美音:[tə:n ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[tə:n ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.转动,旋转,转变方向,轮流,时机,(一)回,倾向,癖性 v.(使)转动,翻转,扭转,(使)变质,超过(年龄,数量等),车(成)


turn为小学词汇   词频:1043


动词过去式:turned 过去分词:turned 现在分词:turning 第三人称单数:turns

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/tɜ:n; tɝn/
1 [I, Ipr, Tn, Tn.pr] (cause sth to) move round a point or an axis (使某物)转动, 旋转
*The hands of a clock turn very slowly. 时钟的指针走得很慢.
* The earth turns (ie rotates) on its axis once every
24 hours. 地球每24小时自转一圈.
* The wheels of the car began to turn. 汽车的轮子开始转动.
* This tap turns easily/It's easy to turn this tap. 这水龙头好拧.
* She turned the handle but the door wouldn't open. 他旋动把手, 但门就是打不开.
* He turned the key in the lock. 他转动钥匙开锁.
* She turned the steering-wheel sharply to the left to avoid a cyclist. 她猛然向左转动方向盘避开一个骑车的人.
2 [I, Ip, Tn, Tn.p] ~ (sb/sth) (over) (cause sb/sth to) move so that a different side faces outwards or upwards (使某人[某物])翻转, 翻过来
*If you turn over you might find it easier to get to sleep. 你翻翻身, 就容易睡着了.
* Brown the meat on one side, then turn it (over) and brown the other side. 先把肉的一面烤好, 然後翻过来烤另一面.
* He sat there idly turning the pages of a book. 他无聊地坐在那儿翻着书.
* She turned the chair on its side to repair it. 她把椅子翻转过来修理.
* You've turned your jumper inside out. 你的套头毛衣里外穿反了.
* Turn the record over and put on (ie start to play) the other side. 把唱片翻过来放另一面.
3 (a) [I, Ipr, Ip, Tn, Tn.pr, Tn.p] (cause sb/sth to) change position or direction so as to face or start moving in the specified direction (使某人[某物])转向, 转弯
*About/Left/Right turn! ie as military commands 向後[左/右]转!
* It's time we turned and went back home. 我们该返回家去了.
* She turned to look at me. 她转过身来看着我.
* He turned towards her. 他转向她.
* We turned off the motorway at Lancaster. 我们在兰开斯特转弯离开了高速公路.
* (fig 比喻) Her thoughts turned to (ie She began to think about) her dead husband. 她转而想起死去的丈夫.
* He turned his back to the wall. 他转过身去背对着墙.
* She turned (her face) away in embarrassment.她不好意思地扭过脸去.
(b) [I] (of the tide) start to come in or go out (指潮水)开始涨或落
*The tide is turning; we'd better get back. 涨潮了, 咱们最好回去吧.
4 [Tn.pr] aim or point (sth) in the specified direction 瞄准或指向(某物)
*Police turned water-cannon on the rioters, ie to disperse them. 警察用高压水龙头对准闹事的人(驱散他们).
* They turned their dogs on us. 他们放狗咬我们.
* She turned her eyes towards him. 她的眼睛朝他看.
* (fig 比喻) It's time to turn our attention to the question of money. 咱们该考虑钱的问题了.
5 [Tn.pr, Tn.p, Cn.a] cause (sb/sth) to go in the specified direction 使(某人[某物])向某方向走
*turn a horse into a field 把马放进一片地里
* turn a boat adrift 让船漂流
* It would be irresponsible to turn such a man loose on society. 把这样的人放在社会上不加管束是不负责任的.
6 [Tn.p] fold (sth) in the specified way 摺起, 翻转(某物)
*She turned down the blankets and climbed into bed. 她掀起毯子上床去了.
* He turned up the collar of his coat and hurried out into the rain. 他竖起大衣领子, 匆匆冒雨出去了.
7 [Ipr, Tn] ~ (round) sth go round sth 绕过某物
*The car turned (round) the corner and disappeared from sight. 那辆汽车一转弯就不见了.
* She waved to me as she turned the corner. 她拐弯时向我挥了挥手.
