美音:[set ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[set ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
v.放,置,移动到,使(人或事物处于某种状态),提出,树立,规定,调整;n.一套,一副,一批,接受机,装置,趋势,布景;adj.固定的,规定的,坚决的,固执的,事先做好的;Secure Electronics Transations Protocol,安全电子商务协议


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动词过去式:set 过去分词:set 现在分词:setting 第三人称单数:sets

近义词, 同义词


adjust  arrange  fix  place  position  regulate  rise    


/set; sɛt/ n
1 [C] ~ (of sth) group of similar things that belong together in some way (类似物品的)一组, 一套, 一副, 一对
*a set of cutlery, golf clubs, hand tools 一套刀叉匙餐具、高尔夫球杆、手用工具
* a set of six dining chairs 六把一套的餐椅
* a set of Dickens novels 一套狄更斯的小说
* a set of false teeth 一副假牙
* a tea set, ie teapot, cups, saucers, etc 一套茶具
* a new set of rules to learn 要学的一套新规则.
2 [CGp] group of people who spend much time together socially or have similar tastes and interests 经常来往、意气相投的一些人
*the literary, racing, golfing set 爱好文学、赛马、高尔夫球的一伙人
* the smart set, ie rich fashionable people 追求时髦的一批阔人
* the fast set, eg people who gamble, spend a lot of money, etc 放荡不 的一群人(如赌博、挥霍等的).
3 [C] group of pupils with similar ability in a particular subject 在某学科上能力相当的一批学生
*She's in the top set in maths. 她在数学成绩最好的班上.
4 [C] (mathematics 数) group of things having a shared quality 集; 集合.
5 [C] device for receiving radio or television signals 收音机; 电视机
*a transistor set 晶体管收音机
* Do not adjust your (TV) set. 请勿自行调整电视机.
6 [sing] ~ (of sth) way in which sth is placed or arranged; position or angle (某物摆放的)样子; 位置; 角度
*She admired the firm set of his shoulders. 她喜欢他的肩膀很结实.
7 [sing] way in which sth sets (set2 13) 凝结、凝固或固定的样子
*You won't get a good set if you put too much water in the jelly. 果冻搀水太多就凝固不好了.
8 [C] (in a tennis match) group of games in which one side must win the greater number of games in order to win that part of the match (网球赛中的)盘.
9 (also sett) [C] rectangular paving stone (铺路用的)长方形石板.
10 (also sett) [C] badger's burrow 獾洞.
11 [C]
(a) scenery being used for a play, film, etc (戏剧、电影等的)布景, 场景
*We need volunteers to help build and paint the set. 我们需要有人自愿帮忙把布景搭起、画好.
(b) stage or place where a play or (part of) a film is performed 表演戏剧或拍摄电影(片断)的舞台或场地
*The cast must all be on (the) set by
7 pm. 所有演员必须在下午7时到达拍摄场地.
12 [C] young plant, shoot, etc for planting 幼苗; 树苗
*onion sets 洋葱苗.
13 [C] act of setting (set2 15) hair 固定发型; 做头发
*A shampoo and set costs 8. 洗头、做头发共8英镑.
14 (idm 习语) the jet set => jet1.

/set; sɛt/
v (-tt-, pt, pp set)

