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n.季,季节 v.(使)适应,(使)适用,调味


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动词过去式:seasoned 过去分词:seasoned 现在分词:seasoning 第三人称单数:seasons

近义词, 同义词


flavor  spice    


/'si:zn; `sizn/
1 part of the year distinguished according to its particular type of weather, esp one of the four traditional periods into which the year is divided, ie spring, summer, autumn and winter 季, 季节(尤指四季之一)
*the `dry/`rainy season 旱季[雨季]
* Plants grow fast in the warmest season. 植物在最暖和的季节生长很快.
* Spring is my favourite season. 春天是我最喜欢的季节.
2 (a) time of the year when sth is easily available or common, or when a certain activity takes place (一年中有某事物或有某活动的)时期, 时候; 旺季
*the `strawberry, `apple, etc season 草莓、苹果等当令
* the `growing season 生长时期
* the `football, `theatre, `opera, etc season 足球联赛期、戏剧会演期、歌剧荟萃
* the `nesting season, ie when birds build nests and lay their eggs 筑巢产卵期
* the `off season, ie (at holiday resorts, etc) the time when there are very few visitors 淡 季
* the `holiday/`tourist season 度假[旅游]旺季
* the season of goodwill, ie Christmas 圣诞节.
(b) (usu sing 通常作单数) (fml 文) time of the year during which most fashionable social events are held 社交繁忙时期
*The ball was the highlight of the London season. 那次舞会是伦敦社交活动时期的高潮.
(c) series of concerts, plays, etc with a particular theme, eg works by certain artists 系列专题音乐会、戏剧会演等
*a short season of silent film classics on Saturday afternoons 每星期六下午放映的无声电影经典作品拾零.
3 (idm 习语) in `season
(a) (of food) available in large quantities (指食物)上市, 当令, 在旺季
*Strawberries are cheaper when they're in season. 草莓当令时便宜些.
(b) (of a female animal) ready for mating (指雌性动物)在发情期.
(c) at the time when most people take their holidays 在很多人度假的时期
*Hotels are often full in season. 在度假旺季, 旅馆经常客满.
(d) at the time of year when certain animals may be legally hunted 一年中在准许捕猎某些动物的时期
*Grouse will soon be in season again. 允许捕猎松鸡的时期又快到了. ,out of `season
(a) (of food) not in season (指食物)未上市, 不当令, 不在旺季.
(b) at the time when most people do not take their holidays 在多数人不度假期间
*Holiday prices are lower out of season. 在度假淡季, 度假费用较低. the season's `greetings (used as a greeting at Christmas 用作圣诞节问候语). the silly season =>silly.

1 [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (with sth) flavour (food) with salt, pepper, etc (用盐、胡椒等)给(食物)调味
*highly seasoned sauces 味道很浓的沙司
* lamb seasoned with garlic and rosemary 用蒜和迷迭香调味的羊肉
* (fig 比喻) conversation seasoned with wit 妙语如珠的谈话.
2 (a) [I, Tn] (of wood) become fit for use by exposure to the weather; make (wood) fit for use in this way (指木材)风乾後适用; (使木材)风乾後适用
*well-seasoned oak, birch, etc 充分风乾可用的栎木、桦木等.
(b) [Tn esp passive 尤用于被动语态] (fig 比喻) make (sb) experienced by practice 使(某人)通过实践而有经验
*a politician seasoned by six election campaigns 经历六次竞选锻炼而富经验的政治家
* a seasoned boxer, traveller 有经验的拳击手、旅行者.


The 1967 Grand Prix motorcycle racing season was the 19th F.I.
1. There is no lettuce in the market in this season.

2. Then came the season of harvest.

3. He made some routine observations upon the unhealthy effect of the night breeze at that season.

4. He also acknowledged that the lowest-priced rooms at the resort had been cut to 550 francs ($110) from 750 francs at the time of the opening, and that some rooms were being offered at 400 francs for the winter season.

5. December, January and February make the winter season.

6. At the Christmas season , ladies often adorn their coats with a holly corsage.

7. Autumn is the best season in Beijing.

8. Spring is the best season of the year.

9. September, October and November make the autumn season.

10. Many animals begin to store food before the advent of the cold season.