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/jɪə(r), also jɜ:(r); jɪr/ n
1 [C] time taken by the earth to make one orbit round the sun, about
365 days 年.
2 [C] (also `calendar year) period from
1 January to
31 December, ie
365 days (or
366 in a leap year) divided into
12 months 历年
*in the year
1865 在1865年
* this year 今年
* the year after next 後年
* a good year for cheap vegetables, ie a year in which vegetables are available cheaply 蔬菜便宜的好年成.
3 [C] any period of
365 consecutive days 一年
*It's just a year (today) since I arrived here. 我来到这里(到今天)整一年了.
* I arrived a year ago (today). 我是一年前(的今天)来的.
* She's worked there for ten years. 她在那里工作十年了.
* In a year's time they're getting married. 一年之後他们就要结婚了.
* [attrib 作定语] a five-year forecast 五年的预测.
4 [C] period of one year associated with sth, such as education or finance 与某事物(如教育或财政)相关的一年的期间
*the ,academic `year 学年
* the fi,nancial/,fiscal/,tax `year 财政[会计/课税]年度
* [attrib 作定语] first year students 一年级的学生.
5 [C usu pl 通常作复数] age; time of life 年纪; 年龄; 年岁
*twenty years old/of age 二十岁
* a seventy-year-old man 七十岁的人
* She looks young for her years/for a woman of her years, ie looks younger than she is. 她看起来比她的岁数年轻.
* He died in his sixtieth year, ie at the age of 59. 他在步入六十岁时去世(即实足年龄59岁).
6 years [pl] (infml 口) a long time 很久
*I've worked for this firm for years (and years). 我为这家公司工作了很多年(很多年)了.
* It's years since we last met. 我们已经很久没见面了.7 (idm 习语) the age/years of discretion => discretion.,all (the) year `round throughout the year 一年到头
*He swims in the sea all year round. 他一年到头都在海里游泳. donkey's years => donkey. man, woman, car, etc of the `year person or thing chosen as outstanding in a particular field in a particular year 某年在某领域最杰出的人或事物
*TV personality of the year 该年度电视圈的名人. not/never in a hundred, etc `years absolutelynot/never 绝对不[决不]. old beyond one's years => old. put `years on sb make sb feel or appear older 使某人觉得或显得老些
*The shock put years on him. 这一场冲击使他见老. ring out the old year and ring in the new => ring2. take `years off sb make sb feelor appear younger 使某人觉得或显得年轻些
*Giving up smoking has taken years off her. 她戒烟以後显得年轻了. the turn of the year/century => turn2. year after `year continuously for many years 年年
*She sent money year after year to help the poor. 她年年送钱帮助穷人.year by `year progressively each year 一年一年地
*Yearby year their affection for each other grew stronger. 他们相爱逐年加深. the year `dot (infml 口) a very long time ago 很久以前
*I've been going there every summer since the year dot. 我从很久以前每年夏天就都到那里去. year `in, year `out every year without exception 年复一年地. ,year of `grace; ,year of our `Lord (fml 文) any specified year after the birth of Christ 耶稣纪元某年; 公元某年
*in the year of our Lord 1217, ie
1217 AD 公元1217年.


1【12 months】
2【january to december】
3 years
4 all (the) year round
5 year by year
6 year after year/year in, year out
7【period of life/history】
8 the school/academic year
9【school/university level】
10 first/second etc year
11 musician/player/car etc of the year
12 never/not in a million years
13 the year dot
14 put years on somebody/take years off somebody
[Language: Old English;Origin: gear]
a period of about 365 days or 12 months, measured from any particular time
 I arrived here two years ago.
 We've known each other for over a year.
 It's almost a year since Sue died.
 Jodi is 15 years old.
 a three-year business plan
 a four-year-old child
be 12/21 etc years of age
(=be 12/21 etc years old)
financial year, fiscal year, light year, tax year
【JANUARY TO DECEMBER】alsocalendar year
a period of 365 or 366 days divided into 12 months beginning on January 1st and ending on December 31st
 the year that Kennedy died
 at the end of the year
 She goes there every year.
 in the year 1785
 this year's cup final
 The museum attracts 100,000 visitors a year.
 in the early years of last century
leap year, new year
a)informal a very long period of time
= ages
 It's years since I rode a bike.
in/for years
 I haven't been there for years.
 It was the first time in years I'd seen her.
b) age, especially old age
a man/woman/person etc of his/her etc years
 Gordon is very active for a man of his years.
getting on in years
(=no longer young)
all (the) year round
during the whole year
 It's warm enough to swim all year round.
year by year
as each year passes
 Business has steadily increased year by year.
year after year/year in, year out
every year for many years
 Many birds return to the same spot year after year.
a particular period of time in someone's life or in history
sb's childhood/early/teenage/retirement etc years
 those who start to smoke in their teenage years
the war/Depression/boom etc years
 the boom years of the 1980's
sb's years in/at sth
 during his years in China
sb's years as sth
 Sheila enjoyed her years as a student in Oxford.
 In later years he turned to writing poetry.
the school/academic year
the time within a period of 12 months when students are studying at a school or university
especially BrE a particular level that a student stays at for one year
 a group of year seven students
in a year
 He was in my year at school.
first/second etc year
BrE someone who is in their first etc year at school or university
 The department offers a study skills programme for all first years.
musician/player/car etc of the year
the musician etc who was voted the best in a particular year
vote/name sth ... of the year
 The new Renault was voted car of the year.
never/not in a million years
spoken used to say that something is extremely unlikely
 Never in a million years did I think we'd lose.
the year dot
BrE informal a very long time ago
 Scientists have been involved in war since the year dot .
put years on sb/take years off sb
to make someone look or feel older or younger
 Tina's divorce has put years on her.
donkey's yearsatdonkey
1. Everybody admires him for his great sense of humour----everybody, that is, except his six-year-old daughter, Jenny.
    人人都钦佩他那绝妙的幽默感 -- 人人,就是说,除他6岁的女儿珍妮之外的每一个人。

2. Every year I enter for the garden competition too, and I always win a little prize for the worst garden in the town!

3. Eight patients have survived for over five years, and 70 per cent of all Shumway´s transplant cases live for over a year.

4. Every year the United States is host to an average of 78,000 foreign high school level students, of which 3,000 are Brazilian.

5. Every year, on Independence Day, our Prime Minister Nehru spoke of the benefits of science and technology.

6. Edwin Land, one of America's most productive inventors, claimed the idea leading to his invention of the Polaroid camera came from his three-year-old daughter.

7. Eventually, the equivalent of 700,000 trucks a year will be transported through the Chunnel.

8. Earlier this month, Alberto Torres's wife, who had just been laid off from her job, had to have a breast removed due to cancer and now faces a year of radiation treatments.

9. Euro Disney officials said they expected to make a small profit for the financial year ending September 30.

10. Euro Disney said that although attendance levels had been high, "the company anticipates that it will sustain a net loss for the financial year ending September 30, 1992".