美音:[raund ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[raund ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
T形排骨 丁骨牛排


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名词:roundness 动词过去式:rounded 过去分词:rounded 现在分词:rounding 第三人称单数:rounds

近义词, 同义词


circular  globular  rotund  spherical  across  square    


/raʊnd; raund/
1 shaped like a circle or a ball 环形的; 球形的; 圆的
*a round plate, window, table圆盘、窗、桌
* round cheeks, ie plump and curved 圆而胖的脸.
2 full; complete 满的; 完全的
*a round dozen, ie not less than twelve 整整一打
* a round (ie considerable) sum of money 一笔很可观的钱.
3 (idm 习语) in round `figures/`numbers (given) in 10's, 100's, 1000's etc, without using the other digits 取整数的, 不计尾数的(仅以几十、几百、几千等表示)
*Add 2.74 to 7.23 and you get 10.00, in round figures. 7.23 英镑加上 2.74 英镑取整数为
10 英镑. a square peg in a round hole => square1.

/raʊnd; raund/
adv part (For special uses with many vs, eg bring round, get round, see the v entries 可与许多动词连用, 如bring round、get round, 其释义见各动词词条. )
1 so as to be facing in a different (usu the opposite) direction 朝另一方向(通常指反方向)
*turn the car round 使汽车掉头
* Stop turning (your heads) round to look at people. 别再(把头)扭过去看人.2 making the completion of a full cycle 转一整圈:How long does it take the minute hand of the clock to go round once? 钟的分针转一圈要多长时间?
* Spring will soon come round again. 春天又快到了.
3 measuring or marking the circumference of sth 周长
*a young tree measuring only
18 inches round 周长仅18英寸的小树
* They've built a fence all round to stop the children falling in. 他们在四周围起一圈栅栏防止儿童掉进去.
4 to all members of a group in turn 依次、逐个轮到
*Hand the biscuits round. 把饼乾分给大家.
* The news was quickly passed round. 消息很快就传开了.
* Have we enough cups to go round? 我们的杯子够大家用吗?
5 by a route that is longer than the most direct one 绕道地; 迂回地
*It's quickest to walk across the field going round by road takes much longer. 穿过田地路途最近--绕行公路要远得多.
* We decided to come the long way round in order to see the countryside. 我们决定绕远路来, 为的是看看野外的景色.
6 (infml 口) to or at a specified place, esp where sb lives 至某处, 在某处(尤指某人的住处)
*I'll be round in an hour. 我在一小时後就到.
* We've invited the Frasers round this evening. 我们邀请了弗雷泽一家今晚来作客.
7 (idm 习语) ,round a`boutin the surrounding district 在附近; 在周围
*the countryside round about 附近的郊外
* all the villages round about 附近的所有村庄. Cf 参看 around2.

/raʊnd; raund/
1 (a) complete slice of bread (整片的)面包片
*a round of toast 整片的烤面包片
* two rounds (ie sandwiches) of ham and one of beef 两个火腿三明治和一个牛肉三明治.
(b) (of food) sth round; a round piece/shape (指食物)圆形食物(圆片[形])
*Cut the pastry into small rounds, one for each pie. 把油酥面团切成小圆片, 每个馅饼用一片.
2 regular series, succession, route, etc 有规律的系列、路线等
*the daily round, ie the ordinary occupations of every day 日常工作
* His life is one long round of meetings. 他的生活内容就是一个会议接着一个会议.
* the postman's round, ie the route he takes to deliver letters 邮递员的投递路线
* a doctor's rounds, ie his series of daily visits to patients or wards 医生的巡回出诊或查房.
3 stage in a game, competition, etc (游戏、比赛等的)一轮, 一局, 一场, 一回合
*a boxing-match of ten rounds 十回合的一场拳击比赛
* He was knocked out in the third round/in Round Three. 他在第三个回合就被击倒了.
* have a round of cards 玩一局牌
* play a round (ie
18 holes) of golf 打一场高尔夫球(18个穴).
4 (any one of a) set or series 一连串, 一系列, 一套, 一组(中之一)
*a round of drinks, ie one for each person in a group 每人一份饮料
* It's my round, ie my turn to pay for the next set of drinks. 轮到我了(该由我付下一回饮料的费用).
* a new round of pay bargaining 新的一轮增加工资的谈判.
5 burst (of applause, cheering, etc) (掌声、欢呼声等的)一阵
*Let's have a good round of applause for the next performer. 咱们为下一个表演者热烈鼓掌吧.
6 musical composition for two or more voices in which each sings the same melody but starts at a different time 轮唱曲.7 single shot or volley of shots from one or more guns; ammunition for this (枪炮的)一次射击或群射; 一发子弹或炮弹
*They fired several rounds at us. 他们向我们射击了几次.
* We've only three rounds (ie shells or bullets) left. 我们只剩下三发炮弹(或子弹)了.
8 (idm 习语) do/go the `rounds (of sth) (infml 口) make a tour; visit places one after another 到各处玩乐; 到一处又一处
*We did/went the rounds of all the pubs in town. 我们逐一光顾了城里所有的酒店. go the round of circulate in or among 流传; 散播
*The news quickly went the round of the village. 消息很快传遍了全村. in the `round
(a) (of a theatre, play, etc) with the audience (almost) all around the stage (指剧场、演出等)舞台设 在场地中央的.
(b) (of sculpture) made so that it can be viewed from all sides (指雕塑)圆雕的(能从各面观看的). make one's `rounds make one's usual visits, esp of inspection 例行巡视; (尤指)巡查
*the production manager making his rounds 正在进行巡查的生产部经理.

