美音:[tɔk ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[tɔk ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
v.谈话,讲,谈论,议论,说服某人做某事 n.谈话,会谈,讲演,讲话


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动词过去式:talked 过去分词:talked 现在分词:talking 第三人称单数:talks

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converse  discuss  gossip  report  rumor  speak    


/tɔ:k; tɔk/
1 [C] conversation; discussion 交谈; 商谈; 谈论; 会谈
*I had a long talk with the headmaster about my son. 关于我儿子的问题我与校长谈了很长时间.
* hold disarmament talks 举行裁军会谈
* The latest round of pay talks has broken down, ie failed to reach an agreement. 最近一轮的工资谈判已经破裂.
2 [U]
(a) talking, esp without action or result 谈话; (尤指)空谈
*There's too much talk and not enough work being done. 说得太多而做得太少.
(b) rumour or gossip 谣言; 闲话
*There's (some) talk of a general election. 谣传要进行大选.
3 [C] informal lecture or speech 非正式的演讲或讲话
*She gave a talk on her visit to China. 她就访华情况发表了非官方的讲话.
4 [U] (esp in compounds 尤用以构成复合词) way of speaking 说话的方式
5 (idm 习语) be all `talk (and no action) make empty promises, claims, etc 说空话; 空许愿. fighting talk/words =>word. the talk of sth the main subject of conversation in (a place) (某地)谈论的主要话题; 街谈巷议的话题
*Their engagement is the talk of the town. 他们订婚的事成了镇上谈论的话题.

1 Talk as an uncountablenoun is a general word indicating the activity of speaking*talk作不可数名词时, 是泛指说话这一活动的词
*In politics there is too much talk and not enough action. 在政治方面向来是说得多做得少.
* Talk is very important in a child's development. 儿童的语言表达能力在其发育过程中是很重要的. Talk can also be a countable noun referring to a (usually) short informal speech to a smallaudience, or, when used in the plural, to formal occasionsof serious talking, often between politicians *talk还可作可数名词, (通常)指在普通场合对少数人发表的简短讲话; 而作复数时则常指政治家之间在庄重的场合中进行的严肃谈话
*She gave the society an illustrated talk on her travels in India. 她在协会中借助图片讲述其印度之行.
* The two sides in the war have agreed to hold peace talks. 交战双方同意举行和谈.
2 Discussion indicates
(a) talk with a serious purpose. *discussion指有重要目的之谈话. It is often a formal exchange of words in which speakers argue about and examine different aspects of a subject 这一词常指发言者就某问题的各个方面交换意见及进行辩论
*The problem was solved only after several lengthy discussions. 那个问题几经长时间的讨论才得以解决.
* a panel discussion on the radio on the future of the Health Service 无线电广播的展望公共医疗卫生服务的专题小组讨论会.
3 Conversation is usually social and friendly, often for the exchange of ideas or information *conversation 通常指亲切的交谈, 常以交流思想或情况为目的
*Television has killed the art of conversation. 电视扼杀了交谈的艺术.
* We had an interesting conversation about schools at lunch-time. 我们吃午饭时兴致勃勃地谈论各学校的情况.
4 Chat is
(a) friendly talk, usually to exchange personal news, etc *chat是亲切的交谈, 通常为交流个人的情况等
*I hadn't seen him for years and we had a long chat about old times. 我几年没见他了, 我们聊过去的事聊了很长时间.
5 Gossip is derogatory and refers to talk about the private lives of other people, often of a critical kind. *gossip是贬义词, 指议论他人的私生活, 常有挑剔性质. A gossip is a person who gossips *gossip是爱说闲话的人
*People always gossip a lot in a small village like this. 在这样的小村子里人们总是相互说长道短.
* He's a terrible gossip. 他专爱说人闲话.

