美音:[spɔt ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[spɔt ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.班点,污点,地点,场所,现场 v.沾污,弄脏,侦察 vt.认出,发现


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动词过去式:spotted 过去分词:spotted 现在分词:spotting 第三人称单数:spots 形容词:spottable

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discern  discolor  distinguish  identify  know  mark  pick-out  place  recognize  sight  soil  spy  stain  tell    


/spɒt; spɑt/
1 small (usu round) mark different in colour, texture, etc from the surface it is on 斑点(通常指圆的)
*a white skirt with red spots 白底红点儿的裙子
* Which has spots, the leopard or the tiger? 豹跟虎哪一个身上有斑点?
2 roundish mark or stain 圆形的斑点或污迹
*spots of mud on your trousers 你裤子上的泥斑.
3 small red mark or blemish on the skin, caused by illness, etc; pimple (皮肤上由于疾病而起的)红斑, 红疙瘩; 丘疹
*a teenage boy worried about his spots, ie acne 因出粉刺而烦恼的十几岁的男青年
* She had chicken-pox and was covered in spots. 她得了水痘, 出了一身丘疹.
4 (a) particular place or area 地点; 场所
*a nice picnic spot/spot for a picnic 野餐的好去处
* a well-known beauty spot, ie a place well-known for its natural beauty 风景胜地
* stand rooted to the spot, ie not moving 站在原处不动
* This is the (very) spot where he was murdered. 他就是在这儿遭谋杀的.
* There are several weak spots in your argument. 你的论点中有几处经不起推敲.
(b) (infml 口) place of entertainment 娱乐场所
*a popular night spot 很受欢迎的夜总会.
5 drop 滴
*Did you feel a few spots of rain? 下了几滴雨, 你感觉到了吗?
6 place for an individual item of entertainment, esp a short regular one, in a television, radio or theatre show (插入电视、电台或戏院节目中的)节目档(尤指短小、固定的)
*a ten-minute guest spot on a radio programme 电台某节目中的十分钟特约贵宾固定栏目
* She has a regular cabaret spot at a local night-club. 她在当地一家夜总会有她固定的歌舞节目档.
7 (usu sing 通常作单数) ~ of sth (Brit infml 口) small amount of sth 少量的某事物
*Are you ready for a spot of lunch? 你想吃点儿午饭吗?
* What about doing a spot of work? 做点儿事怎么样?
* You seem to be having a spot of bother with your car can I help? 看来你的汽车有点让你伤脑筋了--要我帮忙吗?
8 (fig 比喻) flaw in a person's character; moral blemish 性格上的缺陷; 品行上的污点
*There isn't a spot on her reputation. 她的声誉没有半点瑕疵.
9 (infml 口) = spotlight.
10 (US infml 口) playing-card or banknote of a particular (specified) value 某点数的纸牌; 某票面的钞票
*He passed me a ten spot. 他出给了我一张十点的牌.
11 (idm 习语) change one's spots => change1. have a soft spot for sb/sth => soft. a hot spot => hot. in a (tight) `spot (infml 口) in a difficult position or situation 处在困难的地位或环境中
*I'm in a bit of a spot financially. 我经济上有点困难. knock spots off sb/sth => knock2. on the `spot
(a) immediately; without moving from that place; then and there 立即; 当场
*He was hit by a falling tree and killed on the spot. 一棵树倒下来, 把他当场砸死了.
(b) at the place where an event happened (esp when one is needed) 在现场, 到现场(尤指能提供帮助的人)
*The police were on the spot within a few minutes of my telephone call. 我打电话几分钟後警察就赶到了现场.
* Luckily there was a doctor on the spot. 幸亏当时有位医生在场. put sb on the `spot put a person in a difficult position; force sb to take action or justify himself 置某人于困境; 使某人为难; 迫使某人采取行动或进行辩解
*You've put me on the spot here I can't answer your question. 这你可把我难住了--你这个问题我答不上来.

v (-tt-)
1 [I, Tn, Tn.pr usu passive 通常用于被动语态] ~ sth (with sth) (cause sth to) become marked with a spot or spots (使某事物)有斑点或污点
*material that spots easily 容易沾上污斑的料子
* a tablespotted with ink 墨迹斑斑的桌子.
2 [Tn, Tw, Tng, Cn.n/a] ~ sb/sth (as sth) (not in the continuous tenses 不用于进行时态) pick out (one person or thing from many); catch sight of; recognize; discover (从许多人或事物中)找出, 辨出, 认出(某人或某事物); 瞥见; 发觉
*He finally spotted just the shirt he wanted. 他最後找到了他想要的衬衫.
* She spotted her friend in the crowd. 她在人群中认出了她的朋友.
* I can't spot the difference between them. 我看不出两者的区别.
* Can you spot the flaw in their argument? 你能指出他们论点中的谬误吗?
* spot the winner of a race, ie pick out the winner before the race starts 预先料到赛跑的获胜者
* I soon spotted what to do. 我很快就知道该怎么办了.
* He was spotted by police boarding a plane for Paris. 他登上飞往巴黎的飞机时被警方认出.
* She has been spotted as a likely tennis star of the future. 她很有希望成为网球明星.
3 [I, Ipr] (Brit infml 口) (used with it 与it连用) rain slightly; spit 下小雨
*It's beginning to spot. 开始下小雨了.
* It's spotting with rain. 正在下小雨. spotted adj marked or covered with spots 有斑点的; 满是斑点的
*a spotted dog 身上有花斑的狗
* a spotted dress 带花点儿的连衣裙. spotted `dick (Brit) suet pudding containing currants 葡萄乾板油布丁.
1. Brad: Nice game! A shower and whirlpool should really hit the spot.

2. This cross marks the spot where she died.

3. He would invent fanciful names on the spot.

4. Hunted and penned in an inglorious spot,

5. After winning her council seat, she declined a spot on the education and social services committee after a colleague called it "a woman's committee".

6. Meanwhile, two other actors, Rockwall Slinger and Merlin Greeves, had carried two large food baskets to a shady spot under some trees.

7. But since the porter agreed with him, she rang up her daughter and asked for her help in what she described as a little spot of bother.

8. It is a famous beauty spot.

9. It is actually connected with Asia at the spot where the Suez Canal was dug. Oceania is the smallest continent.
    它实际上是在开凿苏伊士运河的地方与亚洲相连. 大洋洲是最小的洲.

10. It is a famous beauty spot.