/raʊnd; raund/
1 having (sth) as the central point of a circular movement; circling (sth) 以(某物)为中心(作圆周运动); 围绕, 环绕(某物)
*The earth moves round the sun. 地球环绕太阳运行.
* Drake sailed round the world. 德雷克扬帆环游世界.
* goldfish swimming round the bowl 在鱼缸里转圈游动的金鱼.
2 to or at a point on the other side of (sth) 至或在(某物)另一面的某一点; 绕过(某物)
*walk round a corner 步行绕过拐角
* There's a garage round the next bend. 在下一个转弯处有个汽车服务站.
* Go round the roundabout and take the third exit. 绕着环状交叉路, 从第三个出口出去.
3 covering or at points close to the edge of (sth) 围着(某物)的边缘或在其近处
*a scarf round his neck 他脖子上围着的围巾
* sitting round the table 围桌而坐.
4 to or at various points in (sth) 至或在(某物)中之各点
*look round the room 环视房间
* show sb round (ie all the different rooms in) the house 领某人参观房子(中的各个房间)
* There were soldiers positioned all round the town. 城里到处都驻守着士兵.
5 ~ (about) sth approximately (a time, amount, etc) 大约(某时刻、数量等)
*We're leaving round about midday. 我们要在中午前後走.
* A new roof will cost round about 1000. 换新顶篷需要
1000 英镑左右.

/raʊnd; raund/
v [Tn]
1 make (sth) into the shape of a circle, a ball, an oval, etc 使(某物)成圆形、球形、卵形等
*round the lips, eg when making the sound / u:; u/ 把嘴唇撮成圆形(如发/ u:; u/音时)
* stones rounded by the action of water 由于水的冲刷而变圆的石块.
2 go round (sth) 环绕(某物)而行; 绕过(某物)
*We rounded the corner at high speed. 我们以高速度绕过拐角.
3 (phr v) round sth off
(a) end or complete sth satisfactorily 使某事物圆满结束或完成
*round off a sentence, speech, etc 把句子、演说等修饰好
* He rounded off his career by becoming Home Secretary. 他担任内政大臣一职, 在事业上已登峰造极了.
(b) take the sharp edges off sth 将某物的棱角修钝
*She rounded off the corners of the table with sandpaper. 她用砂纸把桌角打磨光了. round on/upon sb attack sb (esp verbally) in sudden anger 突然发怒而攻击某人(尤指抨击)
*She was amazed when he rounded on her and called her a liar. 他突然怒斥她说谎, 她大吃一惊. round sth out supply sth with more explanation, detail, etc 对某事进一步解释、说明等
*John will tell you the plan in outline, and then I'll round it out. 约翰要告诉你那个计画的梗概, 然後我再详谈. round sb/sth up cause sb/sth to gather in one place 使某人[某物]集合在一起
*The guide rounded up the tourists and led them back to the coach. 导游把游客集合在一起, 领他们回到车上.
* cowboys rounding up cattle 把牛赶到一起的牛仔
* I spent the morning trying to round up the documents I needed. 我用上午的时间尽力搜集所需要的文件. round sth up/down increase/decrease (a figure, price, etc) to the nearest whole number 将(数字、价格等)调高[降低]为整数
*A charge of 1.90 will be rounded up to 2, and one of 3.10 rounded down to 3. 把 1.90 英镑的费用上调为整数
2 英镑, 把 3.10 英镑下调为整数
3 英镑.



The following is a list of all songs by The Velvet Underground, excluding those after the departure of Lou Reed on the Squeeze album and the reunion tour. This list details the name of the song and any officially released recordings of the song.

a cut of beef between the rump and the lower leg
1. Even a telescope in orbit round the earth, like the very successful Hubble telescope, would not be suitable because of the dust particles in our solar system.

2. Eliza, John and Georgiana were gathered round their mother in the sitting-room.

3. Each time you go to a job interview and give them your best and they hire someone else, you go another round with yourself and your self-worth.

4. It would be more like that of a bluebottle buzzing round the room;

5. When the news got round that a comedy show would be presented at our local cinema by the P. and U. Bird Seed Company, we all rushed to see it.

6. When that side of the moon on which the sun is shining is facing us, we see a round shining circle — a full moon.

7. While round us bark the mad and hungry dogs

8. When Kizzy was four or five, the African would take her by the hand and lead her round the farm and teach her names of things in his native tongue: one word for tree, another for rock, another for cow.

9. The boys clustered together round the fire and sang songs.

10. The snake coiled (itself) round the branch.