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/si:n; sin/
1 place of an actual or imagined event (实际或想像中的)事发地点
*the scene of the accident, crime, etc 事故、犯罪等的现场
* The scene of the novel is set in Scotland. 小说中的事是在苏格兰发生的.
2 situation or incident in real life (现实生活中的)情景, 事件
*the horrific scenes after the earthquake 地震後的惨状
* There were hilarious scenes when the pig ran into the shop. 猪闯进商店以後, 滑稽情景令人啼笑皆非.
3 (incident where there is an) outburst of emotion or anger 吵闹; 发脾气
*make a scene 大吵大闹
* There was quite a scene when she refused to pay. 她拒不付款引起了一场争吵.
* We had a big scene when I fired him. 我解雇他时, 我们大吵起来.
4 (a) sequence of continuous action in a play, film, etc (戏剧或电影中的)片段, 场面
*The scene in the hospital was very moving. 在医院的那一场面十分感人.
(b) (abbr 缩写 sc) part of an act in a play or opera; episode within such a part (戏剧或歌剧的)场, (一场中的)一段情节
*Act 1, Scene
2 of `Macbeth' 《麦克佩斯》第一幕第二场
* the duel scene in `Hamlet' 《哈姆雷特》中决斗的一场.
5 place represented on the stage of a theatre; the painted background, woodwork, etc representing such a place; scenery (舞台上的)场景, 布景
*The first scene of the play is the king's palace. 剧中的第一个场景是王宫.
* The scenes are changed during the interval. 剧间休息时更换布景.
6 view as seen by a spectator 景色; 景象; 景致
*a delightful rural scene 赏心悦目的乡村景色
* The boats in the harbour make a beautiful scene. 港湾中的船只构成了美丽的景象.
* They went abroad for a change of scene, ie to see and experience new surroundings. 他们出国换换环境.
7 the scene [sing] (modified by a n 受名词修饰) (infml 口) the current situation in a particular area of activity or way of life 某一活动范围或生活方式的现状
*the `drug scene 吸毒问题的现状
* the `gay scene 同性恋活动的情况
* a newcomer on the `fashion scene 时装界的新人
* the entertainment scene in the West End of London 伦敦西区的娱乐场所.
8 (idm 习语) behind the `scenes
(a) out of sight of the audience; behind the stage 在後台; 在幕後.
(b) in secret; without being known to the public 秘密的; 暗中
*political deals done behind the scenes 秘密的政治交易. come on the `scene arrive 到场
*By the time I came on the scene, it was all over. 我来到时, 一切都结束了. not one's scene (infml 口) not sth one knows about, is interested in, etc 非某人所熟悉的事物; 非某人兴趣之所在
*I'm not going to the disco
*it's just not my scene. 我不想去跳迪斯科舞, 我完全不感兴趣. on the `scene present 在场
*Reporters were soon on the scene after the accident. 那事故发生後不久记者就都赶到了现场. set the `scene (for sth)
(a) describe a place or a situation in which sth is about to happen 作事前的现场或情况描述
*Radio reporters were in the church to set the scene. 电台记者在教堂里作事前的现场介绍.
(b) prepare for sth; help to cause sth 为某事物作准备; 促使
*His arrival set the scene for another argument. 他一来就要另有一场争论了. steal the scene/show => steal.


7 not be your scene
8 behind the scenes
9 set the scene
10 be/come on the scene
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: French;Origin: scène, from Latin scena, scaena 'stage, scene', from Greek skene 'tent, building against which a play is performed, stage']
【PLAY/FILM】[C]a) part of a play during which there is no change in time or place
 Hamlet, Act 5 Scene 2
 the opening scene
b) a single piece of action that happens in one place in a film, book etc
 battle scenes
 tender love scenes
 The film contains some violent scenes.
 colourful pictures depicting scenes from the Bible
【ACTIVITIES】 [singular]
a particular set of activities and the people who are involved in them
 I'm not into the club scene (=going to night clubs) .
 LA's music scene
 the drug scene
 a newcomer to the political scene
【ACCIDENT/CRIME】 [singular]
the place where an accident, crime etc happened
 The police soon arrived at the scene of the crime .
at the scene
 Investigators are now at the scene, searching for clues.
on the scene
 Journalists were on the scene within minutes.
a view of a place as you see it, or as it appears in a picture
 He photographed a wide range of street scenes.
scene of
 She returned home to find a scene of devastation.
what is happening in a place, or what can be seen happening
scene of
 There were scenes of rejoicing after the election.
bad sceneAmE
 'It's a bad scene here,' she said. 'Jamie is very sick.'
a loud angry argument, especially in a public place
 There were angry scenes in parliament today.
 I was mad, but I didn't want to make a scene .
not be your sceneinformal
to not be the type of thing you like
 Loud discos aren't really my scene.
behind the scenes
secretly, while other things are happening publicly
 Behind the scenes, both sides are working towards an agreement.
set the scene
a) to provide the conditions in which an event can happen
set the scene for
 The prison riots have set the scene for major reform.
b) to describe the situation before you begin to tell a story
 A few words on the rules of English law will help to set the scene.
be/come on the scene
to be or become involved in a situation, activity etc
 By then, there was a boyfriend on the scene.
a change of sceneatchange2 (3), steal the sceneatsteal1 (4)
1. Every skit in our class show was loudly applauded, from the opening scene to the finale.

2. We looked away in revulsion from the scene of the accident.

3. The curtain dropped on the last scene.

4. The reporter´s graphic description made us feel that we were present at the scene.

5. This is a melancholy scene.

6. This idyllic pastoral scene is only part of the picture.

7. This idyllic pastoral scene is only part of the picture.

8. This idyllic pastoral scene is only part of the picture.

9. This last scene shows you what will happen at the end of the harvest: the famous Calabrian macaroni-eating competition!

10. This society, he explained, would consist of trained volunteers who would always be ready to travel to the scene of any war that might break out.