8 [Ln, Ipr] (of a river, road, etc) curve in the specified direction (指河流、道路等)朝某方向转弯
*The river turns north at this point. 这条河从这里转向北方.
* Just before the trees the path turns sharply right. 这条小路就在那片树前向右急转.
* The road turns to the left after the church. 这条路在经过教堂之後向左转弯.
9 [Tn no passive 不用于被动语态] perform (the specified movement) by moving one's body in a circle 表演(旋转动作)
*turn cartwheels/somersaults 作侧手翻[翻筋斗]
* She turned a pirouette on the ice. 她在冰上做了个单足旋转动作.
10 (a) [La, Ln, Cn.a] (cause sb/sth to) become (使某人[某事物])变成, 成为
*The milk turned sour in the heat/The heat turned the milk sour. 牛奶在高温下变酸了.
* He turned nasty when we refused to give him the money. 我们不给他钱, 他就凶相毕露了.
* Leaves turn brown in autumn. 叶子一到秋天就黄了.
* The weather has turned cold and windy. 天气变得寒冷而多风.
* She turned a deathly shade of white when she heard the news. 她听到这消息时吓得面无人色.
* He's a clergyman turned politician, ie He was formerly a clergyman but is now a politician. 他以前是个教士, 现在成了政治家了. =>Usage at become 用法见become.
(b) [Tn] (not in the continuous tenses 不用于进行时态) reach or pass (the specified age or time) 达到或超过(某年龄或时间)
*She turned forty last June. 她在刚过去的六月份满四十岁.
* It's turned midnight. 已经午夜了.
11 [Ipr, Tn.pr] ~ (sb/sth) (from A) to/into B (cause sb/sth to) pass from one condition or state to another one (使某人[某事物])由一种状况转为另一种状况
*Caterpillars turn into butterflies. 毛虫能变成蝴蝶.
* Water turns into ice when it freezes. 天气极冷时水能结成冰.
* His expression changed from bewilderment to horror as he realized what had happened. 他初时一愣, 等他明白过来就害怕了.
* The experience has turned him into a sad and embittered man. 他经此一役变成了一个凄苦而忧伤的人.
* The witch turned the prince into a frog. 女巫把王子变成了青蛙.
* The novel was turned into a successful Hollywood film. 那部小说搬上好莱坞银幕後十分成功.
12 [Tn] shape (sth) on a lathe 用车床加工(某物); 车削(某物)
*turn a chair leg 在车床上车椅子的腿.
13 [I, Tn] (cause sth to) become sour (使某物)变酸
*The thundery weather has turned the milk. 在雷雨欲来的天气牛奶变酸了.
14 [I, Tn] (of the stomach) have a sick feeling; cause (the stomach) to have a sick feeling (指胃)不适, 作呕, 恶心; 使(胃)不适
*The sight of the greasy stew made his stomach turn/turned his stomach. 他一看见油腻的炖肉就恶心.
15 (idm 习语) as it/things turned `out as was shown or proved by later events 正如事後表明或证实的那样; 果然如此
*I didn't need my umbrella, as it turned out, ie because it didn't rain. 我原本就不必带伞的, 果不其然(并未下雨). be well, badly, etc turned `out be well, badly, etc dressed 穿装打扮得好、不好等
*Her children are always smartly turned out. 她的孩子都总是穿得漂漂亮亮的. turn round and do sth (infml 口) say or do sth that displeases sb 说的或做的令人不快
*How could she turn round and say that, after all I've done for her. 我为她辛辛苦苦, 她怎么竟说出那样的话来. (For other idioms containing turn, see entries for ns, adjs, etc 与turn搭配的其他习语见有关名词、形容词等的词条, 如 not turn a hair => hair; turn a deaf ear => deaf.)
16 (phr v) ,turn a`bout (often used in the form a,bout `turn as a military command 常用about turn这一形式作为军事口令) (esp of soldiers) move so as to face in the opposite direction (尤指军人)向後转
*The colonel ordered the troops to turn about. 上校命令部队向後转.
* `About turn!' barked the sergeant-major. `向後转!'军士长厉声喊道.

