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英音:[flæt ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
adj.平坦的,扁平的,单调的,倒下的,浅的,干脆的,无聊的,无力的 adv.平直地,仰卧地,恰恰,正好,断然地 n.平面,平地,一层,公寓 v.(使)变平,(使)降半音


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形容词比较级:flatter 最高级:flattest 动词过去式:flatted 过去分词:flatted 现在分词:flatting 第三人称单数:flats 名词:flatness 副词:flatly

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apartment  dull  even  horizontal  level  lifeless  off-key  smooth  suite  unmusical  bumpy  rough  sharp  uneven    


/flæt; flæt/
n (esp Brit) (also esp US apartment) set of rooms (living-room, bedroom, kitchen, etc) for living in, usu on one floor of a building 公寓; 单元房; 一套房间
*a new block of flats 一座新的公寓楼
* They're renting a furnished flat on the third floor. 他们租了四楼的一套带家具的房间.
* Many large old houses have now been converted into flats. 许多旧的大房子都己改建成了单元房.

/flæt; flæt/
adj (-tter, -ttest)
1 smooth and level; even 平坦的; 平的
*a flat surface for writing on 可以在上面写字的平面
* The countryside is very flat here, ie has no hills. 这一带农村地势平坦.
2 spread out on a single plane; extending at full length 平的; 平展的; 平伸的
*People used to think that the world was flat; now we know it is round. 从前人们以为地球是平的, 现在知道是圆的.
3 with a broad level surface and little depth 浅的(从上到下距离短的)
*a flat cap 扁帽子
* flat dishes, plates, etc 浅碟子、盘子等
* The cake was flat, ie did not rise while cooking. 这蛋糕没发起来.
4 (of a tyre) not containing enough air, eg because of a puncture; deflated (指车胎)气不足的(如有穿孔), 撒气的.
5 dull; uninteresting; monotonous 枯燥的; 平淡无味的; 单调的
*speak in a flat voice 用平淡的语调说
* He felt a bit flat after his friends had gone. 朋友们走了以後他觉得有些无聊.
6 not having much trade or business 生意清淡的; 萧条的; 不景气的
*The market has been flat today. 今天市场上生意一直很清淡.
7 having a single price for a variety of goods or services (各种商品或服务)价格一律的或统一的
*a flat fare of 70p 一律为70便士的票价
* a flat rate 统一收费率
* flat-rate (ie standard and fixed) contributions 定额捐款.
8 (of a carbonated or gaseous liquid) having lost its gas or effervescence (指充有二氧化碳气或含气的液体)走了气的, 跑了气的
*The lager tastes/has gone flat. 这啤酒喝起来没有气[走气]了.
9 (of a battery) unable to supply any more electric current; run down (指电池)电用完了的.
10 (music 音) (half a tone) lower than true or correct pitch 降(半)音的
*B flat is a semitone below the note B. 降B音比B音低半音.
* Your piano is flat; it needs tuning. 你的钢琴的音低了, 该调一调了. Cf 参看 sharp 12.
11 (a) [usu pred 通常作表语] (of pictures, photographs or colours) without contrast or shading; with no sense of depth or contrast (指图画、照片等)无景深, 无反差; (指颜色)无变化, 单调
*The colours used are flat and unvaried. 使用的颜色既单调又无层次.
* His paintings are deliberately flat, it's part of his style. 他作画刻意用单一色调, 这是他的一种风格.
(b) (of paint) not glossy; matt (指油漆)无光泽的, 不发亮的.
12 absolute; unqualified 绝对的; 断然的; 直截了当的
*[attrib 作定语] give sb a flat denial/refusal 对某人所指断然否认[断然拒绝某人].
13 (of feet) not having normal raised arches (指脚)扁平的, 扁平足的.
14 (idm 习语) and ,that's `flat that's my final decision 这是我的最後决定
*I'm not going out with you and that's flat! 我不跟你出去, 说定了! be in/go into a flat spin; (as) flat as a pancake completely flat 十分平坦或平淡
*The whole landscape looked as flat as a pancake. 整个地形十分平坦.
* The surprise party turned out as flat as a pancake, ie was very disappointing. 这次本想让大家感到惊奇的聚会到头来却十分扫兴.

