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英音:[θıŋk ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
v.想,思索,认为 vt.认为,以为,预料


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动词过去式:thought 过去分词:thought 现在分词:thinking 第三人称单数:thinks

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/θɪŋk; θɪŋk/
v (pt, pp thought / WR:t; WRt/)
1 [I, Ipr]~ (about sth) use the mind in an active way to form connected ideas 想; 思索; 思考
*Are animals able to think? 动物能思考吗?
* Think before you act, ie Do not act hastily or rashly. 先思而後行.
* Let me think a moment, ie Give me time to think before I answer. 让我考虑一下.
* He may not say much but he thinks a lot. 别看他说得不多, 但他想得很多.
* Do you think in English or translate mentally from your own language? 你是用英语思考呢, 还是在头脑中把自己的语言翻译过来呢?
* You're very quiet what are you thinking (about)? 你静静的不出声, 想什么呢?
2 [Tf, Tw no passive 不用于被动语态, Cn.t esp passive 尤用于被动语态, Cn.a, Cn.n] have as an idea or opinion; consider 认为; 以为
*`Do you think (that) it's going to rain?' `Yes, I think so.' `你认为会下雨吗?'`我想可能下.'
* `It's going to rain, I think.' `Oh, I don't think so.' `我看快要下雨了.'`嗳, 我看下不了.'
* I think you're very brave. 我认为你很勇敢.
* I think this is their house but I'm not sure. 我想这是他们家, 但不敢肯定.
* Do you think it likely/that it is likely? 你认为这事可能吗?
* I thought I heard a scream. 我好像听到了一声尖叫.
* What do you think she'll do now? 现在你认为她要干什么?
* Who do you think you are? ie Why are you behaving in this overbearing, etc way? 你以为你很了不起吗?
* a species long thought to be extinct 早就认为已经灭绝的种类
* He's thought to be one of the richest men in Europe. 人们认为他是欧洲最大的富翁之一.
* You must think me very silly. 你准认为我很蠢.
* Some people think him a possible future champion. 有些人认为他可能是未来的冠军.
3 [Tf] have or form as an intention or plan 有意; 打算; 计画
*I think I'll go for a swim. 我想游泳去.
* It is thought that the Prime Minister will visit Moscow next month. 据估计首相于下月访问莫斯科.
4 [Tw no passive 不用于被动语态] (used in negative sentences with can/could 用于否定句, 与can/could连用) form an idea of; imagine 料想; 想像
*I can't think what you mean. 我想像不出你是什么意思.
* We couldn't think where she'd gone to. 我们想不出来她到哪里去了.
* You can't `think how glad I am to see you! 你无法想像我见到你有多高兴!
5 [Tw no passive 不用于被动语态] take into consideration; reflect 考虑; 深思; 细想
*Think how nice it would be to see them again. 想想能再次见到他们该有多好哇.
* I was just thinking (to myself) what a long way it is. 我刚才还在琢磨着这条路多长啊.
6 [Tn, Tf, Tt] expect (sth) 预料到, 料想到(某事)
*Who'd have thought it? eg of a surprising event 谁能料到有这样的事呢?
* I never thought (that) I'd see her again. 我从未想到还能见到她.
* Who would havethought to find you here? 谁能料到你在这儿呢?
7 [I, Tn](infml 口 esp US) direct one's thoughts in a certain manner or to (a subject) 朝某一方面想; 专想(某件事)
*Let's think positive. 我们往好的方面想想吧.
* If you want to make money you've got to think money. 你要是想赚钱, 脑子里就得想着钱.
8 (idm 习语) I `thought as much that is what I expected or suspected 我就是这么想的; 果然不出我所料. see/think fit => fit1. ,think a`gain reconsider the situation and change one's idea or intention 重新考虑情况并改变想法或意图
*If you think I'm going to lend you my car you can think again!你要是以为我能把汽车借给你, 你还是另打主意吧! think a`loud express one's thoughts as they occur 边想边说出声来; 自言自语. think better of (doing) sth decide against (doing) sth after thinking further about it (深思後)决定不采纳某事物或不做某事. think (all) the better of sb have a higher opinion of sb 对某人有更高的评价. think nothing `of it (used as a polite response to apologies, thanks, etc 用作回应道歉、感谢等的客气话). think nothing of sth/doing sth consider(doing) sth to be normal and not particularly unusual认为(做)某事很平常、不特殊
*She thinks nothing of walking thirty miles a day. 她觉得一天走三十英里无所谓. think twice about sth/doing sth think carefully before deciding to do sth 认真考虑後再决定做某事
*You should think twice about employing someone you've never met. 你要雇用素未谋面的人应三思而行. think the world, highly, a lot, not much, poorly, little, etc of sb/sth (not used in the continuous tenses 不用于进行时态) have a good, poor, etc opinion of sb/sth对某人[某事物]评价高、不高等
*His work is highly thought of by the critics. 他的作品深受评论家推崇.
* I don't think much of my new teacher. 我认为我们的新老师不怎么样.
9 (phr v) think about sb/sth
(a) reflect upon sb/sth; recall sb/sth 回想或想起某人[某事]
*Do you ever think about your childhood? 你是否回忆过童年的事?
(b) take sb/sth into account; consider sb/sth 考虑到某人[某事物]
*Don't you ever think about other people? 你从来就不考虑考虑别人吗?
* All he ever thinks about is money. 他想的只是钱. think about sth/doing sthconsider or examine sth to see if it is desirable, practicable,etc 考虑或盘算某事(看是否可取、可行等)
*I'll think about it and let you know tomorrow. 我要把这事仔细想想, 明天再给你回话.
* She's thinking about changing her job. 她正考虑要换个工作.

/θɪŋk; θɪŋk/
n (infml 口)
1 [sing] act of thinking 思索; 思考; 考虑
*I'd better have a think before I decide. 我最好还是先想想再做决定.
2 (idm 习语) have(got) another think coming must revise one's opinions,plans, etc; be forced to think again 必须修改个人的意见、计画等; 不得不重新考虑
*If you think I'm going to pay all your bills you've got another think coming. 你要是以为我会替你付清帐单, 你还是再琢磨琢磨去吧.