/tɜ:n; tɝn/
1 [C] act of turning sth/sb round; turning movement 转动; 旋转
*give the handle a few turns 将那把手转动几下.
2 [C] change of direction; point at which this occurs 方向的改变; 转折; 转折点
*He took a sudden turn to the left. 他突然向左转.
3 [C] bend or corner in a road (道路的)转弯处
*a lane full of twists and turns 弯弯曲曲的胡同
* Don't take the turn too fast. 转弯时不要太快.
4 [C] development or new tendency in sth 发展变化; 新的趋势
*an alarming turn in international relations 国际关系中令人震惊的新情况
* an unfortunate turn of events 事态的不利变化
* Matters have taken an unexpected turn. 事情发生了意想不到的变化.
* Business has taken a turn for the better/worse. 生意转好[坏]了.
5 [C usu sing 通常作单数] time when each one of a group must or may do sth (轮到的)机会
*Please wait (until it is/for) your turn to be served. 请等一等就轮到为您服务了.
* Whose turn is it to do the washing-up? 轮到谁刷锅洗碗了?
* I'll take a turn at the steering-wheel. 该轮到我来驾驶了.
6 [C] short walk; stroll 短时间行走; 散步; 溜达
*I think I'll take a turn round the garden. 我想到花园去转转.
7 [C] short performance by a comedian, singer, etc (喜剧演员、歌手等的)短小节目
*a comedy, song-and-dance, variety, etc turn 喜剧、歌舞、杂耍等节目
* The star turn (ie main performance) was a young rock group. 主要的节目是一个青年摇滚乐队的表演.
8 (infml 口)
(a) [sing] nervous shock 惊吓; 震惊
*You gave me quite a turn, bursting in like that! 你那样闯进来, 吓了我一跳.
(b) [C] feeling of illness 疾病的发作; 不适
*She's had one of her turns. 她的病犯了.
9 (idm 习语) at every `turn everywhere or all the time 处处; 次次
*I keep meeting him at every turn. 我每次都遇见他.
* She found her plans frustrated at every turn. 她觉得她的计画到处碰壁. by `turns (of people or their actions) one after the other; in rotation (指人或人的动作)轮流地, 逐个地
*We did the work by turns. 我们是轮流做这项工作的.
* He gets cheerful and depressed by turns. 他的情绪高一阵低一阵. do sb a good/bad `turn be helpful/unhelpful to sb 对某人有好处[坏处]. done, etc to a `turn (of meat, etc) cooked for exactly the right length of time (指肉等)火候恰当. have, etc an enquiring, etc turn of `mind have, etc a particular way of thinking about things, tackling a problem, etc (对事情、处理问题等)有独特的思想方法
*She's always shown an academic turn of mind. 她总是表现出学究式的思想方法. in `turn one after the other; in succession 依次; 逐个地
*The girls called out their names in turn. 那些女孩儿逐一报出自己的名字. not do a hand's turn => hand1. on the `turn about to change or go a different way 即将改变或另走一条路
*His luck is on the turn. 他时来运转了.
* This milk is on the turn, ie about to become sour. 这牛奶快要变酸了. ,one good ,turn deserves a`nother (saying 谚) one should help or be kind to others who have been kind to one in the past 要以德报德. ,out of `turn
(a) before or after one's turn2(5) 在轮到自己之前或之後.
(b) not at the correct or permitted time 不合时宜; 未按规定时间
*speak out of turn, ie in a tactless or foolish way 讲话不策略. serve one's/sb's turn => serve. take `turns (at sth) do sth one after the other 轮流做某事
*You can't both use the bike at once you'll have to take turns. 你们不能两人同时用这辆自行车--得轮流使用. (do sth) ,turn and ,turn a`bout one after another; in succession 交替; 轮流. a/the turn of events change or development in circumstance, often unexpected or beyond one's control 情况的改变或发展(常指未料到的或无法控制的). a ,turn of `phrase way of expressing or describing sth 表达方式; 描述方式; 措辞
*She has an apt turn of phrase for summing up a situation. 她很善于总结情况. a ,turn of the `screw extra amount of pressure, cruelty, etc added to a situation that is already difficult to bear or understand 在已不堪忍受的情况下增加的压力或残酷做法. a ,turn of `speed (ability to achieve) a sudden increase in one's speed or rate of progress (达到)速度或进度的突然加快(的能力)
*She put on an impressive turn of speed to overtake the others. 她突然奋勇加速力图超过别人. the ,turn of the `year/`century the time when a new year/century starts 年度[世纪]的新旧交替时期; 一年之始; 世纪之初.


The Soldier's Return is the first book in a quartet of books written by Melvyn Bragg.
1. But scientists are working hard to turn them into realities.
    但是, 科学家们正在努力工作, 以便把想法变成现实.

2. Before I reach the door, I think I hear a voice say, money. Before I open the door I hear a voice and turn to see the man with a gun.

3. 'We kind of like that spirit. We don't like it with the negative attitudes. We want to turn that spirit positive.'"

4. For it produces a resentful animal who at a later stage may well turn man-killer.

5. When our part begins to turn towards the sun and we see the first sunlight, we call it morning.

6. When we begin to turn away from the sun, we have afternoon and evening and night.

7. Whenever someone learns that I'm taking care of Sam, they turn on me — telling me not to bounce him too much or he'll throw up, demanding that I give him another bottle of milk.

8. When a fare does turn out to be more than you expected, think about your options.

9. Turn right at the next junction.

10. Turn to page two.