/flæt; flæt/
1 lower than the true or correct pitch 低于正常的或准确的音
*She sings flat all the time. 她总是唱低了音.
2 stretched out on one level; lying at full length 平坦地; 平伸地; 平躺地
*She lay flat on her back in the warm sunshine. 她在温暖的阳光下平躺着.
* He knocked his opponent flat. 他把对手打倒在地上.
* The earthquake laid the city flat, ie demolished it, making all the buildings fall. 地震把这座城市夷为平地.
3 outright; positively; completely 直截了当; 断然; 完全
*My boss told me flat that I could not leave early. 我的老板明确地告诉我不能早走.
* She went flat against my orders, ie disobeyed or ignored them completely. 她全然无视我的命令.
* I'm flat broke, ie have absolutely no money. 我一贫如洗.
4 (idm 习语) fall flat (of a joke, story, performance, etc) fail completely to produce the effect intended or expected (指笑话、故事、表演等)未达到预期的效果
*All my funny stories fell completely flat. 我讲的有趣的故事都没有人觉得可笑. fall flat on one's face (infml 口) suffer a humiliating and undignified setback, esp after attempting sth that is too ambitious 遭到丢脸的挫折(尤指不自量力者). flat/stony broke => broke2. flat `out
(a) as fast as possible; using all one's strength or resources 尽快地; 全力以赴地; 竭尽全力地
*running, working, training, etc flat out 全速奔跑、竭尽全力地工作、全力以赴地训练.
(b) exhausted 精疲力竭的; 疲惫的
*After running in the marathon, she was flat out for a week. 她参加马拉松比赛後一星期都疲惫不堪. in
10 seconds,
5 minutes, etc `flat in the period of time specified, but always implying an unexpectedly short period of time 才10秒钟、5分钟等
*I can change a tyre in
2 minutes flat. 我只用两分钟就能换上一个轮胎.
* She was out of bed, dressed and at the breakfast table in
50 seconds flat. 她起床、穿衣、坐到饭桌旁, 一共才用了50秒钟.

/flæt; flæt/
1 [sing] the ~ (of sth) flat level part of sth (某物的)平面部分
*the flat of the hand 手掌
* the flat of a sword, a blade, an oar 剑面、刀面、桨面
* on the flat, ie level, not uphill or downhill 在平面上(非上坡或下坡).
2 [C usu pl 通常作复数] level ground; stretch of low flat land, esp near water 平地; 低洼地(尤指近水的)
*`mud flats 泥塘
* `salt flats 盐田.
3 the flat [sing] season of flat racing for horses 平地赛马季节.
4 [C] (music 音) flat2(10) note or sign flat symbol indicating this 降半音符号. =>illus at music 见music插图. Cf 参看 natural 6, sharpn.
5 [C] (esp US infml 口) flat2(4) tyre 撒了气的车胎.
6 movable upright section of stage scenery mounted on a frame 平面布景; 布景屏.
1. Certainly it is more difficult than the arts which involve appreciation of flat forms, shape in only two dimensions.

2. By then, I was flat on my face on the pathway, its dirt against my forehead.

3. Though they may attain considerable accuracy in the perception of flat form.

4. Then a police inspector arrived with a constable and she told them of her discovery of the ransacked flat.

5. The floor is quite flat.

6. The snake twisted, humped up, then became flat.

7. The flat will be refurbished for the new tenants.

8. The open sea was deep and mysterious, and anyone who gave more than a passing thought to the bottom confines of the oceans probably assumed that the sea bed was flat.

9. Though they may attain considerable accuracy in the perception of flat form,

10. Then, her composure regained, she was ready to set off with the porter´s assistance to search for any intruders who might still be lurking in her flat.