美音:[taım ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[taım ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.时间,时侯,时机,节拍,期限,次数,时期,比赛限时 vt.安排...的时间,记录...的时间,计时,定时 vi.打拍子,(...)合拍 adj.时间的,记时的,定时的,定期的,分期的



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动词过去式:timed 过去分词:timed 现在分词:timing 第三人称单数:times

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age  chance  duration  epoch  era  generation  interval  measure  meter  occasion  opening  opportunity  period  rhythm  spell  tempo  term  space    


/taɪm; taɪm/
1 [U] all the years of the past, present and future 时间
*past/present/future time 过去的[现在的/将来的]时间
* The world exists in space and time. 世界存在于空间与时间之中.
2 [U] passing of these taken as a whole 时间流逝
*Time has not been kind to her looks, ie She is no longer as beautiful as she was. 岁月无情, 她已失去昔日的美貌.
* (old) Father Time, ie this process personified 时间老人(拟人化用法).
3 [U] indefinite period in the future 未来的某段时间
*Time heals all wounds. 时间能医好一切创伤.
4 [U] portion or measure of time 一段时间
*That will take time, ie cannot be done quickly. 那要花费些时间.
* I don't have (much) time to read these days. 我这些日子没(什么)时间读书.
* We have no time to lose, ie We must hurry. 我们不能耽误时间了(要抓紧).
* What a waste of time! 太浪费时间了!
* I spent most of my time (in) sightseeing. 我大部分时间都用在观光游览上了.
* I'm rather pressed for time, ie in rather a hurry. 我的时间很紧.
* What a (long) time you've been! 你花费那么长的时间了!
* I had a most unpleasant time at the dentist's. 我在牙医那里受了大罪.
5 [U] point of time stated in hours and minutes of the day 一天中以时、分表达的时间的某一点
*What time is it?/What is the time? 几点钟了?
* Do you have the time (on you)? 你知道现在几点了吗?
* My youngest daughter has just learnt to tell the time. 我最小的女儿刚学会看表. =>App 4,
5 见附录4、5.
6 [U, C] period of time measured in units (years, months, hours, etc) 以(年、月、小时等)单位计量的时间
*The winner's time was 11.6 seconds. 获胜者用的时间是11.6秒.
* He ran the mile in record time, ie faster than any previous runner. 他跑一英里的时间已创记录.
* Although she came second their times were only a tenth of a second apart. 她虽然得第二名, 但与第一名仅差十分之一秒. =>App 4, 5,
11 见附录4、5、11.
7 [U] measured time spent in work, etc 用于工作等的时间
*be on short time, ie a reduced working week 论星期开工时间不足
* paid time and a half/double time, ie paid one and a half times/twice the usual rate 付予一倍半[双倍]工资.
8 [U] point or period of time used, available or suitablefor sth (用于、有或适于)做某事的时间
*at the time you'respeaking of 在你所说的时间
* by the time we reached home 到我们回到家的时候
* last time I was there 我上次在那儿的时候
* every time I see her 每次我见到她的时候
* `lunch-time 午餐时间
* This is not the time to bring up that subject. 现在不是提那事的时候.
* Now's your time, ie opportunity. 你的机会来了.
* It's time we were going/time for us to go, ie We should leave now. 我们现在该走了.
* Time is up, ie The time allowed for sth is ended. 时间到了(规定的时间).
* Time, please! ie warning that a pub is about to close. 请注意, 时间到了(酒馆营业时间结束的提醒语).
9 [C] occasion; instance次数; 次; 回
*this, that, another, next, last, etc time 这、那、另一、下、上...次
* the time before last 上上次
* for the first, second, last, etc time 第一回、第二回、最後一回
* He failed his driving test five times. 他考驾驶执照五次都没及格.
* told sb umpteen, a dozen, countless, etc times (ie repeatedly) not to do sth 一再告诉某人别那样做.
10 [C often pl 常作复数]
(a) period of time associated with certain events, people, etc 时代; 时期
*in `Stuart times/the time(s) of the `Stuarts, ie when the Stuart kings ruled 在斯图亚特王朝时代
* in `ancient, prehis`toric, `recent, etc times 在古代、史前期、近代
* Mr Curtis was the manager in `my time, ie when I was working there. 我在那儿工作时, 柯蒂斯先生是经理.
* The house is old but it will last `my time, ie will serve me for the rest of my life. 这房子旧是旧了, 但在我有生之 年尚可居住.
(b) period of time associated with certain conditions, experiences, etc (与某情况、经历等有关的)时期
*University was a good time for me. 我的大学时期十分愉快.
* Times are hard for the unemployed. 失业者的日子很难熬.
* in time(s) of danger, hardship, prosperity,etc 在危险、艰苦、繁荣等时期.
11 [U] (music 音)
(a) type of rhythm 拍子
*`common time, ie two or four beats in each bar 普通拍子(每小节两拍或四拍)
* three `eight time, ie three quavers to the bar 八分之三拍
* in `waltz/`march time 以华尔兹[进行曲]的拍子
* beating time to the music 随乐曲打拍子.
(b) rate at which a piece of music is to be played; tempo (乐曲演奏的)速度
*quick time 快速.
12 (idm 习语) (and) about `time (`too) (infml 口) and this is sth that should have happened some time ago 早该发生的事; 早该如此
