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vi.沉下,(使)下沉 n.水槽,水池 接收器


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形容词:sinkable 动词过去式:sank/sunk 过去分词:sunk 现在分词:sinking 第三人称单数:sinks

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decline  droop  fade  fall  go-down  lower  pine  settle  slump  submerge  weaken  float  rise    


/sɪŋk; sɪŋk/
v (pt sank / sANk; sANk/, pp sunk / sQNk; sQNk/)
1 [I, Ipr, Ip] go down under the surface of a liquid or soft substance 下沉; 沉没
*Wood does not sink in water, it floats. 木头在水中不沉, 而是漂在水面.
* The ship sank (to the bottom of the ocean). 船沉(到海底)了.
* My feet sank (down) into the mud. 我的脚陷进了泥里.
* It fell onto the wet sand, then sank (in). 那个东西掉在潮湿的沙子上, 然後沉了下去.
2 [Tn]
(a) cause (a ship, etc) to go to the bottom of the sea 使(船等)沉到海底
*a carrier sunk by a torpedo 被鱼雷击沉的航空母舰
* They sank the barge by making a hole in the bottom. 他们在驳船底部打个洞把它弄沉了.
(b) (fig infml 比喻, 口) prevent (sb or sb's plans) from succeeding; ruin 阻止或搞垮(某人或某人的计画); 毁灭
*The press want to sink his bid for the Presidency. 新闻界想搞垮他参选总统职位的计画.
* We'll be sunk if the car breaks down. 要是汽车坏了, 我们就糟了.
3 (a) [I, Ipr, Ip] become lower; fall slowly downwards 变低; 缓慢下陷或倒下
*The foundations sank (two feet) after the flood. 洪水退後地基下陷了(两英尺).
* The earthquake made the wall sink and start to crumble. 这次地震把这堵墙震得下陷并开始崩塌.
* The soldier sank to the ground badly wounded. 那士兵受了重伤, 倒在地上.
* I sank (down) into an armchair. 我一下子坐在单座沙发上.
(b) [Tn, Tn.pr] cause (sth) to be lower; move (sth) downwards 使(某物)变低; 将(某物)下降
*sink the cable into position on the sea bed 把电缆沉到海底的位置
* (fig 比喻) sink one's voice to a whisper 把自己的声音减小变成耳语.
4 (a) [I, Ipr] (of the sun) go down below the horizon (指太阳)落下
*the sun sinking in the west 西下的太阳
* The sun sank slowly behind the hills. 太阳慢慢落山了.
(b) [I, Ipr] lose value, strength, etc gradually; decline 逐渐贬值、变弱等; 衰退
*Stocks and shares are sinking. 股票正在逐渐贬值.
* The value of our currency has sunk to almost nothing. 我们货币已经毛得简直分文不值了.
* He is sinking fast, ie will soon die. 他快死了.
* (fig 比喻) sink in the estimation of one's friends 在朋友中人缘越来越差
* (fig 比喻) His voice sank to a whisper. 他的声音逐渐小得成了耳语.
5 (a) place (sth) in a hole made by digging 将(某物)置于掘的洞中
*sink two posts (into the ground) here 把两根杆子埋到这里(的地上).
(b) [Tn, Tn.pr] make (sth) by digging 掘, 挖, 凿(某物)
*sink a well, shaft, etc 掘井、矿井等
* sink a tunnel into the side of the mountain 在山腰挖隧道.
6 [Tn, Tn.pr] send (a ball) into a pocket or hole (in billiards, golf, etc) 将(球)击入袋中或洞中(台球、高尔夫球等)
*sink the red (into the top pocket) 把红球打入顶头的袋中.
7 [Tn] (infml 口) drink (esp a large amount of alcohol) 喝(尤指大量的酒)
*They sank a bottle of gin between them. 他们俩喝了一瓶杜松子酒.
8 (idm 习语) be sunk in sth be in such a state of (esp despair or deep thought) 陷入或堕入(某状态)(尤指绝望或沉思)
*She just sat there, sunk in depression. 她就坐在那里, 情绪十分低落. one's heart sinks =>heart. sink one's `differences agree to forget what one disagrees about 同意放弃不同意见
*We must sink our differences and save the firm. 我们必须消除分歧以挽救公司. a/that `sinking feeling (infml 口) feeling that sth bad is about to happen 感到要出事
*When they didn't get back by midnight, I got that sinking feeling. 他们到半夜时还没回来, 我感到心神不定. sink like a `stone sink straight down immediately 急速下降或下落. ,sink or `swim (saying 谚) (used of a situation where one will either fail totally or survive by one's own efforts 用以指或完全失败或自力更生的情况)
*The refugees had lost their homes and their possessions, and it was now (a case of) sink or swim. 这些难民失去了家园和财产, 若不自救别无生路.
9 (phr v) sink in/sink into sth
(a) (of liquids) go down into another substance; be absorbed (指液体)渗入(某一物质), 被吸收
*Rub the cream on your skin and let it sink in. 把这种软膏搽在皮肤上, 让它渗进去.
* The rain sank into the dry ground. 雨水渗入乾燥的土地.
(b) (of words, etc) be fully understood (指话语等)完全理解
*The scale of the tragedy gradually sank in. 这一悲惨事件涉及的范围已逐渐完全清楚了.
* My warning obviously hasn't sunk into your thick skull. 我对你的警告, 你显然全不理解. sink into sth (no passive 不用于被动语态) go into (a less active or happy state) 陷入(消极、不活跃或不愉快的状态)
*sink into sleep, a coma, etc 入睡、陷入昏迷
* Don't let yourself sink into despair. 别让自己陷入绝望的境地. sink sth into sth
(a) make sth go into sth 使某物进入另一物中
*sink one's teeth into a bun, ie bite it 咬面包
* sink a knife into butter 把刀插进黄油里.
(b) invest (money) in a business, etc 将(钱)投资到某生意等中
*They sank all their profits into (ie used them to buy) property. 他们用全部赢利购买了房地产.

/sɪŋk; sɪŋk/
1 fixed basin, usu of steel, porcelain, etc, with a water supply and a drain for waste water to flow away, used for washing dishes, cleaning vegetables, etc 洗涤槽(通常由钢、瓷等制成, 配有水源和排水管, 用于洗涤碗碟、蔬菜等)
*[attrib 作定语] a sink unit, ie a sink with drawers and cupboards underneath 洗涤槽组合台(洗涤槽下面有抽屉和柜橱).
2 (US) wash-basin 洗脸盆.
3 cesspool 污水坑.
4 (idm 习语) everything but the kitchen sink =>kitchen.
1. Wood does not sink in water, it floats.
    木头在水中不沉, 而是漂在水面.

2. We helped the villager to sink a well.

3. Water cannot sink through these hard surfaces.

4. Take the plug out of the sink and let the water out.

5. They carry all of the water away. Not much water can sink into the holding areas under the ground.
    它们会把所有的水都排走, 能够渗透到地下蓄水区的水就不多了。

6. During the journey, their boat began to sink.

7. As usual, she didn't know what to have for breakfast, so she grabbed a glass of milk and ate a piece of toast while standing by the sink. Just then, her mother, Jane, entered the kitchen.

8. Rainwater cannot sink into the ground because of the buildings, roads, and parking lots.
    由于建筑物、道路和停车场, 雨水无法渗入地下。

9. In a marsh, the surface water can sink slowly down through the soil into the rock below.
    在沼泽地里, 地表水会通过土壤慢慢地渗透到下面的岩层里。

10. It might sink slowly through the soil into the natural holding areas in the rock.