/tɔ:k; tɔk/
1 [I, Ipr] ~ (to/with sb) (about/of sth/sb) say things; speak to give information, discuss sth, etc 说话; 谈话
*We talked (ie to each other) for almost an hour. 我们谈了近一小时.
* He was talking to/with a friend. 他在和朋友谈话.
* What are they talking about? 他们说什么呢?
* She talked of applying for another job. 她谈到要另申请一份工作.
* Are they talking in Spanish or Portuguese? 他们说的是西班牙语还是葡萄牙语?
2 [I] have the power of speech 有说话的能力
*The child is learning to talk. 那孩子正在学说话.
3 [Tn]
(a) discuss (sth) 讨论(某事); 谈论; 洽谈
*talk business, politics, cricket 谈论生意、政治、板球.
(b) express (sth) in words 用语言表达(某事); 说(某事)
*talk sense/nonsense 说得有理[无理]
* You're talking rubbish. 你胡说.
4 [Tn] use (a particular language) talltame when speaking 用(某种语言)说; 说(某种语言)
*talk French 说法语.
5 [Cn.a] bring (oneself) into a certain condition by talking 说话说得(自己)(呈某种状态)
*talk oneself hoarse 说话说得声音嘶哑.
6 [I] gossip 说闲话
*We must stop meeting like this people are beginning to talk! 我们绝不能再这样约会了--人们已经说起闲话来了!
7 [I] give information 提供情况; 招供
*The police persuaded the suspect to talk. 警方劝嫌疑犯招供.
8 [I] imitate the sounds of speech 模仿说话的声音
*You can teach some parrots to talk. 可以教某些鹦鹉说话. =>Usage at say用法见say.
9 (idm 习语) be/get oneself`talked about be/become the subject of gossip 成为闲谈的话题; 成为话柄
*Be more discreet or you'll get yourself talked about. 要更谨慎些--否则你就会成为人们的话柄. know what one is talking about =>know. look who's `talking (infml 口) you shouldn't say such things about others since you are just as bad yourself 你还说别人(你自己也那样). money talks =>moneymoney. now you're talking (infml 口) I welcome that offer or suggestion 这才像话; 这才合我的心意
*Take the day off? Now you're talking! 休息一天怎么样? 这就好了! speak/talk of the devil =>devil1. talk `big boast 吹牛; 说大话
*He talks big but doesn't actually do anything. 他光吹牛, 什么实际的事都不干. talk dirty use obscene language 说脏话; 说下流话. talk, etc nineteen to the dozen =>dozen. talk one's `head off talk too much 说得太多. talk sb's `head off weary sb by talking too much 说话太多而令某人生厌. talk the hind legs off a donkey (infml 口) (be able to) talk endlessly (能)说个没完. talk sense talk sensibly; say sth that is correct, acceptable, etc 说得有理; 说得对. talk `shop (usu derog 通常作贬义) discuss one's work with colleagues, esp when with other people 与同事谈论自己的工作(尤指当着别人的面). talk through one's `hat talk nonsense 胡说; 乱说. talk (to sb) like a Dutch `uncle lecture sb severely but kindly 严厉而善意地教训某人. talk `turkey (infml 口 esp US) talk frankly and bluntly 说话坦率. talk one's way out of sth/doing sth avoid sth by clever talking 靠口才避开某事
*I'd like to see him talk his way out of this one, ie this trouble he has got into. 我倒要看看他能说会道过得去这一关. talking of sb/sth while on the subject of sb/sth 说到或提到某人[某事物]
*Talking of Jim, have you heard that he's getting married? 说到吉姆, 你听说他要结婚了吗? `you can/can't talk (infml 口) = look who's talking.
10 (phr v) talk at sb speak to sb without listening to his replies 对某人说话而不听其反应
*I don't like being talked at. 我可不愿意听着一味冲着我讲的话.
1. By the time he can talk, he is the little creature of his culture,

2. C.You try to talk the young person into staying home a bit longer.

3. Because people assume "you are what you say you are", they talk a lot to become acquainted with each other.

4. But the satisfied customers — mostly women — didn't look like they could afford $3.99 a minute to talk to a psychic on the phone.

5. Is as the proportion of the total vocabulary of his mother tongue against those words of his own baby talk that are taken up into the vernacular of his family.

6. While on a walking tour with his wife, he stopped to talk to a workman.

7. When they had gone, the driver of the car came towards him. The man obviously wanted to talk.

8. We need to have a talk with her. The news is full of stories about teenagers in trouble whose parents hardly know anything about their problems."

9. Then he began to talk to us about the French language, saying that it was the most beautiful tongue in the world, and that we must keep it among us and never forget it.

10. Tomorrow afternoon there will be a talk on current affairs by a reporter from "the People´s Daily".