美音:[´i:zı ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[´i:zı ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
adj.容易的,安逸的,舒适的,宽裕的,小康的,从容的,宽容的,流畅的 adv.不费力的,轻松,悠闲,慢慢地 n.短暂的休息


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名词:easiness 形容词比较级:easier 最高级:easiest

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/'i:zɪ; `izɪ/ adj (-ier, -iest)
1 not difficult; done or obtained without great effort 容易的; 不难的; 不费力的
*an easy exam 容易的考试
* It is an easy place to reach. 那是个容易到达的地方.
* The place is easy to reach. 那地方容易到达.
2 free from pain, discomfort, anxiety, trouble, etc 不再痛苦的; 舒适的; 安心的; 安逸的
*lead an easy life 过安逸舒适的生活
* My mind is easier now. 现在我安心多了. Cf 参看 ease1 1.
3 [attrib 作定语] not stiff or embarrassed 不生硬的; 不死板的; 不拘束的
*have easy manners 举止从容.
4 [attrib 作定语] readily exploited, cheated, etc 易上当、受骗等的
*an easy victim 容易吃亏的人
* an easy prey 容易受害的人.
5 (idm 习语) as ,easy as `anything/as `pie/as AB`C/as falling off a `log/as `winking (infml 口) very easy or easily 极容易. easy game person or thing that can easily be attacked, exploited or made a victim 容易受攻击的人或事物; 容易吃亏、上当、受害的人. easy/difficult of approach => approach n. ,easy `money money obtained either dishonestly or for little work 横财; 不义之财; 来得容易的钱. ,easy on the `ear/`eye (infml 口) pleasant to listen to or look at 好听的; 好看的
*This music's easy on the ear late at night. 这音乐夜晚听起来很好听. an easy/a soft touch => touch2. free and easy => free1. have an easy time (of it) experience no difficulty in doing sth 在做某事物中无困难. on easy `terms (commerce 商) (of a loan) with a low rate of interest, or (of a purchase) allowing the buyer to pay gradually over a long period (指贷款)低息的; (指购物)分期付款的. I'm `easy (infml 口 esp Brit) (replying when a choice has been offered) I have no preference (当被请求选择时, 回答)我无所谓(都一样). take the easy way out escape from a difficult or an awkward situation by the least demanding (and possibly not the most honourable) course of action 以最省事的做法(可能并非最得体者)回避困难的或尴尬的处境. a woman of easy virtue => woman.

/'i:zɪ; `izɪ/
adv (-ier, -iest)
1 (as a command 用作命令语) move sth gently and slowly 小心而缓慢地移动某事物
*Easy with that chair one of its legs is loose. 搬那把椅子要小心--有一条腿松了.
2 (idm 习语) easier said than done more difficult to do than to talk about 说比做容易
*`Why don't you get yourself a job?'`That's easier said than done.' `你怎么不找个工作呢?'`说起来容易, 找起来难哪.' ,easy `come, ,easy `go (saying 谚) sth, esp money, obtained without difficulty is quickly lost or spent 来得容易, 去得快(尤指钱财)
*I often win money at cards but never save a penny `easy come, easy go' is my motto. 我玩纸牌经常赢, 可一分钱也存不住--我的俗话是`来得容易, 去得快'. `easy/`gently ,does it (infml 口) this job, etc should be done slowly and carefully 要慢些、小心些做这事等
*Take your time; easy does it. 别着急, 慢慢来. ,go `easy (infml 口) work less hard 省点劲儿; 别那么卖力
*You should go easy, you're getting tired. 你要省点劲儿, 会累坏的. go easy on/with sb/sth (infml 口) be careful, gentle or moderate with sb/sth 对某人[某事物]谨慎、从容或有节制
*Go easy on the milk; we all want some. 牛奶要匀着享用, 我们都想要一些.
* You should go easy on (ie be less strict with) that boy; he's only young. 你应该对那个孩子宽容些, 他还小呢. ,stand `easy (as a military command 用作军事口令) stand with more freedom of movement than when at ease (ease1 2) 稍息(比at ease更随便些). take it/things `easy relax; not work too hard or do too much 放松; 不过分努力; 不做过多
*I like to take things easy when I'm on holiday. 我在假日愿意轻松一些.
1. Everything seemed easy.

2. Because I am married to an Italian citizen, establishing residency was easy.

3. This kind of job is of easy availability.

4. The thieves´car was badly damaged and easy to recognize.

5. The detection of crime is not always easy.

6. They were very easy. But I couldn´t answer the rest. They were too difficult for me.
    这些题都非常容易.但是我回答不出其余的问题. 对我来说这些题太难了.

7. The English and Maths papers weren´t easy enough for me. I hope I haven´t failed.
    对我来说英语和数学不很容易. 我希望我不会不及格.

8. There is no easy panacea for our complicated problem.

9. This is not easy, and may require two porpoises working together.

10. The thieves´ car was badly damaged and easy to recognize.