美音:[(noun) wınd (verb) waınd ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[(noun) wınd (verb) waınd ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.风 v.绕,缠,上发条,旋紧


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名词:winder 动词过去式:winded 过去分词:winded 现在分词:winding 第三人称单数:winds

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air  bend  breath  breeze  coil  draft  gust  pivot  respiration  roll  spiral  swivel  turn  twist  unwind    


/wɪnd; wɪnd/
1 [C, U] (also the wind) (used with a or in the plural when referring to the type of wind or its direction, etc; used with much, little, etc when referring to its strength, etc 指风的种类或方向等时, 与不定冠词a连用或用复数形式; 指风的强度时与much、little等连用) air moving as a result of natural forces 风; 气流
*A gust of wind blew my hat off. 一阵风把我的帽子刮掉了.
* The day was very still, without a breath of wind. 天空十分平静, 一点风都没有.
* a north wind, ie one that blows from the north 北风
* warm southerly winds 温暖的南风
* The wind has dropped (ie is less strong) now. 风势现已减弱.
2 [U] smell carried by the wind (空气传送的)气味
*The deer have got our wind. 鹿已闻到我们的气味了.
3 [U] breath, esp as needed for continuous exercise or for sounding a musical instrument呼吸(尤指运动时的或吹奏乐器时的)
*The runner had to stop and regain her wind, ie wait until she could breathe more easily. 那个女的跑着半截停下来喘大气.
4 [U] air that has been swallowed with food or drink, or gas that forms in the stomach or intestines and causes discomfort; flatulence (肠胃中的)气
*get a baby's wind up, ie cause it to belch by stroking or patting its back 让婴儿胃里的气出来(拍抚其後背使之打嗝).
5 [U] useless or boastful talk 无用的或吹嘘的话; 空话
*He's just full of wind, the pompous fool! 他空话连篇, 是个自负的蠢材!
6 the wind [Gp, sing] (players of the) wind instruments in an orchestra (管弦乐队的)管乐器(吹奏者)
*[attrib 作定语] the wind section 管乐组.
7 (idm 习语) break `wind (euph 婉) expel air from the intestines through the anus 放屁. the eye of the wind/wind's eye => eye1. get one's second `wind feel strong again after getting very tired 极疲倦後重新感到有精力
*I often feel sleepy after supper and then I get my second wind later in the evening. 我吃完晚饭常感到困, 一到晚上就又精神了. get wind of sth hear a rumour that sth is happening; hear about sth secret 听到某事的风声; 听到秘密消息
*Our competitors must not be allowed to get wind of our plans. 千万别让我们的竞争对手听到有关我们计画的事. get/have the `wind up (about sth) (infml 口) become/be frightened 受惊; 害怕. in the `wind about to happen 即将发生
*They sensed that there was something in the wind. 他们察觉出要有事了. it's an ill wind => ill2. like the `wind very fast 极快; 像一阵风似的
*She goes like the wind on her new bicycle. 她飞快地骑着新自行车. put the wind up sb (infml 口) cause sb to be frightened; alarm sb 使某人害怕; 惊吓某人. run/sail before the `wind (nautical 海) sail with the wind behind the ship 顺风航行. sail close/near to the wind => sail2. see which way the wind is blowing => way1. sound in wind and limb => sound1. a straw in the wind => straw. take the `wind out of sb's sails (infml 口) cause sb to lose his confidence or pride 使某人气馁或泄气
*Being beaten by a newcomer has really taken the wind out of his sails. 一个新来的人就比他强, 他觉得很窝囊. throw, etc caution to the winds=> caution. to the four winds (rhet 修辞) (blown, scattered, etc) in all directions (刮得、撒得...)四面八方. a wind of `change influence that causes change; tendency to change 产生变化的影响或趋势
*There is a wind of change in the attitude of voters. 选民的态度有改变的趋向.

/wɪnd; wɪnd/
v [Tn]
1 cause (sb) to be out of breath 使(某人)气急
*We were winded by the steep climb. 我们爬那个陡坡累得上气不接下气.
* The punch in the stomach completely winded me. 我肚子上挨了一拳一时完全喘不过气来.
2 help (a baby) to expel wind1(4) from its stomach by patting or stroking its back 帮助(婴儿)打出嗝来(拍抚其後背).
3 detect the presence of (sb/sth) by smelling 嗅出(某人[某物])的存在
*The hounds had winded the fox. 猎狗闻出了有狐狸的气味.