*I hear old Fred got promoted last week and about time too, I'd say. 我听说弗雷德上星期升职了--我看早就该升了. ahead of `time earlier than expected 提前. ahead of one's `time having ideas that are too advanced or enlightened for the period in which one lives 具有超前意识; 思想超越同时代的人. all the `time
(a) during the whole of the time in question (在该段时间内)一直
*That letter I was searching for was in my pocket all the time, ie while I was searching for it. 我找的那封信其实一直就在我口袋里.
(b) always 向来; 一向
*He's a business man all the time, ie He has no other interest. 他一向是做生意的. at `all times always 随时; 永远
*I'm at your service at all times. 我随时为您效劳. (even) at the best of times => best3. at `one time at some period in the past; formerly 一度; 从前
*At one time I used to go skiing every winter. 我有一度每到冬季就去滑雪. at `other times on other occasions 在其他时候; 也有时候
*Sometimes he's fun to be with; at other times he can be very moody. 有时候他很有风趣, 可也有时候脾气一上来就喜怒无常. at the same time => same. at a `time in sequence; separately 依次; 逐一; 每次
*Don't try to do everything at once; take it a bit at a time. 不要什么事情都一块儿干, 要一次做一点儿.
* Take the pills two at a time. 每次服两粒. at the `time at a certain moment or period in the past 在那时; 在那段时间
*I agreed at the time but later changed my mind. 我当时同意了, 但後来又变了主意.
* We were living in London at the time. 我们那阵儿住在伦敦. at `my, `your, `his, etc time of life at my, your, his, etc age 在我、你、他...这样的年纪
*He shouldn't be playing football at his time of life, ie He is too old for it. 在他这把年纪可不该踢足球了. at `times sometimes 有时; 间或. before one's `time before the period onecan remember or the point at which one became involved在本人记事之前; 在与本人有关的时刻之前
*The Beatles were a bit before my time. 披头士乐队风靡的时候我还不记事儿呢.
* The headquarters used to be in Bristol, but that was before my time, ie before I worked there. 总部当时设在布里斯托尔, 但那时我还没到总部工作. behind `time late 迟; 晚
*The plane was an hour behind time. 班机误点一小时.
* He's always behind time with the rent. 他总晚交租金. behind the `times no longer fashionable or modern in one's ideas, methods, etc 思想、方法等陈旧的; 过时的; 落伍的. better luck next time => better1. bide one's time => bide. the big time => big. born before one's time => born. borrowed time => borrow. buy time => buy. do `time (sl 俚) serve a prison sentence 服刑
*He's done time for armed robbery. 他曾因持械抢劫罪而服刑. every time whenever possible; whenever a choice can be made 无论何时; 任何时候
*Different people like different sorts of holiday, but give me the seaside every time. 各人有各人的度假方式, 我总是喜欢去海边. for old times' sake => old. for a `time for a short period 短时间内; 暂时. for the time `being until some other arrangement is made 暂且
*You'll have your own office soon but for the time being you'll have to share one. 你很快就有自己的办公室了, 不过暂时还得和别人合用一间. from/since ,time imme`morial (saying 谚) from/since longer ago than anyone can remember 自古以来. from ,time to `time now and then; occasionally 不时; 偶尔; 间或. gain time => gain2. give sb/have a rough, hard, etc `time (of it) (cause sb to) suffer, esp from harassment, overwork, etc (使某人)受折磨, 吃苦(尤指因烦扰、过劳等). (in) half the time
(a) (in) a much shorter time than expected (以)远较预期短的时间
*If you'd given the job to me I could have done it in half the time. 你要是把这活儿交给我, 我早就做完了.
(b) a considerable time; too long a time 相当长的时间; 过长的时间
*I'm not surprised he didn't complete the exam
*he spent half the time looking out of the window. 他没答完试卷, 我并不感到奇怪
*他朝着窗外看了半天了. have an easy time => easy. have, etc a good `time enjoy oneself, generally or on a particular occasion 过得很愉快; 玩儿得很痛快. have/give sb a high old time => high1. have a lot of time for sb/sth (infml 口) be enthusiastic about sb/sth 对某人[某事物]极感兴趣. have no time for sb/sth be unable or unwilling to spend time on sb/sth; dislike sb/sth 不能或不愿为某人[某事]花费时间; 不喜欢某人[某事物]
*I've no time for lazy people/laziness. 我讨厌懒人[懒惰行为]. have a thin time => thin. have the ,time of one's `life (infml 口) be exceptionally happy or excited 异常高兴或兴奋
*The children had the time of their lives at the circus. 孩子们看马戏时别提多高兴了. have time on one's hands/time to kill (infml 口) have nothing to do 没事可做. have a whale of a time => whale. (it is) `high/a`bout time the time is long overdue when sth should happen or be done 早就该有某事或做某事了
*It's high time you stopped fooling around and started looking for a job. 你可别再游手好闲了, 也该找份工作了吧. in course of time => course1. in the fullness of time => fullness (full). in good time early 早
