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reduce为中学词汇   词频:595


副词:reducibly 形容词:reducible 名词:reducer 动词过去式:reduced 过去分词:reduced 现在分词:reducing 第三人称单数:reduces


ducc=to lead(领导) 变化型 duct

近义词, 同义词


cut  decrease  diminish  lessen  lower  moderate  increase    


/rɪ'dju:s; [US] -'du:s; rɪ`dus/
1 [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (from sth) (to/by sb) make sth smaller in size, number, degree, price, etc 缩减(体积、数量、程度、价格等); 减小; 减少; 减低; 降低
*reduce volume, quantity, pressure, speed 缩小体积、减少数量、降低压力、减低速度
* increase profits by reducing costs 降低成本以增加利润
* reduce one's weight from
98 to
92 kilos/by
6 kilos 把体重从98公斤减少到92公斤[减少6公斤]
* Antibiotics will reduce the swelling. 使用抗菌素能消肿.
* This shirt was greatly/drastically reduced in the sale. 这种衬衣在大减价时降价很多.
2 [I] (infml 口 esp US) lose weight intentionally; diet (有意识地)减轻体重; 节食.
3 [Tn.pr] ~ sb (from sth) to sth make sb lower in rank or status; demote sb 降低某人的级别或地位; 降职
*reduce a sergeant to the ranks, ie make him an ordinary soldier 把一名中士降为士兵
* The reform has reduced us to servants of the State. 这一改革把我们都降为公务员了.
4 [Tn.pr] ~ sb/sth (from sth) to sth bring sb/sth into a specified (usu worse) state or condition 使某人[某事物]陷入某种(通常指更坏的)状态或状况中
*be reduced to begging, borrowing 沦落到得要饭、借债
* reduce sb to tears, silence, despair, obedience 使某人流泪、沉默、绝望、顺从
* reduce the chaos in one's office to some form of order 改变办公室的混乱状况, 使之有些条理
* Overwork has reduced him to a physical wreck. 他过度劳累而损害了健康.
* The fire reduced the house to ashes. 这场火灾把那所房子化为灰烬.
5 [Tn.pr] ~ sth to sth change sth to a more general or basic form 将 某事物概括或简化成某种形式
*reduce an equation, argument, issue to its simplest form 把某方程式、论据、问题化为最简单形式
* reduce a problem to two main issues 把某问题归纳成两个要点.
6 [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (to sth) (chemistry 化) remove oxygen from or add hydrogen or electrons to (a compound) 将(化合物)还原
*reduce water (ie to hydrogen) by electrolysis 用电解法把水还原(为氢)
* reduce a compound to its constituentelements 将一化合物还原为构成该化合物的元素. Cf 参看 oxidize (oxide).


[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Latin;Origin: reducere 'to lead back', from ducere 'to lead']
to make something smaller or less in size, amount, or price
= cut
 The governor announced a new plan to reduce crime.
 The helmet law should reduce injuries in motorcycle accidents.
 Small businesses will need to reduce costs in order to survive.
reduce sth by sth
 The workforce has been reduced by half.
reduce sth (from sth) to sth
 All the shirts were reduced to £10.
 The new bridge should reduce travelling time from 50 minutes to 15 minutes.
[I and T]
if you reduce a liquid, or if it reduces, you boil it so that there is less of it
[I]especially AmE to become thinner by losing weight
be in reduced circumstances
old-fashioned to be poorer than you were before
reduce to [reduce sb/sth to sth] phr v
reduce sb to tears/silence etc
to make someone cry, be silent etc
 She was reduced to tears in front of her students.
reduce sb to doing sth
to make someone do something they would rather not do, especially when it involves behaving or living in a way that is not as good as before
 Eventually Charlotte was reduced to begging on the streets.
reduce sth to ashes/rubble/ruins
to destroy something, especially a building, completely
 A massive earthquake reduced the city to rubble.
to change something into a shorter simpler form
 Many jobs can be reduced to a few simple points.
1. But spoiling children with material things does little to reduce parental guilt (since parents never feel they've given enough),
    但是, 用物质的东西来宠爱孩子几乎不能减轻父母的内疚感(因为父母从不会感到他们给孩子的东西已经够了),

2. C.You insist on discussing the problems with your spouse to see how you can reduce the pressure.

3. But the national effort to reduce health care costs has resulted in dramatic changes in the way hospitals think.

4. The government hopes to reduce this average to 2.1 children per woman by 2005.

5. To reduce these seniors' risk of falling, Tinetti used multiple methods, including having an exercise teacher go to a person's home and teach balance exercises.

6. Thus, the direction of the meeting is a mutual attempt to reduce confrontation and achieve harmony.

7. To further reduce the waiting list for phones, Hungary has leased rights to a Dutch -Scandinavian group of companies to build and operate what it says will be one of the most advanced digital mobile phone systems in the world.

8. All this would reduce profits and precipitate an economic crisis.

9. As if this were not enough to reduce you to tears, your husband arrives, unexpectedly bringing three guests to dinner.

10. Although many people assume that balance and movement problems are inevitable with age, an increasing body of evidence demonstrates that exercise can help improve balance and strength in elderly individuals and reduce their chance of falling.