美音:[spred ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[spred ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.伸展,展开,传播,蔓延,酒席,宴会,桌布 v.伸展,展开,铺,涂,敷,摆,传播,散布


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副词:spreadably 形容词:spreadable 名词:spreadability 动词过去式:spread 过去分词:spread 现在分词:spreading 第三人称单数:spreads

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/spred; sprɛd/
v (pt, pp spread)
1 (a) [Tn, Tn.pr, Tn.p] ~ sth (out) (on/over sth) extend the surface area, width or length of sth by unfolding or unrolling it 展开; 铺开; 摊开
*The bird spread (out) its wings. 那只鸟张开了翅膀.
* spread a cloth on the table 把桌布铺在桌子上
* spread out one's arms, eg to welcome or embrace sb 张开两臂(如欢迎或拥抱某人)
* spread the map out on the floor 在地板上摊开地图.
(b) [Tn.pr] ~ sth with sth cover sth with sth by doing this 将某物铺于某物上
*spread a table with a cloth 把桌布铺在桌子上.
2 (a) [Tn.pr] ~ A on B put (a substance) on (a surface) and extend its area by flattening, etc; apply sth as a layer on sth 在(某物表面)上涂(某物); 敷
*spread butter on bread 把黄油涂在面包上
* spread glue on paper 把胶水涂在纸上.
(b) [Tn.pr] ~ B with A cover (a surface) with (a substance) by doing this 将(某物)涂在(某物表面)上
*spread bread with butter 把黄油涂在面包上.
(c) [I] be able to be spread in this way; be applied in a layer 能涂敷; 被涂开
*Butter spreads more easily when it's softer. 黄油软一些就容易涂抹.
* margarine that spreads straight from the fridge, ie does not go hard when cold 从冰箱中取出便可涂开的人造黄油.
3 [I, Ipr, Tn, Tn.pr]
(a) (cause sth to) become (more) widely known, felt or suffered (使某事物)传播, 流传, 蔓延
*The disease is spreading fast. 这种病正在迅速蔓延.
* Fear spread quickly through the village. 全村不多久便人心惶惶了.
* The strike has already spread to other factories. 这次罢工已在其他工厂产生连锁反应.
* The water spread over the floor. 水流了一地.
* Flies spread disease. 苍蝇能传播疾病.
* He spread the news around the town. 他在镇上到处传播这一消息.
(b) (cause sth to) become distributed (使某事物)散布, 散开
*Settlers soon spread inland. 移居到发展中地区的人不久就迁徙到内地了.
4 [I, Ipr] extend in size, area, etc 扩大; 伸展; 扩展
*a desert spreading for hundreds of miles 绵延上百英里的沙漠
* The forest spreads as far as the river. 这片森林一直延伸到河边.
5 [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (over sth) distribute sth over a period of time 将某事物分散于某段时间内
*spread the payments over three months 分三个月付清
* a course of studies spread over three years 为期三年的课程.
6 [usupassive 通常用于被动语态
*Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (with sth)prepare (a table) for a meal 在(餐桌)上摆上饭菜
*The table was spread with cakes and sandwiches. 桌上摆好了糕饼和三明治.
7 (idm 习语) spread like `wildfire (esp of rumours, reports, disease) travel, spread, etc very fast (尤指谣言、传闻、疾病)飞速地传开、蔓延等
*The news spread like wildfire. 这消息不胫而走. spread one's `net prepare to catch sb or get sb in one's power or influence 布下罗网(以捉住某人或迫使某人就范). `spread oneself
(a) occupy much space (eg by lying out with limbs extended) 占用很多地方(如四肢摊开躺着)
*Since there was no one else in the compartment I was able to spread myself. 车厢间隔里没有别人, 我正好能伸胳膊伸腿舒坦一下.
(b) talk or write at length (on a subject) (就某主题)滔滔不绝地说或长篇大论地写.
(c) spend or provide things generously 大方地花费或提供物品. spread one's `wings (have confidence to) extend one's activities and interests (有信心去)扩展活动和爱好
*We hope college life will help him to spread his wings a bit. 我们希望大学生活有助于他扩展兴趣爱好.
8 (phr v) spread (sb/oneself) out move (sb/oneself) away from others in a group so as to cover a wider area 使(某人[自己])离开其他人或散开
*The search party spread out over the moor. 搜索队在荒草地分散行动.
* Don't all sit together, spread yourselves out. 别都挤在一块儿, 分开坐吧.

1 (usu sing 通常作单数)
(a) extent, width or expanse of sth 范围; 宽度; 宽阔度
*the spread of a bird's wings 鸟的翼展
* The survey revealed a wide spread of opinion. 调查结果表明各种意见差别很大.
(b) extent of space or time; stretch (空间的)范围; 连续的一段时间
*a spread of
100 years 100年的时间.
2 [U] process or activity of spreading (spread 3) or being spread; extension; diffusion 传播; 散布; 蔓延; 扩散
*the spread of disease, knowledge, education 疾病的蔓延、知识的传播、教育的普及
* the spread of crime 犯罪活动的蔓延.
3 [C] newspaper or magazine article, advertisement, etc, esp one covering more than one printed column 报刊文 章或广告等(尤指跨栏的)
*a double-page spread 横贯两版篇幅的文章.
4 [C] (infml 口) (usu large) meal spread out on a table (通常指丰盛的)一桌饭菜
*What a spread! 多丰盛的饭菜呀!
5 (usu in compounds 通常用以构成复合词)
(a) [C] thing that is spread(1b), esp a cloth for covering sth 铺开之物; (尤指)用以铺盖某物的布
*a `bedspread 床单.
(b) [C, U] expansion 扩展
*(joc 谑) middle-aged spread, ie increased size around the waist in middle age 中年发福(即腰围增大).
6 [U, C] sweet or savoury paste spread on bread, etc (涂抹面包等的)美味酱
*chocolate spread 巧克力酱
* cheese spreads 乾酪酱.


In options trading, a bear spread is a bearish, vertical spread options strategy that can be used when the options trader is moderately bearish on the underlying security.
1. Encouraging such behavior depends on understanding the different ways AIDS is spread around the world.

2. When Gail spread the news of our wedding plans to her family she met with some resistance.

3. The repayment of the loan are spread over 25 years.

4. The captain and his group moved on, but the story of the little boy spread quickly.
    上尉和他的小队继续前进了, 但这位小男孩的事迹很快传开了.

5. The golden rule here is spread your risk

6. This meant that if the news spread that a surgeon was dissecting bodies, it would stir up trouble.

7. The more the rays are spread out, the less heat they give to the part of the earth they touch.

8. Now, Joe Gauld is trying to spread his controversial Character First idea to public, inner-city schools willing to use the tax dollars spent on the traditional program for the new approach.

9. He spread some strawberry jam on his toast.

10. Heterosexual(异性之间的) spreading is low, but there is danger that the spread of AIDS from male(男性) IV-drug users to their female(女性) partners could increase the appearance of AIDS in the heterosexual population.