美音:[stæf ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[stæf ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.棒,杖,杆,支柱,全体职员,[军]参谋机构,[音]五线谱 vt.供给人员,充当职员


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名词复数:staffs 动词过去式:staffed 过去分词:staffed 现在分词:staffing 第三人称单数:staffs

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committee  crew  force  gang  group  personnel  pole  rod  scepter  stick    


/stɑ:f; [US] stæf; stæf/
1 [C] strong stick or pole used as a support when walking or climbing, as a weapon, or as a symbol of authority or sign of office 手杖; 棍棒; 权杖
*The old man leant on a long wooden staff. 老人拄着一根长长的木手杖.
2 [C usu sing 通常作单数, Gp] group of assistants working together in a business, etc responsible to a manager or person in authority 全体职工; 全体雇员
*the hotel staff 旅馆的全体工作人员
* We need more staff in the office. 我们办公室需要增加人手.
* I have a staff of ten. 我手下有十个职员.
* The staff in this shop are very helpful. 这家店里的店员很热心.
3 [pl v] people in authority in an organization (contrasted with students, etc); those doing administrative work (as distinct from manual work) 当权的人员(相对于学生等而言); 行政人员(与体力劳动者相区分)
*a head teacher and her staff (女)校长及全体 教师
* a new member of (the) staff 新来的职员
* The school staff are expected to supervise school meals. 学校的教职员应监督学校的膳食.
* [attrib 作定语] a staff party, room, meeting 职员的聚会、活动室、会议.
4 [C usu sing 通常作单数, Gp] group of senior army officers assisting a commanding officer (军队的)全体参谋人员
*the general's staff 将军的参谋人员
* [attrib 作定语] a `staff officer 参谋.
5 (also stave / steIv; stev/) [C] (music 音) set of five horizontal parallel lines on which music is written 五线谱. =>illus at music 见 music 插图.
6 (idm 习语) the ,staff of `life (arch or rhet 古或修辞) bread 面包.

v [Tn usu passive 通常用于被动语态] provide (sth) with staff(2); act as staff for 为(某部门)配备人员; 担任(某部门)的工作人员
*a well-staffed hotel 工作人员齐全的旅馆
* The school is staffed entirely by graduates. 这个学校的教职员全是大学毕业生.
* There's nobody to staff the office today. 今天这个办事处没有职员.
1. When the Conference was over I was told by the President to hand out cigars and small favours to the staff that had helped us, and of course I hadn´t forgotten the Russian head waiter.

2. Whenever the nurse came into the ward, the Marine was there, but he paid no attention to her and the night noises of the hospital — the banging of an oxygen tank, the laughter of the night staff exchanging greetings, the cries and moans and breathing
    每次护士进来,海军陆战队队员都坐在那儿。可对于护士的进出、医院晚上的各种响动 , 氧气瓶的撞击声、值夜班的医生护士打招呼时的笑声、其他病人的哭喊、呻吟和呼吸声,他都视若不见、充耳不闻。

3. Though my aunt pursued what was, in those days, an enlightened policy, in that she never allowed her domestic staff to work more than eight hours a day, she was extremely difficult to please.

4. This strong and steady voice, an American voice with a slight accent of North Carolina, belonged to Edward R. Murrow, head of the European staff of the Columbia Broadcasting System.
    这个有力而平稳的声音,这个带着一点北卡罗来纳口音的美国音,出自爱德华· R· 默罗之口,他是哥伦比亚广播公司驻欧人员的负责人。

5. The staff still refers to patients as "fresh hearts" because they arrive from surgery cold and pale.

6. Hearst expanded his editorial staff.

7. He and his staff began throwing furniture out of the window.

8. He and his staff began throwing furniture out of the window. Chairs and tables went flying into the arcade.

9. During that time she so gained my aunt´s confidence, that she was put in charge of the domestic staff.

10. "Our philosophy here is that blind people can do just about anything except drive buses," said a Lighthouse staff member who tries to help place blind people in jobs.