/waɪnd; waɪnd/
v (pt, pp wound / waUnd; waJnd/)
1 [I, Ipr, Ip, Tn.pr, Tn.p] (cause sth to) follow a curving, twisting or spiral course (使某物)沿弧形的、弯曲的或旋转的路线前进
*a winding road 盘旋的路
* The river winds down to the sea. 这条河蜿蜒流向大海.
* The staircase winds upwards round a central pillar. 这座楼梯绕着中间的柱子向上呈螺旋状.
* She wound her way through the crowds. 她绕来绕去穿过了人群.
2 [Tn, Tn.pr, Tn.p] twist or coil (string, wool, yarn, etc) round and round on itself so that it forms a ball, or onto a reel, etc 将(绳、毛线、纱等)缠绕成球或缠绕在轴上
*wind wool (up) into a ball 把毛线缠成团
* wind sewing thread onto a reel 把缝纫用的线缠绕在线轴上.
3 [Tn.pr]
(a) ~ sth round sb/sth; ~ sb/sth in sth fold sth round sb/sth closely; wrap sb/sth in sth 将某物紧紧缠绕住某人[某物]; 将某人[某物]包在某物中
*wind a bandage round one's finger 用 带包住手指
* wind a shawl round the baby/the baby in a shawl 用围巾裹住幼儿.
(b) ~ itself round sb/sth become twisted or entangled round sb/sth 绕住或缠住某人[某物]
*The film flew off the spool and wound itself round the projector. 电影胶片从卷轴滑出缠绕在放映机上了.
4 [Tn] turn (a handle, windlass, etc) 转动(把手、绞车等)
*You operate the mechanism by winding this handle. 操纵这台机器要转动这个把手.
5 [Tn, Tn.p] ~ sth (up) cause a mechanism (esp a clock or watch) to operate, eg by turning a key to tighten the spring 上(尤指钟表)发条
*Have you wound your watch? 你的表上发条了吗?
6 (phr v) wind sth back, down, forward, in, off, on, up, etc cause sth to move in the specified direction by turning a handle, spool, etc (转动把手或卷轴等)使某物沿某方向移动
*wind a tape back/forward/on 把带子向後[向前/继续]卷绕
* wind a car window down/up 把汽车窗摇下去[上来]
* wind a fishing line in 把钓鱼线摇起收回. wind down
(a) (of a clock or watch) go slow and then stop (指钟表)慢下来後停住.
(b) (of a person) relax, esp after a period of stress or excitement (指人)松弛下来, 放松(尤指经过一段紧张或兴奋阶段)
*This year has been frantically busy for us I need a holiday just to wind down. 今年我们忙得要命--我需要有一段假期放松一下. wind up (infml 口) (of a person) arrive finally in a place; end up (指人)终于到达某处, 安顿
*We eventually wound up (staying) in a super little hotel by the sea. 我们最终在一个很棒的海滨旅馆落脚(住下来).
* I always said he would wind up in jail. 我常说他到头来非进监狱不可. wind (sth) up finish (a speech, etc) 结束(讲话等)
*Before I wind up, there are two more things to be said. 在我结束讲话之前, 还有两件事要说.
* If we all agree, let's wind up the discussion. 要是大家都同意的话, 咱们这次讨论就到此结束. wind sb up cause sb to reach a high level of excitement or agitation 使某人高度兴奋或激动
*He gets so wound up when he's arguing. 他一辩论起来就十分激动.
* (infml 口) Are you deliberately winding me up (ie annoying me)? 你是想故意气我吧? wind sth up settle the affairs of and finally close (a business, company, etc) 清理业务并最後关闭(企业、公司等)
*wind up one's affairs 清理并结束自己的事务.

(a) bend or turn in a course, path, etc (道路等的)弯曲处, 转弯处.
(b) single turn made in winding (wind3 5) (钟表的)上一圈发条
*Give the clock another couple of winds. 给这座钟再上两圈发条.


Unwind is the second major label album from post-grunge band Oleander. The band's second album released on Universal Records, Unwind sold approximately 250,000 copies.
1. Evaporation takes place more quickly when there is wind or sunshine.

2. Evening came and a cold wind was blowing.

3. Wind is invisible.

4. The ship was combating with the wind and waves.

5. The wind is blowing from the east.

6. The wind propels a sailing boat.

7. The sea ridges under the wind.

8. The yacht was scudding along before the wind.

9. The wind shifted from east to north.

10. The wind is sinking.