美音:[trʌst ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[trʌst ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
vt.信任,信赖,盼望,希望,赊卖,热望,切望 n.(~ in) 信任,信赖


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名词:truster 动词过去式:trusted 过去分词:trusted 现在分词:trusting 第三人称单数:trusts

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/trʌst; trʌst/
1 [U] ~ (in sb/sth) belief or willingness to believe that one can rely on the goodness, strength, ability, etc of sb/sth 信任; 信赖; 相信
*A good marriage is based on trust. 美满的婚姻是建立在互相信任的基础上的.
* I have absolute trust in the (skill of) doctors. 我绝对相信医生(的医术).
* I put my trust in you. 我信任你.
* You've betrayed my trust, eg told a secret or not kept a promise. 你辜负了我对你的信任(如泄露秘密或违背诺言).
2 [U] responsibility 责任
*a position of great trust 责任重大的职位.
3 (law 律)
(a) [C] money or property given to a person or people (trustees) who must take care of it and use it for another person's benefit or for a specified purpose 信托财产
*In his will he created trusts for his children. 他在遗嘱里为子女安排好了信托财产.
* The project is financed by a charitable trust. 这项工程是由慈善基金机构赞助的.
(b) [U] responsibility assumed by trustees; trusteeship 受信托人的职责.
4 [C] association of business firms formed to reduce competition, control prices, etc 托拉斯(为减少竞争、垄断价格等而成立的企业联合组织)
*anti-trust laws 反托拉斯法.
5 [C] organization founded to encourage or preserve sth, eg historic buildings or cultural activities (为促进或保护某事物而设的)信托基金机构(如为保护历史建筑或促进文化活动等而设的)
*a wildfowl trust 保护野禽信托基金机构.
6 (idm 习语) in trust kept as a trust1(3a) 受托保管财产
*The money is being held in trust for him until he is twenty-one. 这笔钱委托他人代管, 到他二十一岁才能使用. on trust
(a) without proof or investigation 不经证明或调查
*You'll just have to take what I say on trust. 你只管相信我说的话就是了.
(b) on credit 以赊欠方式
*supply goods on trust 赊给货物.

/trʌst; trʌst/
1 [Tn] have or place trust1(1) in (sb/sth); treat (sb/sth) as reliable 信任, 信赖, 相信(某人[某事物])
*They're not to be trusted/not people I would trust. 他们不可靠[不是我信赖的人].
* I trust you implicitly. 我绝对信任你.
* You can't trust what the papers say. 报纸上的话不可信.
2 [Tn.pr, Cn.t] depend on (sb) to do sth, use sth, look after sth, etc properly or safely 依靠、有赖于或信得过(某人)能做好某事
*I can't trust that boy out of my sight. 我一看不见那个男孩儿就不放心.
* I'd trust him with my life. 我把命交给他都放心.
* Can I trust you to post this letter? 我托你把这封信寄走行吗?
* (ironic 反语) Trust you (ie It is typical of you) to forget my birthday! 你管保把我的生日给忘了!
3 [It, Tf] (fml 文) hope 希望
*We trust to receive a cheque at your earliest convenience. 我们希望早日收到你的支票.
* I trust (that) she's not seriously ill. 但愿她病情不严重.
* You've no objection, I trust. 我希望你不反对吧.
4 (phr v) trust in sb/sth have confidence in sb/sth 信任、信赖或相信某人[某事物]
*trust in providence 相信天命
* You must trust in your own judgement. 你得相信自己的判断力. trust to sth leave the result or progress of events to be decided by (chance, etc) 依靠(运气等); 任凭自然发展
*trust to luck, fate, fortune, etc 靠运气、命运、幸运等
* At such times you have to trust to instinct. 在这种情况下就只能凭直觉办事了.


An NHS foundation trust is part of the National Health Service in England and has gained a degree of independence from the Department of Health and local NHS strategic health authority.
1. Elsewhere we encountered ribbing, imitating, lack of trust, and rude stares.
    在所有其他地方, 我们遭遇到了嘲笑戏弄、学我们的模样、不信任及无礼的目光。

2. We cannot trust him.

3. We can't really call a friend to say we got a parcel from our sister, or it's getting dark earlier now, or we don't trust that new Supreme Court justice.

4. The continual source of our strength was our mutual trust and respect.

5. Normally, Americans do not assess their visitors in such relaxed surroundings over extended small talk; much less do they take them out for dinner, or for around on the golf course while they develop a sense of trust.

6. Her friendly attitude misled me into thinking I could trust her.

7. And it often interrupts the child's schooling, friendships and neighborhood contacts, those beginnings of trust and social relationships needed to mold a child into a healthy member of society.

8. "People in and near cities have little opportunity to experience parks or unprotected open spaces, and that's becoming a problem," says Mister Ernest Cook, a senior vice president of the Trust for Public Land (TPL).
    "住在城里或城市附近的人们很少有机会看到公园或开阔的空地,这正在成为一个问题," 公有土地信托机构的资深副总裁欧内斯特·考克先生说。

9. You should trust your intuition.

10. Perhaps it is time to pass legislation calling for a "Brain Trust".