1 [Tn.pr, Tn.p] put (sth) in the specified place or position; place 将(某物)放在某处或某位置; 置; 摆放
*She set a tray down on the table. 她把托盘放在桌子上了.
* He set a post in the ground. 他在地上树起了一根杆子.
* (fml 文) We set food and drink before the travellers. 我们把食物和饮料摆在旅客面前.
* The house is set (ie situated) in fifty acres of rolling parkland. 那所房子周围有五十英亩的起伏不平的草地.
* Her eyes are set very close together. 她的两只眼睛长得距离很近.
2 [Tn.pr] ~ sth to sth move or place sth so that it is near to or touching sth 将某物移至或放置在接近或接触到另一物处
*She set the glass to her lips/her lips to the glass. 她把玻璃杯送到嘴边[用嘴唇触及玻璃杯].
* He set a match to the dry timber, ie in order to burn it. 他用火柴去点燃那乾木头.
* set pen to paper, ie begin to write 动笔.
3 [Tn, Tn.pr] represent the action of (a play, novel, etc) as happening in a specified place or at a specified time 设置(戏剧、小说等)的背景
*The novel is set in pre-war London. 这部小说以战前的伦敦为背景. CAUSING TO BE IN A PARTICULAR STATE OR TO HAPPEN 使处于某状态或使发生
4 [Tn.pr, Cn.a] cause (sb/sth) to be in or reach the specified state 使(某人[某事物])处于或达到某状态
*The revolution set the country on the road to democracy. 这场革命把国家引上了通往民主的道路.
* The firm's accounts need to be set in order. 公司的帐目需要清理.
* She untied the rope and set the boat adrift. 她把绳索解开, 放开小船.
* The hijackers set the hostages free, ie released them. 劫机者释放了人质.
5 (a) [Cn.g] cause (sb/sth) to begin to do sth 使(某人[某事物])开始做某事
*set a pendulum swinging 让摆摆动起来
* The sudden noise set the dog barking. 这突然的声响惊得狗汪汪叫起来.
* The sight of her set his heart beating faster. 他一见到她, 不由得心就怦怦直跳.
* Her remarks set me thinking. 我听了她的话不禁沉思起来.
(b) [Cn.t] cause (oneself/sb) to do the specified task 使(自己[某人])做某事
*We set them to chop wood/set them to work chopping wood in the garden. 我们让他们在花园里劈木柴.
* I've set myself (ie resolved) to finish the job by the end of the month. 我决心月底以前把这件工作干完. ADJUSTING OR ARRANGING 调整或安排
6 [Tn, Tn.pr] adjust (sth) so that it is ready for use or in position 调整好(某事物)(使之随时可用或置于某位置)
*set the controls, eg of a machine 调整好控制装置(如机器的)
* She set the camera on automatic. 她把照相机调到自动位置.
7 Tn]
(a) adjust the hands of (a clock or watch) to show the right time 拨动(钟或表)的指针至准确时间
*I always set my watch by the time-signal on the radio. 我一向按照收音机的报时信号对表.
(b) adjust (an alarm-clock) so that it sounds at a particular time 调好(闹钟)(使之按时响闹)
*She set her alarm for
7 o'clock. 她把闹钟调到7点钟.
8 [Tn] arrange knives, forks, etc on (a table) for a meal; lay1(1b) 在(桌子)上摆好刀叉等餐具准备开饭; 铺桌子
*Could you set the table for supper? 你铺好桌子准备吃晚饭好吗?
* The table is set for six guests. 桌子上摆好了六位客人的餐具.
9 [Tn.pr esp passive 尤用于被动语态] ~ A in B/~ B with A fix (sth, esp a precious stone) firmly into (a surface or an object) 将(某物, 尤指宝石)镶嵌到(某物)上
*She had the sapphire set in a gold ring. 她把那枚蓝宝石镶在金戒指上了.
* Her bracelet was set with emeralds. 她的手镯上镶着绿宝石.
10 [Tn, Tn.pr] arrange or fix (sth); decide on (sth) 安排、确定或决定(某事物)
*They haven't set a date for their wedding yet. 他们的婚期还没定下来.
* The government plans to set strict limits on public spending this year. 政府计画严格限制今年公费开支. CREATING 创造
11 [Tn] (used esp with the ns shown 尤与所示名词连用) establish (sth) 建立(某事物)
*Imposing a lenient sentence for such a serious crime sets a dangerous precedent. 对这样严重的罪行轻判就开了个危险的先例.
* She set a new world record for the high jump. 她创下跳高的新世界纪录.
* Rock stars often set fashions in clothes. 摇滚乐歌星往往创出时装的潮流.
* I rely on you to set a good example. 我全靠你来树立个好榜样.
12 [Tn, Dn.n, Dn.pr] ~ sth (for oneself/sb) present or impose (a task, piece of work, problem, etc) to be done, dealt with, etc (by oneself/sb) (给自己[某人])提出或规定(任务、工作、问题等)来处理、解决等
*Who will be setting (ie writing the questions in) the French exam? 谁负责出法语试题?
* What books have been set (ie are to be studied) for the Cambridge First Certificate next year? 剑桥大学主办的明年的中学会考要读哪些书?
* She's set herself a difficult task/set a difficult task for herself. 她给自己提出一个艰巨的任务.
* The sudden drop in share prices has set the government a tricky problem. 股票价格突然下跌给政府出了一个难题.
* We must set ourselves precise sales targets for the coming year. 我们要为明年定出准确的销售指标. MAKING OR BECOMING FIRM OR FIXED (使)凝固或固定
13 [I, Tn] (cause sth to) become firm, hard or rigid from a soft or liquid state (使某物)由软变硬或由液态变成固态
*Some kinds of concrete set more quickly than others. 有些种类的混凝土凝结硬化快, 有的较慢.
* The jelly hasn't set yet. 果冻尚未凝固.
14 [Tn esp passive 尤用于被动语态] fix (one's face or part of the body) into a firm expression 使(脸或身体某部)呈呆板表情或姿势
*He set his jaw in a determined fashion. 他挺着下巴显得很坚决.
15 [Tn] fix (hair) while it is wet so that it will dry in the desired style 固定发型; 做头发
*She's having her hair set for the party this evening. 她正在为参加今晚的聚会做头发.
16 [Tn] put (a broken bone) into a fixed position so that it will mend 将(断骨)接好或复位
*The surgeon set her broken arm. 外科医生为她接好断臂. PRESENTING IN THE RIGHT FORM 以适当的形式表现
17 [Tn] choose a specific type2 for printing (a book, etc) 选用某字体为(书等)排版
*This dictionary is set in Press Roman. 本词典的英文排版用的是Press Roman字体.
18 [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (to sth) provide music for (words, a poem, etc) so that it can be sung 为(词句、诗等)谱曲, 配乐
*Schubert set many of Goethe's poems (to music). 舒伯特为歌德的许多诗谱了曲. MOVING OR FLOWING 移动或流动
19 [I] (of the sun, moon or stars) go down below the horizon (指日、月或星)落到地平线以下
*In Britain the sun sets much later in summer than in winter. 在英国, 夏季日落时间比冬季晚得多.
* We sat and watched the sun setting. 我们坐在那里看日落. Cf 参看 rise2 7.
20 [Ipr, Ip] (of the tide, a current, etc) move or flow in the specified direction (指潮水、潮流等)流动
*The current sets strongly eastwards. 急流迅猛东去.
* The current sets in towards the shore. 潮水向岸边涌来.
* (fig 比喻) The tide of public opinion has set in his favour, ie He has the support and approval of the public. 舆论的倾向是支持他的.
* (fig 比喻) Opinion seems to be setting against (ie People are not in favour of) the proposal. 人们似乎不赞成这个建议.
21 (idm 习语) be all `set (for sth/to do sth); be set for sth/to do sth be ready or prepared for sth/to do sth 准备好某事[做某事]
*Are we all set? 我们都准备好了吗?
* We were all set to go when the telephone rang. 我们都准备好要走时电话铃响了.
* The socialists look set for victory in/set to win the general election. 社会党人似已决意要在大选中获胜. (For other idioms containing set, see entries for ns, adjs, etc 查阅与set搭配的其他习语, 见有关名词、形容词等的词条, 如 set the pace =>pace1; set fair =>fair1.)
22 (phr v) set about sb (infml 口) attack sb with blows or words 攻击或抨击某人
*He set about the intruders with a stick. 他用棍子打那些私闯进来的人. set about sth/doing sth (no passive 不用于被动语态) begin (a task); start doing sth 开始(某工作); 着手做某事
*I must set about my packing. 我得开始收拾行李了.
* I don't know how to set about this job. 这工作我不知如何入手.
* The new government must set about finding solutions to the country's economic problems. 新政府必须立即找出解决国家经济问题的办法.

