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sight为中学词汇   词频:1333


动词过去式:sighted 过去分词:sighted 现在分词:sighting 第三人称单数:sights

近义词, 同义词


display  look  scene  show  spectacle  view  vision  vista    


/saɪt; saɪt/
1 [U] ability to see; vision 视力; 视觉
*lose one's sight, ie become blind 失明
* have good, poor, etc sight, ie eyesight 视力好、差等
* Some drugs can affect your sight. 有些药物能影响视力.
2 [U] ~ of sb/sth action of seeing sb/sth 看; 看见
*Their first sight of land came after ten days at sea. 他们在海上十天之後首次看到陆地.
* We laughed at the sight of his strange clothes. 我们看到他那怪模怪样的衣服都笑了起来.
* (fml 文) When can we have sight of your new house? 我们什么时候能够看看你的新房子?
3 [U] range within which sb can see or sth can be seen 视野; 视界
*in/within/out of (sb's) sight, ie (of objects, etc) visible/invisible (指物体等)看得见[看不见]
* The train is still in sight. 还能看得见那列火车.
* The ship came into sight out of the fog. 那艘船驶出浓雾, 依稀可见.
* The plane crashed out of our sight, ie where we could not see it. 飞机出事时那个地方我们看不见.
* The house was out of sight behind a wall. 房子被墙遮住看不见了.
* We are not yet out of sight of land, ie can still see it. 我们还能看到陆地.
* You must keep out of sight, ie stay where you cannot be seen. 你要呆在别人看不见的地方.
* Get out of my sight! 滚开!
* (fig 比喻) The end of the project is almost in sight. 该计画完成之时已遥遥在望.
4 (a) [C] thing (to be) seen, or worth seeing, esp sth remarkable 情景; 景象; (尤指)奇观, 壮观
*The flowers are a lovely sight in spring. 春天百花盛开十分美丽.
* He saw some amazing sights at the zoo. 他在动物园里看到一些珍禽异兽.
* A suffering animal is a distressing sight. 看到动物受痛苦是很难受的.
(b) sights [pl] interesting buildings, places, features, etc of a place or district 某处或某地令人感兴趣的建筑物、地方、特徵; 名胜
*Come and see the sights of London. 来看看伦敦的名胜.
5 a sight [sing] (infml 口) person or thing that looks ridiculous, untidy, etc 显得滑稽可笑、不整洁等的人或物
*What a sight you look in those old clothes! 你穿上那些旧衣服样子可真怪!
* This kitchen is a sight. Clean it up at once! 这厨房太乱了. 马上整理一下吧!
6 [C usu pl 通常作复数] device that one looks through to aim a rifle, etc or to observe sth through a telescope, etc (步枪等的)瞄准器; 观测器
*the sights of a gun 枪的瞄准器.
7 (idm 习语) at first glance/sight =>glance. at/on `sight as soon as sb/sth is seen 一见到某人[某事物]立即
*play music at sight, ie when seen in printed form without previous study or practice 视奏(未经事先学习或练习, 见到乐谱即行演奏)
* They were told to shoot looters on sight. 他们奉令见到打劫者立即射击. catch sight/a glimpse of sb/sth =>catch1. hate, loathe, be sick of, etc the sight of sb/sth (infml 口) hate, etc sb/sth very much 不愿见到某人[某物]; 讨厌; 憎恶
*I can't stand the sight of you any more. 我再也不愿见到你了.
* She hates the sight of that old car. 她见到那辆旧汽车就讨厌. heave in sight =>heave. in the sight of sb/in sb's sight (fml 文) in sb's opinion; in sb's view 依某人的意见; 在某人看来
*Do what is right in your own sight. 做你认为对的事.
* All men are equal in the sight of God. 上帝对所有的人都一视同仁. keep sight of sb/sth; keep sb/sth in sight
(a) remain where one can see sb/sth 看住某人[某物]; 监视
*Follow that man and keep him in sight all the time. 要跟着那个人, 一直盯着他.
(b) remain aware of sth 了解到某事
*You must keep sight of one fact
*your life is in danger. 有一件事你必须明白, 你有生命危险. know sb by sight =>know. lose sight of sb/sth =>lose. ,out of `sight, ,out of `mind (saying 谚) we tend to forget people or things that are absent or can no longer be seen 眼不见, 心不念. raise/lower one's `sights be more/less ambitious; expect more/less 提高[降低]要求
*They had to lower their sights and buy a smaller house than they would have liked. 他们原来想买一所大房子, 後来不得不降低要求买一所较小的. set one's sights on sth decide to achieve sth 立意做成某事物
*I've set my sights on winning the championship. 我下定决心要赢得冠军. a (damn, etc) sight better, etc (than...); a (damn, etc) sight too good, etc (infml 口) very much better, etc; far too good, etc 好得多; 非常好
*My car goes a (darned) sight faster than yours. 我的汽车比你的快得多.
* That child is a damn sight too cheeky. 这孩子脸皮太厚. a ,sight for sore `eyes (infml 口) person or thing that one is relieved or pleased to see 使人悬念而想见到的人或物; 喜欢见到的人或物
*You're a sight for sore eyes I thought you'd gone for good! 见到你真高兴--我还以为你一去不复返了呢! a sight of sth (infml 口) a great amount of sth 大量; 许多
*It cost him a sight of money/trouble. 这花了他一大笔钱[这给他惹来很多麻烦]. sight un`seen without an opportunity for previous inspection 事前未得以检查
*You should never buy a car sight unseen. 买汽车时, 事先未检查可千万不要买. take a `sight aim or observe using a sight1(6) or sights 用瞄准器瞄准; 用观测器观测
*take a careful sight before firing 仔细瞄准再发射
* take a sight with a compass/quadrant 用罗盘[象限仪]观测.

/saɪt; saɪt/
v [Tn]
1 manage to see (sb/sth), esp by coming near 看见(尤指因接近)
*After three days at sea, we sighted land. 我们在海上航行三天後见到了陆地.
2 observe (a star, etc) by using sights (sight1 6) (用仪器)观测(星等).
1. Even as a child, the sight of exotic trees, foreign maps and descriptions of tropic zones had moved me to tears, for I had a longing for a homeland for my soul."

2. Byrd now knew that he would be able to reach the South Pole which was 300 miles away, for there were no more mountains in sight.

3. Who has not stood in awe at the sight of a spider pouncing on a fly, or a column of ants triumphantly bearing home an enormous dead beetle?

4. The sight of the place carried her back to her childhood.

5. The animals were put to flight by the sight and sound of the hunters.

6. There is often a progressive loss of sight in old age.

7. The sight made me want to weep.

8. The bull was busy with the matador at the time, but it suddenly caught sight of the drunk who was shouting rude remarks and waving a red cap.

9. Nothing can be compared, he maintains, with the first cockcrow, the twittering of birds at dawn, the sight of the rising sun glinting on the trees and pastures.

10. He was terrified at the sight. He looked round, but could see nobody.
    看到这个他吓坏了. 他四周看了看, 但一个人也没看见.