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英音:[sə:tʃ ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.搜寻,查究 v.搜索,搜寻,探求,调查


search为高中词汇   词频:1957


名词:searcher 动词过去式:searched 过去分词:searched 现在分词:searching 第三人称单数:searches 形容词:searchable

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explore  hunt  look-for  seek    


/sɜ:tʃ; sɝtʃ/
1 [I, Ipr, Ip, Tn, Tn.pr] ~ (sb/sth) (for sb/sth); ~ through sth (for sth) empty the pockets, etc of (sb) and examine his body and clothes to see if anything is concealed there; look at, examine or go over (a thing or place) carefully in order to find sb/sth 搜查(某人); 细查(某物或某处)以搜寻某人[某物]; 搜索
*We searched (around) for hours, but couldn't find the book. 我们(各处)找了半天, 却找不到那本书.
* search (the woods) for escaped prisoners 搜查(树林)寻找逃犯
* search (through) the drawers for the missing papers 翻遍抽屉寻找遗失的文件
* The police searched her for drugs. 警察搜查她, 看她身上是否有毒品.
* (fig 比喻) I searched my memory, but couldn't remember her name. 我想来想去也想不起她的名字.
2 (idm 习语) search one's `heart/`conscience (fml 文) think carefully about one's motives, actions, feelings, etc 反躬自问
*Search your heart and ask if you're not equally toblame. 你扪心自问是否自己也同样要承担责任. ,search`me (infml 口) I don't know 我不知道
*`Where's the newspaper?' `Search me, I haven't seen it.' `报纸在哪儿呢?'`不知道, 我没看见.'
3 (phr v) search sb/sth out find sb/sth by searching 找出某人[某事物]
*We've searched out some of your favourite recipes. 我们找出了你喜欢的几个菜谱.
* I want to search out an old school friend. 我想寻找我的一个老同学.

1 act of searching 搜查; 搜寻
*a search for a missing aircraft 搜寻失踪的飞机
* make repeated searches for concealed weapons 反覆搜查暗藏的武器
* Volunteers joined the search for the lost child. 有人自告奋勇也来寻找那失踪的孩子.
2 (idm 习语) in search of sb/sth searching for sb/sth 寻找某人[某物]
*go in search of a cheap hotel 寻找便宜的旅馆
* Scientists are in search of a cure for the disease. 科学家想研究出治疗这种疾病的方法.


In computer science, linear search or sequential search is a method for finding a particular value in a list, that consists of checking every one of its elements, one at a time and in sequence, until the desired one is found.
1. Both marriage and family involve long-term obligations and responsibility for shared care, not just the search of happiness, that hollow goal of the modern age.

2. They did not want to hinder the police in their search for fingerprints.

3. The search proved difficult,

4. Then, her composure regained, she was ready to set off with the porter´s assistance to search for any intruders who might still be lurking in her flat.

5. The discovery started scientists in many parts of the world on the search for new and better sulfas, and a number of them were found and perfected.

6. There he kept many animals to help in his own search.

7. The workmen cursed them, adding, "You devils ought to search our heads and not our pockets."

8. This step was taken in 1898 by Italian biologists, who provided the last missing link in man´s search for the cause of malaria.

9. The contemporary student who wants to fake a term paper does not have to search far.

10. The glory of burning passion may well have faded, and your love for your wife or husband may not be as exciting or satisfying as it once was, but going off in search of another love will not help your children.