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n.外形,形状,形态,(尤指女子的)体形,身段,形式 vt.制作,定形,使成形,塑造,使符合 vi.成形,形成,成长


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名词:shaper 动词过去式:shaped 过去分词:shaped 现在分词:shaping 第三人称单数:shapes 形容词:shapable

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adapt  design  develop  fashion  form  mold    


/ʃeɪp; ʃep/
1 [C, U] outer form or appearance; outline of an area, a figure, etc 外形; 形状; 样子
*clouds of different shapes in the sky 天空中各种形状的云彩
* a garden in the shape of a semicircle 半圆形的花园
* trees in all shapes and sizes 大大小小形状各异的树
* the odd shape of his nose 他那鼻子的怪模样
* a dress that hasn't got much shape 外形欠佳的连衣裙
* The picture is round in shape. 这幅画是圆形的.
* (fig 比喻) He's a devil in human shape. 他是披着人皮的魔鬼.
2 [C] thing that is difficult to see properly; vague form 模糊的东西; 朦胧的形状
*I made out two dim shapes in the gloom. 我在朦胧中看出有两个模糊的影子.
* A huge shape loomed up out of the fog. 在雾中隐约出现一个巨大的影像.
3 [U] (infml 口) condition; state 情况; 状态
*She's in good shape (ie fit) after months of training. 她经过几个月训练身体好了.
* What shape is the team in after its defeat? 这个队失败後情况如何?
* The illness has left him in rather poor shape. 他经过这场大病已形容枯槁.
4 (a) C] mould, etc in which sth, eg jelly, is given a particular form 模; 模子.
(b) [C, U] jelly, etc shaped in such a mould 模制的果子冻等
*Have some more shape. 再吃点果子冻.
5 (idm 习语) get (oneself) into `shape take exercise, etc in order to become fit 为健美而进行锻炼等
*I've been jogging a lot to get myself into shape. 我长期慢跑锻炼身体. get/knock/lick sth/sbinto `shape get sth/sb into an orderly state; arrange sth/sb properly 使某事物[某人]有条理; 恰当地安排某事物[某人]
*We need a new manager to get the business into shape. 我们需要有个新经理来把业务安排妥当.
* A sergeant soon knocks new recruits into shape. 中士很快就把新兵训练得规规矩矩. give shape to sth express sth clearly 清晰地表达某事
*I'm having trouble giving shape to my ideas in this essay. 我在这篇文章中表达不清自己的想法. in `any shape (or form) (infml 口) in whatever form sth appears or is presented 某事物的任何形式
*I don't drink alcohol in any shape or form. 我什么酒都不喝. in `shape fit 健康
*You'll never be in shape until you eat less and take more exercise. 只有少吃多锻炼才能健美. in the shape/form of sb/sth (infml 口) appearing specifically as sb/sth 以某人[某事物]的形式
*Help arrived in the shape of our next-door neighbours. 来帮助我们的是隔壁的邻居.
* I received a nasty surprise in the shape of a letter from the taxman. 我收到税务局的来信, 把我吓得六神无主. out of `shape
(a) not having the usual shape 变形; 走样
*The children have been playing with my hat they've knocked it out of shape. 孩子们一直玩着我的帽子--把它弄得不成样子了.
(b) unfit 不健康
*Take exercise if you're out of shape. 身体不好就要锻炼. press sth into shape => press2. the ,shape of ,things to `come sign that shows how the future is likely to develop 未来事物可能呈现的状况. take `shape take on a definite form; become more organized 成形; 变得更有条理
*The plan is beginning to take shape in my mind. 这个计画在我脑子里逐渐有了眉目.
* After months of work, the new book is gradually taking shape. 经过多月的努力, 这本新书渐渐像个样子了.

/ʃeɪp; ʃep/
1 [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (into sth) give a shape or form to sth 做成某物的形状
*shape the wet clay on a potter's wheel 在陶钧上用湿黏土制坯
* shape the sand into a mound 把沙堆成小丘.
2 [Tn] have a great influence upon (sb/sth); determine the nature of (sth) 对(某人[某事物])有重大影响; 决定(某事物)的性质
*These events helped to shape her future career. 这些事促成了她後来从事的事业.
* His attitudes were shaped partly by early experiences. 他的想法在一定程度上是由他早期的经历决定的.
3 [I, Ip] ~ (up) develop in a certain way 进展
*Our plans are shaping (up) well, ie giving signs that they will be successful. 我们的计画进展顺利.
* How is the new team shaping up? 新队的表现怎样?
4 [Tn esp passive 尤用于被动语态] make (a garment) conform to the shape of the body 使(衣服)合身
*The jacket is shaped (ie becomes narrower) at the waist. 这件外衣腰部很贴身(较窄).


Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe the place in Belgium where the Supreme Allied Commander of Europe, one of the military commanders of NATO, is based
1. Each mineral has crystals of a particular shape.

2. Certainly it is more difficult than the arts which involve appreciation of flat forms, shape in only two dimensions.

3. Because Australia's native people and black Africans share such superficial characteristics as skin color and body shape, they were widely assumed to be closely related.

4. Water has no definite shape.

5. The plan is beginning to shape up.

6. The building of this house in the shape of the temple was a rich man´s vagary.

7. The shape and dimensions of the skyscrapers depend entirely on the necessity of obtaining the maximum income per square foot of ground, and of offering to the tenants offices and apartments that please them.

8. The child learning to see, first distinguishes only two-dimensional shape;

9. There is no superior ´they´ in the shape of managements and hotel hierarchies to darken his holiday days.

10. The bridge is so long that the shape of the earth had to be taken into account by its designer.