美音:[vju: ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[vju: ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.景色,风景,观点,见解,观察,观看,意见,认为 vt.观察,观看


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动词过去式:viewed 过去分词:viewed 现在分词:viewing 第三人称单数:views 形容词:viewable

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vision  sight  optics  eyesight  view  look  glance  glimpse  glint  peep  gaze  stare  leerwitness  behold  see  look on  be present  gawk  rubberneck*  spy  espy  view    



/vju:; vju/
1 [U] state of seeing or being seen from a particular place; field of vision 观看; 看; 视野; 视场; 眼界
*The lake came into view/We came in view of the lake as we turned the corner. 我们转过弯就看见那个湖了.
* The sun disappeared from view behind a cloud./A cloud hid the sun from view. 太阳被云遮住看不[浮云遮住了太阳.]
* She was soon lost from view amongthe crowd. 她很快就在人群中消失了.
* The man in front was obstructing my view of the pitch. 有前面那个男子我看不见球赛.
2 [C] what can be seen from a particular place, esp fine natural scenery 从某处看到的东西; (尤指)自然美景, 风景
*enjoying the magnificent views from the summit, over the mountains 在群山之颠欣赏那壮丽的景色 *
10 different views of London, eg on picture postcards 伦敦十景(如明信片上印的)
* [sing] You'll get a better view of the pianist if you stand up. 你站起来, 就能更清楚地看到那位钢琴家.
3 (also viewing)[C] (opportunity for a) special visual inspection of eg a film or an art exhibition (一次)观看(如影片或展览)
*We had a private view of the jewels before the public auction. 那些珠宝公开拍卖以前我们私下看了预展.4 [C esp pl 尤作复数] ~ (about/on sth) personal opinion or attitude; thought or observation (on a subject) (个人的)意见, 态度; (对某问题的)想法, 见解
*have, hold, express, air strong political views 有、持、表达、发表强硬的政治观点
* oppose, support sb's extreme views 反对、支持某人过激的看法
* What are your views on her resignation? 你对她辞职有什么想法?
* We fell in with (ie agreed with) the committee's views. 我们同意委员会的意见.
5 [sing] way of understanding or interpretinga subject, series of events, etc; mental impression (理解或解释某问题的)方式, 方法; 印象
*The scientific, legal, medical, etc view is that... 科学的、法律上的、医学上的...解释是...
* a highly controversial view of modern art 对现代艺术极有争议的理解方法
* take a realistic, favourable, pessimistic, etc view of the problem 对该问题有实际的、好的、悲观的...印象
* This book gives readers an inside view of (ie an insighviewfinder n device on a camera showing the area that will be photographed through the lens (照相机的)取景器. =>illus at camera 见 camera 插图. viewpoint n = point of view (point).

/vju:; vju/
v (fml 文)
1 [Tn, Tn.pr, Cn.n/a] ~ sth (as sth) consider sth in the mind; regard sth (as sth) 考虑或认为某事物
*How do you view your chances of success?你认为你获得成功有多大把握?
* Future developments will be viewed with interest. 未来的情况令人向往.
* Has the matter been viewed from the taxpayers' standpoint? 这个问题是否从纳税人的立场上考虑过?
* Viewed from the outside, the company seemed genuine. 从外表上看, 这家公司倒像是真的.
* The attack on the ship was viewed as an act of war. 攻击了那条船已视作战争行为.
2 [Tn] look at or watch (sth) carefully 仔细察看或注视(某事物)
*view a battle through binoculars from the top of a hill 从山顶上用双筒望远镜观察战斗情况
* The film hasn't been viewed by the censor. 这部影片尚未经审查.
3 [Tn] inspect (a house, property, etc) with the idea of buying it 查看(房子、地产等)(以考虑购买)
*open for viewing between 10.00 and 12.00 10时至12时可供查看.
4 [I] watch television 看电视
*the viewing public 电视观众.
5 (idm 习语) an order to view => order1.
1. But a closer study of the evidence, supported by a deeper sense of the period, and particularly by a new consciousness of the philosophical undercurrents in the scientific revolution, has profoundly modified this view of Galileo.

2. But note the modesty with which King advanced his view:

3. C.You decide to present your point of view; you explain your reasoning seriously to your friend.

4. But most of all, he sunk his dishonest gains into this village that captured his heart with its fine stone cottages, its central area of green grass, green rows of hedges, and its fantastic view of rolling fields and pine forests disappearing into th

5. But parents of identical twins don't view one child as an organ farm for the other.

6. Brain research shows that our view of the world is limited by our genes and the experiences we've had.

7. Workaholics presumably view their work habits through denial and rationalization.

8. The trees hid the house from view.

9. The building plan shows both a front and a lateral view of the proposed structure.

10. They never sympathized with my point of view.