/set; sɛt/
1 [usu pred 通常作表语] having the specified position 处于某位置
*a house set on a wooded hillside 在树木丛生的山坡上的房子
* She has deep-set eyes. 她的眼窝很深.
2 [usu attrib 通常作定语] (of a person's expression) fixed; stiff (指人的表情)凝滞的, 呆板的
*Her face wore a grim, set look. 她脸上显出严厉、木然的神情.
* a set (ie insincere) smile 假笑.
3 [usu attrib 通常作定语] fixed or arranged in advance 固定的; 事先安排的
*The meals in this hotel are at set times. 这家旅馆的用餐时间是固定的.
* There is a set procedure for making formal complaints. 要正式提出投诉是有固定程序的.
* Are there set hours of work in your company? 你们公司有固定的办公时间吗?
4 fixed and unchanging 固定不变的
*He's a man of set opinions. 他是个有固定见解的人.
* She has very set ideas about politics. 她在政治问题上有自己的固定看法.
* As people get older they become more set in their ways. 人越老越有一定之规.
5 [attrib 作定语] deliberate; specific 故意的; 具体的
*We've come here for a set purpose. 我们来到这里是有目的的.
6 (idm 习语) be (dead) `set against sth/doing sth be (firmly) opposed to sth (坚决)反对某事
*The government are set against (the idea of) raising taxes. 内阁坚决反对增加税收(的意见). be set on sth/doing sth be determined to do sth 决定做某事
*He's set on going to university. 他决心要上大学.
* She's absolutely set on publishing as a career. 她决意从事出版事业.
1. Eliot says you can first make a list of 12 things, then cut it down to 6 and set your priorities.

2. Beautiful combs, pure tortoiseshell, with jewels set in-just the colour to wear in her beautiful hair.

3. Business English is simply a set of English vocabulary words; it is not,as some seem to think, a language unto itself.

4. Both these ships set out from Shanghai on June 18th, 1872 on an exciting race to England.

5. Bonpland set up one of the electrometers to measure the electric discharge, but there was no reading.

6. But as we started out, he always said, "You set the pace. I will try to adjust to you."

7. Because time was short — the patient was dying — the Red Cross man and an officer set out in an army vehicle.

8. When he smiled he exposed a set of perfect white teeth.

9. While Alfred´s little army slowly began to gather at Athelney, the king himself set out to penetrate the camp of Guthrum, the commander of the Danish invaders.

10. Water streamed in torrents over its sides with such force that it set up a huge wave in the canal.