美音:[saın ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[saın ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.标记,符号,记号,征兆,迹象,征候 v.签名(于),署名(于)~,签署


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名词:signer 动词过去式:signed 过去分词:signed 现在分词:signing 第三人称单数:signs


sign=to mark(加上记号)

近义词, 同义词


endorse  gesture  indicate  initial  mark  motion  seal  signal  wave    


/saɪn; saɪn/
1 mark, symbol, etc used to represent sth 记号; 符号
*mathematical signs, eg +, -, *, / 数学符号(如+、-、*、/).
2 board, notice, etc that directs sb towards sth, gives a warning, advertises a business, etc 牌子; 牌示; 招牌; 指示牌
*traffic signs, eg for a speed limit, a bend in the road, etc 交通标志(如表示速度限制、有弯路等)
* a shop-sign, pub-sign, etc 商店招牌、酒馆招牌
* Look out for a sign to the motorway. 留意通往高速公路的路标.
3 gesture or movement made with the hand, head, etc, used to give information, a command, etc (用手、头等的)示意动作(用以传递信息、命令等)
*the sign of the cross, ie a movement made with the hand outlining a cross as a blessing, prayer, etc (用手)画十字(祝福、祈祷等)
* She gave us a sign to leave the room, eg by pointing to the door. 她示意我们离开房间(如以手指门).
4 ~ (of sth) thing that shows that sb/sth is present or exists, or that sth may happen 痕迹; 迹象; 徵兆
*signs of suffering on his face 他面部的痛苦表情
* some signs of improvement in her work 她工作有些改进的迹象
* There wasn't a sign of life in the place, ie It appeared deserted. 那儿没有生命的迹象.
* She shows no sign of being interested. 她没有表示出有兴趣来.
* There are some signs of sales increasing. 有迹象显示销售额在增长.
5 (also ,sign of the `zodiac) (symbol representing) any of the twelve divisions of the zodiac (黄道十二宫之一的)宫, 星座
*What sign were you born under? 你是属什么星座的?
6 (idm 习语) a ,sign of the `times (often derog 常作贬义) thing that shows the nature of a particular period 某时期的标志
*The rising level of crime is a sign of the times. 犯罪率增高是这一时代的特徵.

/saɪn; saɪn/
1 [I, Tn] write (one's name) on (a document, etc), eg to show that one has written it, that it is genuine, or that one agrees with its contents 在(文件等)上签(名); 签字
*Sign (your name) here, please. 请在这儿签(你的名)字.
* sign a letter, cheque, contract, etc 在信、支票、合同等上签字
* The painting isn't signed so we don't know who it's by. 这幅画没有签名, 不知道是谁画的.
2 [no passive 不用于被动语态
*Dpr.f, Dpr.w, Dpr.t, Dn.t] convey information or a request or an order by making a gesture 示意, 做手势(传达信息、请求或命令)
*sign to sb that it is time to go/where to go 示意某人该走了[去何处]
* The policeman signed (for) them to stop. 警察示意让他们停住.
* He signed me to be quiet. 他示意要我安静.
3 [I, Ipr, Tn] (esp sport 尤用于体育) ~ (for/with sb) be engaged or engage (sb), eg as a footballer, by signing a contract (签约)应聘或受雇, 雇用或聘请(某人)(如足球队员)
*He signed for Arsenal yesterday. 他昨天跟阿塞纳尔队签了约.
* Arsenal have just signed a new striker. 阿塞纳尔队刚雇用了一名新前锋.
4 (idm 习语) sign on the dotted `line (infml 口) sign a document, etc that legally binds one, eg to buy sth 签署文件等(如购买某物)
*Just sign on the dotted line and the car is yours. 你只需签署这份文件, 这辆汽车就是你的了. sign sb's/one's own `death-warrant do sth that will result in one's death, defeat, etc 做出可能使自己致命或失败的事
*By informing on the gang, he was signing his own death-warrant. 他告发了那帮歹徒, 自己的性命也就难保了.
5 (phr v) sign sth away give up (one's rights, property, etc) by signing a document, etc 签字放弃(权利、财产等)
*I'll never get married it's like signing your life away! 我可不结婚--结婚就像签了卖身契一样! sign for sth sign a form, etc to show that one has received sth 签收某物
*The postman asked me to sign for the parcel. 邮递员叫我签收包裹. sign (sb) in/out write one's/sb's name to show arrival or departure 签上名字以示到达或离去
*You must sign guests in when they enter the club. 客人进入俱乐部你得为他们登记.
* Soldiers sign out when they leave the barracks. 士兵离开营房得登记签字. sign off
(a) stop work 结束工作
*sign off early to go to the dentist 提前结束工作去看牙.
(b) end a letter 结束一封信
*She signed off with `Yours ever, Janet'. 她在信的结尾处写上了`Yours ever, Janet'.
(c) end a broadcast in some way, eg by playing a short piece of music 结束广播(如放一小段音乐)
*This is your resident DJ signing off for another week with our signature tune. 这是本台流行音乐唱片节目主持人, 现在播放信号曲来结束我们为您安排的这一星期的节目. sign on (Brit infml 口) register as an unemployed person 登记为失业的人. sign (sb) on/up (cause sb to) sign an agreement to work for sb, become a soldier, etc (使某人)签约受雇、应徵
*sign on for five years in the army 签约服兵役五年
* sign up more workers to boost production 再签约雇用工人以促进生产
* The club has signed up a new goalkeeper this season. 俱乐部这一季节已签约雇用一名新守门员. sign sth over (to sb) formally transfer the ownership of sth to sb by signing a document, etc 正式将所有权签字转让某人
*She has signed her house over to her daughter. 她已签字把房子转让给女儿了. sign up (for sth) join a club, enrol on a course, etc 参加一俱乐部、课程等
*sign up for a secretarial course 注册参加秘书课程.
1. This time it was the postman and he wanted me to sign for a registered letter!

2. The village seemed deserted, the only sign of life being an ugly-looking black goat on a short length of rope tied to a tree in a field nearby.

3. The first sign of disaster was a dead sheep floating down.

4. This time it was the postman and he wanted me to sign for a registered letter!

5. That´s why I didn´t see the sign.

6. The President had made no complaint, and none of us had detected any sign of discomfort.

7. This position gives off "stay away" signs and prevents your main "sign sender" (your mouth) from being seen by others looking for inviting conversational signs.

8. This is an undeclared war that everyone must sign up for in order for us to win. We simply cannot let people continue to die because we don't feel comfortable talking about AIDS.

9. The rise of jukus is praised by some as one of the secrets of Japanese success, a healthy sign of a system where people advance on the basis of merit.

10. The condition has lasted two months and since there has been no sign of improvement, the doctor tells you she will never get significantly better.