19 for a dozen of its longest stems.

2. The general arts course at the university encompasses a wide range of subjects.

3. The farm breeds a wide range of poultry.

4. The journalists also get a chance to shoot a gun on the practice range; none of it seems that difficult, and we put most of the bullets somewhere on the target.

5. The lights on the range are dimmed and we are stood in front of a large screen.

6. The top performers had a network containing a wide range of people.

7. A color map of the world's genetic variation has Africa at one end of the range and Australia at the other.

8. She runs a retail company with shops in nine cities (16 more are planned), and her products are carried by 25,000 retailers. Annual retail sales are in the $100 million range — all as a result of that fateful, disappointing trip to New York.

9. Recalling my own experience shooting a gun on the practice range, I certainly would not want the responsibility.