美音:[´speʃəl ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[´speʃəl ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.特派员,专车,专刊 adj.特别的,特殊的,专门的,专用的


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名词:specialness 副词:specially

近义词, 同义词



/'speʃl; `spɛʃəl/
1 [usu attrib 通常作定语] of a particular or certain type; not common, usual or general 特殊的; 特别的
*goods on special offer, ie cheaper than usual 特价货
* He did it as a special favour. 他做这事算是特别照顾.
* What are your special interests? 你有些什么特别爱好?
* She's a very special friend. 她是个特殊的朋友.
2 [attrib 作定语] designed, reserved or arranged, etc for a particular purpose 专门的; 特设的
*a special train, eg for a holiday excursion 专列(如为假日出游特设的)
* a special occasion 特别安排的活动
* You'll need a special tool to do that. 干那个活儿要用专用工具.
* She has her own special way of doing things. 她做事自有一套办法.
* Newspapers send special correspondents to places where important events take place. 报社往往派遣特派记者到有重大事件的现场.
3 [attrib 作定语] exceptional in amount, degree, quality, etc 额外的; 格外的
*Take special care of it. 对这东西要特别细心.
* Why should we give you special treatment? 凭什么要我们对你特殊照顾?
* He takes no special trouble with his work. 他在工作上不特别卖力. Cf 参看 especial.

1 person or thing that is not of the usual or regular type, esp a special constable, train or edition (of a newspaper, etc) 特别的人或事物; (尤指)特种警察, 专列, 号外, 特刊
*an all night television special on the election 电视上整夜的选举专题报道
* Specials were brought in to help the regular police force. 已增派特警部队协助常规警察.
2 (US infml 口) reduced price (in a shop) given prominence through advertising, etc (通过广告等宣传的)大减价
*There's a special on coffee this week. 本周咖啡特价出售.
* Coffee is on special (ie being sold at a lower price than usual) this week. 本周咖啡大减价.



a dish or meal given prominence in e.g. a restaurant
1. Each demanded some payment that was overdue: twelve shillings for the furniture and oilcloth; one pound four and one penny for the General District and Special Rates; and one pound one and fivepence halfpenny for Poor Rate.

2. Even his opponents were compelled to admit that he was a man of profound learning: and this not merely in his special field of economics, but also in history, philosophy, and the literature of all countries.

3. Every summer about a dozen journalists gather at a former army training camp north of London to spend the day watching the training of London's special armed police unit.

4. We make good use of special plastics in place of alloy.

5. We have special river birthday parties in the summer.

6. When the fire had at last been put out, the forest authorities ordered several tons of a special type of grass-seed which would grow quickly.

7. With scarcely a glance at the items, the clerk sweeps them across an aperture, where a special marking on each item is scanned by a low-powered laser beam inside the machine, connected to a remote computer.

8. Without his leadership and special way of thinking, members of the community quickly returned to the traditional marriage of one woman and one man.

9. They intend to bring the men up in a special capsule.

10. The radioactive material is stored in a special radiation-proof container.