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weight为小学词汇   词频:1067


动词过去式:weighted 过去分词:weighted 现在分词:weighting 第三人称单数:weights


-t 表示抽象名称的词尾 变化型 -th

近义词, 同义词


/weɪt; wet/
1 [U] degree of heaviness of a thing, esp as measured on a balance, weighing-machine, etc and expressed according to a particular system of measuring (eg kilos, tons, etc) 重量; 分量
*Bananas are usually sold by weight. 香蕉通常按重量卖.
* That man is twice my weight, ie is twice as heavy as I am. 那个男子的体重比我重一倍.
* Her weight has increased to
70 kilos. 她的体重增加到了70公斤.
* The two boys are (of) the same weight. 那两个男孩体重相同.
* He has grown both in height and weight. 他身高和体重都增加了. =>App 4,
5 见附录4、5.
2 [U] quality of being heavy 重(的特性)
*Lead is often used because of its weight. 铅因其重而常派上用场.
* The weight of the overcoat made it uncomfortable to wear. 这件大衣很重, 穿着不舒服.
3 [U] (physics 物) amount of force with which a body is drawn downwards by gravity 重力; 地心引力.
4 [C, U] unit or system of units by which weight is measured and expressed 重量单位
*tables of weights and measures 度量衡表
* avoirdupois/troy weight 常衡[金衡]制. => App
5 见附录5.
5 [C]
(a) piece of metal of a known heaviness, used with scales for weighing things 砝码; 秤锤; 秤砣
*a 2lb weight 两磅重的砝码.
(b) heavy object, esp one used to bring or keep sth down 重物(尤指用以压住或坠住他物的)
*a clock worked by weights 靠钟锤走动的钟
* a `paperweight, ie for keeping papers in place 镇纸
* The dressmaker put small weights in the hem of the dress. 那裁缝把小块重物缝进连衣裙的下摆里.
* The doctor said he must not lift heavy weights. 医生说他切不可抬重物.
6 [sing] ~ (of sth)
(a) load to be supported (需支撑的)负荷
*The pillars have to support the weight of the roof. 这些柱子须承受屋顶的重量.
* The weight of the water from the burst pipe caused the ceiling to collapse. 水管破裂流出很多水把天花板压塌了.
(b) (fig 比喻) burden of responsibility or worry 责任的重担; 思想负担
*The full weight of decision-making falls on her. 决策的重任全落在她的肩上了.
7 [U] (degree of) importance, seriousness or influence 重要性、严重性或影响力(的程度)
*arguments of great weight 事关重大的争论
* Recent events give added weight to their campaign. 最近发生的事情更增加了他们那运动的影响力.
* The jury were convinced by the weight of the evidence against her. 陪审团认为指控她有罪的证据很充分.
8 (idm 习语) be/take a load/weight off sb's mind => mind. carry weight => carry. lose/take off `weight (of a person) become less heavy; slim (指人)减轻体重, 变苗条. ,over/,under `weight too heavy/not heavy enough 过重[过轻]. pull one's weight => pull2. put on weight (of a person) become heavier; grow fat (指人)增加体重, 长胖
*He's put on a lot of weight since he gave up smoking. 他戒烟後体重增加了许多. take the `weight off one's feet (infml 口) sit down 坐下. throw one's weight about/around (infml口) behave in an aggressively arrogant way 盛气凌人;逞威风. weight of `numbers combined weight, strength, influence, etc of a group which is larger than another 集体的重量、力量、影响等结合起来可敌得过对方
*They won the argument by sheer weight of numbers. 他们纯靠人多势众在争论中获胜. worth one's/its weight in gold => worth.

/weɪt; wet/
1 (a) [Tn] attach a weight to (sth)在(某物)上加重量.
(b) [Tn, Tn.pr, Tn.p] ~ sth (down)(with sth) hold sth down with a weight1(5b) or weights 在某物上加重物使之向下
*The net is weighted to keep it below the surface of the water. 这个网加了坠因而可没入水面以下.
(c) [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (with sth) make sth heavier 使某物重些
*The stick had been weighted with lead. 这条棍子灌了铅增加了分量.
2 [Tn] treat (a fabric) with a mineral substance to make it heavier 用矿物质处理(织物)(使之加重)
*weighted silk 经加重处理的丝绸.
3 [Tn.pr esp passive 尤用于被动语态] plan or organize (sth) in a way that favours a particular person or group; bias 计画或组织(某事物)使之偏向某人或某集体; 偏袒
*a law weighted against/towards/in favour of those owning land 对土地持有者不利的[有利的/偏袒的]法规.
4 (phr v) weight sb down (with sth) burden sb 给某人加负担; 使某人负重
*She was weighted down with parcels. 她携带着沉重的包裹.
1. Bits of broken glass, lengths of string, a key to a door long since decayed away, a rusty knife-blade, old shoes saved for a road that never was and never will be, a nail bent under the weight of things too heavy for any nail, a dried flower or two s

2. Will this shelf sustain the weight of all these books?

3. With the hand held high in the air, hold the string so that the weight nearly touches the ground.

4. When you're faced with an immediate temptation, remind yourself of your long-term goals — whether they be losing weight or getting a medical degree.

5. The sedan is creaky under the heavy weight.

6. Tie a heavy weight at the end of a long piece of string.

7. His abstemious habit helps him to lose weight.

8. He is gaining weight.

9. Assignments are, consequently, felt to be given added weight by the passage of time.

10. Although pills for tension, heart conditions, weight and other life-threatening conditions are prescribed by Western doctors, most now require patients to develop healthy lifestyles by changing diets and exercising more to keep well.