美音:[´əuvə ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[´əuvə ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
adv.结束,越过,从头到尾 prep.在...之上,越过 adj.上面的 vt.额外的东西,越过 n.额外的东西


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动词过去式:overed 过去分词:overed 现在分词:overing 第三人称单数:overs

近义词, 同义词




/'əʊvə(r); `ovɚ/
adv part (For special uses with many vs, eg give over, see the relevant v entries. 可与许多动词连用, 如give over, 其释义见各动词词条. )
1 (a) outwards and downwards from an upright position 从直立位置向外和向下
*Don't knock that vase over. 别把那个花瓶碰倒.
* He fell over on the ice. 他摔倒在冰上.
* I wobbled uncertainly for a couple of paces, then over I went. 我踉跄了几步就跌倒了.
* The wind must have blown it over. 一定是风把它吹掉了.
(b) from one side to another side 从一边到另一边
*Turn the patient over onto his front. 把病人翻过去让他俯卧.
* Turn over the page. 把这页翻过去.
* The car skidded off the road and rolled over and over down the slope. 汽车滑出路面, 打着滚翻下坡去.
* After ten minutes, turn the meat over, ie to cook the other side. 烹调十分钟後把肉翻个个儿.
(c) across (a street, an open space, etc) 穿过, 横过(街道、开阔地等)
*Take these letters over to the post office. 把这些信送到对面邮局去.
* Let me row you over to the other side of the lake. 我把你划到湖对岸去吧.
* He has gone over to/is over in France. 他到法国去了.
* Let's ask some friends over, ie to our home. 咱们请几个朋友来吧.
* Put the tray over there. 把托盘放到那边去.
2 (esp US) again 再; 又
*He repeated it several times over (ie again and again) until he could remember it. 他重复了几遍直到记住为止.
* We did the house over (ie redecorated it) and bought new furniture. 我们把房子重新布置一番并买了新家具.
3 left unused; remaining 剩余; 余下
*If there's any food (left) over, put it in the fridge. 食物要是剩下就放进冰箱里.
* I'll have just
10 over when I've paid all my debts. 要是我把债还清了, 我就只剩下10英 镑了. *
7 into
30 goes
4 with
2 over. 用7除30得4余2.
4 in addition; more 加上; ...多
*children of fourteen and over 十四岁和十四岁以上的少年 *
10 metres and a bit over 10米多一点. Cf 参看 under 4.
5 ended 结束; 完结
*Their relationship is over. 他们的关系已经吹了.
* By the time we arrived the meeting was over. 我们到达时, 会议已结束了.
* `It's all over with him (ie He is going to die),' the doctor said gently. `他不行了,'医生轻声地说.
6 (a) (indicating transfer or change from one person, group, place, etc to another 表示转移或更换)
*He's gone over to the enemy, ie joined them. 他已投敌.
* Please change the plates over, ie exchange their positions. 请把盘子调一下.
(b) (used when communicating by radio 用于无线电通话)
*Message received. Over, ie It is your turn to speak. 信息收到. 完毕. (该你说了. )
7 so as to cover (sb/sth) entirely 全部遮盖(某人[某物])
*paint sth over 把某物全部涂上颜料
* The lake is completely frozen over. 湖面全部封冻.
* Cover her over with a blanket. 给她盖好毯子.
8 (idm 习语) (all) over a`gain a second time (from the beginning) (从头)再一次
*He did the work so badly that I had to do it all over again myself. 他干的太差劲了, 我只好亲自重做. over against sth (fml 文) in contrast with sth 与某事物对比
*the benefits of private education over against state education 私人办学比起国家教育的好处. ,over and ,over (a`gain) many times; repeatedly 一再; 多次; 反覆
*I've warned you over and over (again) not to do that. 我已多次告诫过你不要做那件事.
* Say the words over and over to yourself. 把这些话自己重复几遍吧.