*There wasn't much traffic so we got there in very good time. 路上车不多, 所以我们早早就到那儿了. (all) in good `time after a reasonable or appropriate space of time, but not immediately 不消多久(但并非立刻)
*`Can we have lunch now I'm hungry.' `All in good time.' `咱们现在能吃午饭了吗--我饿了.'`很快就好了.' in the nick of time => nick1. in (less than) `no time very quickly 极快; 立即; 马上. in one's own good `time at the time or rate that one decides oneself 以自己定的时间和速度
*There's no point getting impatient with her; she'll finish the job in her own good time. 不必跟她着急, 她自己能找时间完成工作的. in one's own time in one's free time; outside working hours 在闲暇时; 业余时间. in one's own sweet time => sweet1. in one's `time at a previous period or on a previous occasion in one's life 在自己一生中一度
*I've seen some slow workers in my time but this lot are the slowest by far. 我以前倒也见过一些笨工人, 但是这群人可算是最笨的了. in `time sooner or later; eventually 迟早; 最後
*You'll learn how to do it in time. 你早晚能学会做这件事的. in time (for sth/to do sth) not late 及时; 不迟
*Will I be in time for the train/to catch the train? 我赶得上那趟火车吗? in/out of `time (music 音) in/not in the correct time1(11) 合[不合]节拍
*tapping one's fingers in time to/with the music 用手指合着音乐的拍子轻轻敲. it's only a matter of time => matter1. keep `time
(a) (of a clock or watch) show the correct time (指钟表)走得准
*My watch always keeps excellent time. 我的表非常准.
(b) sing or dance in time1(11) 按节拍唱歌或跳舞. keep up, move, etc with the `times change one's attitudes, behaviour, etc in accordance with what is now usual 随着潮流改变态度、行为等. kill time => kill. long time no see => long1. lose/waste no time (in doing sth) do sth quickly and without delay 赶紧做某事. make good, etc `time complete a journey quickly 路上花的时间很短. make up for lost time => lost2. `many's the time (that); `many a time many times; frequently 多次; 常常
*Many's the time (that) I've visited Rome. 我曾多次到罗马游览.
* I've visited Rome many a time. 我到罗马去游览过很多次. mark time => mark2.near her `time (of a pregnant woman) about to give birth (指孕妇)临产. ,nine times out of `ten; ,ninety-nine times out of a `hundred almost always 十之八九; 几乎总是. (there is) no time like the present (saying 谚) now is the best time to do sth 现在是做某事的最佳时机. once upon a time => once. on `time neither late nor early; punctually 按时; 准时:The train arrived (right/bang) on time. 火车正点到达.pass the time of day => pass2. play for `time tryto gain time by delaying (以拖延的手段)争取时间.procrastination is the thief of time => procrastination (procrastinate). a race against time => race1. quite some time => quite. a sign of the times => sign1. a stitch in time saves nine => stitch. take one's `time (over sth/to do sth/doing sth)
(a) use as much time as one needs; not hurry 要用多少时间就用多少; 不着急
*Take your time there's no rush. 你用多长时间都行--不着急.
(b) (ironic 反语) beunreasonably late or slow 晚得或慢得离谱
*You certainlytook your time getting here! 你来得这么晚, 也太不像话了! tell the time => tell. ,time after `time; ,time and (time) a`gain; ,times without `number on many occasions; repeatedly 无数次; 屡次; 一再. time and tide wait for `no man (saying 谚) no one can delay the passing of time (so one should not put off a favourable opportunity to do sth) 岁月不待人(机不可失). time `flies (saying 谚) time passes quickly, esp more quickly than one realizes 光阴似箭
*Oh dear hasn't time flown! 天哪--时间如白驹过隙呀! time hangs/lies heavy on one's `hands time passes too slowly (esp because one has nothing to do) 时间过得太慢(尤指因无所事事). time is on sb's `side sb can afford to wait before doing or achieving sth 某人有充足的时间等待做某事
*Although she failed the exam she has time on her side
*she'll still be young enough to take it in her next year. 她虽然没考及格但时间有的是, 她还年轻可以明年再考. the time is ripe for sth/sb to do sth it is the right moment for (doing) sth (做)某事的时机成熟. the time of `day the hour as shown by a clock (钟表指示的)时刻, 时间. time presses we must not delay 时间紧迫. time `was (when)... there has been a time when... 曾经有那么个时候...
*Time was you could get a good three-course meal for less than a pound. 那年头吃一顿三道菜的好饭还花不了一英镑. time (alone) will `tell, etc it will become obvious with the passing of time 时间能证明
*Time will show which of us is right. 时间能证明咱们谁对谁错. watch the time => watch2. work, etc against `time work, etc as fast as possible so as to finish by a specified time 尽快工作以按时完成; 赶任务.

