美音:[stɔk ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[stɔk ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.树干,库存,股票,股份,托盘,祖先,血统,原料 adj.股票的,普通的,常备的,存货的,繁殖用的 vt.装把手于,进货,备有,放牧 vi.出新芽,采购


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动词过去式:stocked 过去分词:stocked 现在分词:stocking 第三人称单数:stocks 名词:stockage

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accumulate  amass  collect  gather  hoard  keep  stockpile  store-up  supply    


/stɒk; stɑk/
1 [C, U] store of goods available for sale, distribution or use, in a shop, warehouse, etc (商店、货栈等的)库存物, 存货
*a good stock of shoes 库存充足的鞋
* Our new stock of winter clothes will arrive soon. 我们的新冬装很快就到货.
* Your order can be supplied from stock. 您订的货可从仓库中提取.2 [C, U] ~ (of sth) supply or amount of sth available for use, etc 供给; 供应; 贮备量
*a good stock of jokes 很多的笑话
* get in stocks of coal for the winter 储存冬季用煤
* Stocks of food are running low. 存的食物越来越少了.
* [attrib 作定语] Stationery is kept in the stock cupboard. 文具存放在贮物柜里.
3 (also `livestock) [U] farm animals 家畜; 牲畜
*buy some more stock for breeding 再买些牲畜来饲养.
4 [C, U] money lent to a government at a fixed rate of interest 公债
*government stock 公债.
5 (a) [U] capital of a business company (公司的)资本.
(b) [C usu pl 通常作复数] portion of this held by an investor (different from shares in that it is not issued in fixed amounts) 股份(不按固定数目发行的, 有别于shares)
*invest in stocks and shares 投资于证券.
6 [U] person's line of ancestry; family line (of the type specified by the adj) 世系, 家世, 血统(以形容词表明所属类型)
*a woman of Irish stock 有爱尔兰血统的女子
* born of farming stock, ie in a family of farmers 农民家庭出身.
7 [U] (fml 文) person's standing or reputation in the opinion of others (别人的)评价; 名声
*His stock is high, ie He is well thought of. 他的声望很高.
8 [U] raw material ready to be used in manufacturing sth 原料
*`paper stock, eg rags, wood, etc to be made into paper 造纸原料(如破布、木材等).
9 [C, U] liquid made by stewing bones, meat, fish, vegetables, etc in water, used as a basis for soups, gravy, etc (用骨头、肉、鱼、蔬菜等炖成的)汤汁, 高汤
*sauce made with chicken stock 用鸡汤做的沙司.
10 [C] base, support or handle of an instrument, a tool, etc (仪器、工具等的)基座, 支座, 手柄
*the stock of a rifle/plough/whip 步枪枪托[犁具手柄/鞭子把手]. =>illus at gun 见gun插图.
11 [C] lower and thicker part of a tree trunk 树干下部的粗大部分.
12 [C] growing plant onto which a cutting is grafted 砧木.
13 stocks [pl] framework supporting a ship while it is being built or repaired 船台(造船或修船的).
14 stocks [pl] wooden framework with holes for the feet (and sometimes also the hands) in which wrongdoers were formerly locked, as a punishment 足枷(有时附手枷, 旧时刑具)
*be put in the stocks 被戴上足枷. Cf 参看 pillory.
15 [C]
(a) wide band of stiff material formerly worn around the neck by men (旧时男子颈上围的)硬领.
(b) type of cravat worn as part of a formal riding kit (作为正式骑马服装之配件的)领巾.
(c) piece of black or purple fabric worn hanging from a clergyman's collar over the front of his shirt (牧师系的)黑领带或紫领带.
16 [C, U] type of garden plant with single or double brightly coloured and sweet-smelling flowers 紫罗兰.
17 (idm 习语) (be) in/out of `stock available/not available (in a shop, etc) (商店等中)有[无]现货的
*The book is in/out of stock. 该书有库存[已脱销].
* Have you any grey pullovers in stock? 你们有灰色套头毛衣的现货吗? lock, stockand barrel => lock2. on the `stocks being constructedor prepared 在建造中; 在准备中
*Our new model is already on the stocks and will be available in the autumn. 我们正着手生产一种新的款式, 可望在秋季面世. take stock (of sth) examine and make a list of all the goods (in a shop, warehouse, etc) (商店、仓库等)盘点存货. take stock (of sb/sth) review, assess and form an opinion (about a situation, sb's abilities, etc) (对情况、某人的能力等)进行检查、评估和鉴定
*After a year in the job, she decided it was time to take stock (of her situation). 她从事此工作一年之後, 决定(对自己的情况)检讨一番.

adj [attrib 作定语]
1 usually kept in stock and regularly available 通常备有现货的; 常备的
*stock sizes 常备尺码
* one of our stock items 本店常备商品之一.
2 commonly used; used too much (and therefore not interesting, effective, etc) 常用的; 陈腐的
*a stock argument 陈腐的论点
* stock questions/answers 经常碰到的问题[老一套的回答]
* She's tired of her husband's stock jokes. 她已听厌了丈夫说的那些老一套的俏皮话.

/stɒk; stɑk/
1 [Tn] keep (goods) in stock; keep a supply of 储备, 贮存(货物); 保持...之供应
*Do you stock raincoats? 你们有雨衣存货吗?
* They stock all sizes. 他们各种尺码齐备.
2 [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (with sth) provide or equip sth with goods, livestock or a supply of sth (以货物、牲畜或供应品)供应某处
*stock a shop with goods 向商店供货
* a shop well stocked with the latest fashions 备有各种最新款式的商店
* a badly stocked library 藏书不多的图书馆
* (fig 比喻) He has a memory well stocked with facts. 他记着很多事情.
3 (phr v) stock up (on/with sth) (for sth) collect and keep supplies (of sth for a particular occasion or purpose) (为某种需要或目的)储备(某物)
*As soon as they heard about possible food shortages, they began to stock up. 他们一听说食物可能短缺, 就立即储备起来.
* stock up on fuel for the winter 贮存燃料以备过冬
* stock up with food for Christmas 为圣诞节购备食品.


Montague Waldegrave, 5th Baron Radstock (15 July 1867–17 September 1953) was an Irish aristocrat.
1. But exactly how does a newcomer to the stock market go about achieving that?
    但是, 一个股票市场的新手又如何能做到这一点呢?

2. Well, if you go to five reputable stock brokers and ask them what you should do with your money,

3. The Tokyo Stock Exchange often has between 200 and 300 million transactions a day.

4. This volume is many times more than that of the New York Stock Exchange.

5. The stock's still too expensive, but I think in the long term they'll get it right."

6. He ceded his stock holdings to his children.

7. He has a good stock of information.

8. He loved to be told that one of his imaginary products was temporarily out of stock and he would faithfully promise to call again at some future date, but of course he never did.

9. Does that shop stock raincoats?

10. Neither the people who own stock in the company, nor the officers of the 220 banks that provided history's biggest loan, nor the 3,000 journalists trying to imagine three parallel tunnels beneath 100 feet of water and 130 feet of clay.