/'əʊvə(r); `ovɚ/
prep (For special uses with many vs, eg argue over sth, get over sth, fall over sth, see thev entries. 可与许多动词连用, 如argue over sth get over sth、fall over sth, 其释义见各动词词条. )
1 (not replaceable by above in this sense 此义不可用above替换) resting on the surface of and partly or completely covering (sb/sth) 附于(某人[某物])之上并将之部分或全部遮住
*Spread a cloth over the table. 在桌子上铺上桌布.
* She put a rug over the sleeping child. 她给睡着的孩子盖上了毯子.
* He put his hand over her mouth to stop her screaming. 他伸手捂住她的嘴, 不让她叫喊. => Usage at above2 用法见above2
2 in or to a position higher than but not touching (sb/sth) 在或向(某人[某物])的上方但不接触
*They held a large umbrella over her. 他们给她打着一把大伞.
* The sky was a clear blue over our heads. 我们头顶上是蔚蓝的天空.
* The balcony juts out over the street. 那个阳台伸出于街道上方.
* There was a lamp (hanging) over the table. 桌子上方悬(挂)着一盏灯. Cf 参看 above2 1a, under. => Usage at above2 用法见above2
3 (a) from one side of (sth) to the other; across 从(某物)的一边到另一边; 横越
*a bridge over the river 桥横跨河面
* run over the grass 跑过草地
* escape over the frontier 逃出边界
* look over the hedge 隔着树篱看.
(b) on the far or opposite side of (sth) 在(某物)的远端或对面
*He lives over the road. 他住在马路对过.
* Who lives in that house over the way (ie on the other side of the road or street)? 谁住在路对面那所房子里?
* Over the river is private land. 河的那边是私人的土地.
* (fig 比喻) We're over (ie We have completed) the most difficult stage of the journey. 我们已度过旅程中最困难的阶段.
(c) so as to cross (sth) and be on the other side 越过(某物)到另一边
*climb over a wall 爬过一堵墙
* jump over the stream 跳过小溪
* go over the mountain 翻过那座山.
4 (esp with all 尤与all连用) in or across every part or most parts of (sth/a place) 遍及(某物[某地])各处或大部分
*Snow is falling (all) over the country. 全国各地都在下雪.
* He's famous all over the world. 他名闻全世界.
* He sprinkled sugar over his cereal. 他在麦片粥里撒上了糖.
5 more than (a specified time, amount, cost, etc) 多于, 超过(某时间、数量、价钱等)
3 million copies sold 售出300万份以上
* She stayed in Lagos (for) over a month. 她在拉各斯逗留了一个多月.
* She's over two metres tall. 她身高两米多.
* The river is over fifty kilometres long. 这条河长五十多公里.
* He's over fifty. 他五十开外了. Cf 参看under 4. => Usage at above2 用法见above2
6 (indicating control, command, authority, superiority, etc 表示控制、掌握、权威、优越等)
*He ruled over a great empire. 他统治着一个大帝国.
* She has only the director over her. 她的职位之上只有主任了.
* He has little control over his emotions. 他控制不住自己的感情. Cf 参看 under 5, below.
7 (a) (indicating the passing of time 表示时间流逝) while doing, having, eating, etc (sth); during 在...期间
*discuss it over lunch 吃午饭时商议此事
* He went to sleep over his work. 他干着干着活儿就睡着了.
* We had a pleasant chat over a cup of tea. 我们一边喝茶一边愉快地聊天.
* Over the next few days they got to know the town well. 在随後的几天里他们就一定熟悉那个城市了.
(b) throughout (a period); during 贯穿(一时间段); 在...期间
*stay in Wales over (ie until after) Christmas and the New Year 在威尔士度过圣诞和新年.
8 because of or concerning (sth) 因为, 关于(某事物):an argument over money 因钱而起的争执
* a disagreement over the best way to proceed 对于用哪种方式进行最好而产生的分歧.
9 transmitted by (sth) 通过(某事物)传送
*We heard it over the radio. 我们从无线电广播中听到了这件事.
* She wouldn't tell me over (ie when speaking on) the phone. 她不愿在电话里告诉我.
10 (idm 习语) ,over and a`bove besides; in addition to 此外; 另外
*The waiters get good tips over and above their wages. 服务员除工资外还有不少小费.

/'əʊvə(r); `ovɚ/
n (in cricket) series of six balls bowled in succession from one end of the wicket by the same bowler (板球中)一个投球手一次连续投出的六个球
*dismiss two batsmen in the same over 在一次连续投球中淘汰两名击球手.


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