美音:[´ʃæ´dəu ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[´ʃæ´dəu ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.阴影,影子,影像,预兆,庇护,隐蔽处,阴暗,少许 vt.遮蔽,使朦胧,预示,尾随 vi.渐变,变阴暗


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名词:shadower 动词过去式:shadowed 过去分词:shadowed 现在分词:shadowing 第三人称单数:shadows

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/'ʃædəʊ; `ʃædo/
1 [C, U] (patch of) shade caused by an object blocking direct rays of light 阴影; 影子
*The chair casts a shadow on the wall. 椅子的影子映到墙上了.
* Shadows are longer when the sun is low in the sky. 太阳很低时, 物体的影子就很长.
* Her face was in deep shadow. 她的脸部在一片很暗的阴影中.
* (fig 比喻) The bad news cast a shadow on/over our meeting, ie made us sad. 那个坏消息给会议蒙上了阴影. => illus at shade 见shade插图.
2 [C] dark patch or area 深色的斑; 深色部分
*have shadows under/round the eyes, eg because of illness or lack of sleep 眼睛下面[周围]有黑圈(如因病或缺觉).
3 [U] shaded part of a picture (绘画的)阴暗部分
*areas of light and shadow 明暗的部分
* The light from one side leaves half the subject's face in shadow. 因光线来自一边, 画中人的脸有一半成为阴暗部分.
4 shadows [pl] partial darkness 不完全的黑暗
*a figure standing in the shadows 站在较暗处的人
* the shadows of evening 暮色.
5 [C]
(a) person's constant attendant or companion 如影随形的随从或伙伴
*The dog is his master's shadow. 这条狗和主人形影不离.(b) person who secretly follows and watches sb, eg a criminal 跟踪盯梢的人(如对罪犯的)
*The police put a shadow on the suspected robber. 警方派探员盯住那个抢劫疑犯.
6 [C] thing that is weak or unreal 微弱的或虚幻的东西
*catch at shadows, ie try to obtain sth that does not exist 捕捉虚无缥缈的东西
* You can't spend your life chasing after shadows. 你不能一辈子追求不存在的东西.
7 [sing] ~ of sth (usu in negative sentences 通常用于否定句) slight trace of sth 某事物的痕迹
*not a shadow of
(a) doubt 毫无疑义
* There's not a shadow of justification for your behaviour. 你的举动毫无道理.8 [sing] the ~ of sb/sth the strong influence of sb/sth 某人[某事物]的巨大影响
*the shadow of the approaching catastrophe 灾难即将降临的威胁
* For years he lived in the shadow of his famous mother. 他受母亲盛名荫庇多年.
* The shadow of this early tragedy has affected her whole life. 她年纪轻轻遭此劫难, 影响了她一生.
9 (idm 习语) be afraid of one's own shadow => afraid . a `shadow of one's/its former self not having the strength, influence, etc that one/it formerly had 已不再有以前的力量、影响力等
*She used to be a great player, but now she's only a shadow of her former self. 她以前是个健将, 现在已不及当年了.

v [Tn]
1 cast a shadow on (sb/sth) 使阴影或影子映在(某人[某物])上
*The wide brim of his hat shadowed his face. 他的大帽檐的影子映在他的脸上.
2 follow and watch (sb) secretly 跟踪盯住(某人)
*A policeman in plain clothes shadowed the criminal all day. 有个便衣警察整天秘密监视那个罪犯.

adj [attrib 作定语] (Brit politics 政) denoting leading members of the Opposition party who would probably be Cabinet ministers if their party became the Government, and who act as spokesmen on matters for which they would then be responsible 影子内阁的(指在野党若组阁, 有望成为内阁各大臣的人对各自应负责的事务发表言论方面)
*the Shadow Cabinet 影子内阁
* the Shadow Foreign Secretary 影子外交大臣.
1. The chair casts a shadow on the wall.

2. Her eyelids are blue with eye shadow.
    她涂了眼影, 眼睑看上去蓝莹莹的。

3. On entering a shop, he would ask for a new perfume called ´Scented Shadow´ or for ´insoluble bath cubes´.

4. Once on the edge of the educational system, such schools, or jukus, are now so common in Japan that, especially for those people at the top level of society, they have begun to function as a kind of shadow educational system, replacing regular school

5. Lunar eclipse occurs when the earth´s shadow falls on the moon.