/taɪm; taɪm/
1 [Tn, Tn.pr, Cn.t esp passive 尤用于被动语态] choose the time or moment for (sth); arrange the time of 选择(某事)的时机; 安排...的时间
*You've timed your holiday cleverly the weather's at its best. 你真会选度假时间--正是天气最好的时候.
* His remark was well/badly timed, ie made at a suitable/an unsuitable moment. 他说的话正合[不合]时宜.
* Kick-off is timed for 2.30. 足球开赛时间定于下午2时 30分.
* The train is timed to connect with the ferry. 火车时刻编排得可与渡轮运行时刻衔接.
* The bomb was timed to explode during the rush-hour. 炸弹选在人最多时爆炸.
2 [Tn] (sport 体) make (a stroke) or strike (the ball) at a certain moment (在某一时刻)发出(一击)或击(球)
*He timed that shot beautifully. 他这一击时间恰到好处.
3 [Tn, Tw] measure the time taken by (a runner, etc) or for (a race, process, etc) (为跑者、赛跑、某过程等)计时
*This egg is hard you didn't time it properly. 这鸡蛋煮老了--你没掌握好火候.
* Time me while I do/Time how long it takes me to do two lengths of the pool. 给我记一下我游一个来回的时间.


Time magazine
a US weekly news magazine which is sold in the US and is also available in many countries around the world
1. Education is one of the key words of our time.

2. Even if a piped water supply is safe at its source, it is not always safe by the time it reaches the tap.

3. Each of these represented a goddess and had, at one time, been painted.

4. Every time a worker gave up his job, he told the same story.

5. Even if you travel in ideal weather, sea journeys take a long time.

6. Every time he wanted to come into the garden he would bark until someone opened the gate.

7. Everybody is having a good time after a week of work and study.

8. Every time a packet left her hands, the hateful yellow face of the officer who had taken her son away flared up in her mind.

9. Each time you go to a job interview and give them your best and they hire someone else, you go another round with yourself and your self-worth.

10. Each time he returned and stabbed her again.