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adj.后面的,在后面,早过去的,前(欠)的钱 adv.向后地 n.背部,后面 v.后退,支持


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形容词:backless 动词过去式:backed 过去分词:backed 现在分词:backing 第三人称单数:backs

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fore  forth  front    


/bæk; bæk/
1 part or surface of an object that is furthest from the front; part that is less used, less visible or less important 後部; 後面; 背面; 反面
*If you use mirrors you can see the back of your head. 使用两个镜子能看见自己的头的後部.
* The index is at the back (of the book). 索引在(书的)末尾.
* The child sat in the back (of the car) behind the driver. 那孩子坐在(汽车的) 後部, 司机身後的位置上.
* I was at the back (of the cinema) and couldn't see well. 我坐在(电影院的)後排, 所以看不好.
* Write your address on the back (of the cheque). 把你的地址写在(支票的)背面.
* a room at the back of the house 房屋内靠後面的一个房间
* a house with a garden at the back 有後花园的房屋
* You can't cut with the back of the knife. 用刀背就无法切割.
* the back of one's hand, ie the side with the nails and the knuckles 手背. Cf 参看 front 1.
2 (a) rear part of the human body from the neck to the buttocks; spine 人体的背部; 脊椎骨
*He lay on his back and looked up at the sky. 他仰卧着观>看天空.
* She broke her back in a climbing accident. 她在一次攀登事故中折断了脊梁骨.
(b) part of an animal's body that corresponds to this 动物的脊背
*Fasten the saddle on the horse's back. 把鞍子系在马背上. =>illus at horse 见horse之插图.
3 part of a garment covering the back 後襟.
4 part of a chair against which a seated person's back rests 椅子的靠背; 椅背. =>illus at App
1 见附录1之插图, page xvi.
5 (in football, etc) defensive player whose position is near the goal (足球等)後卫.
6 (idm 习语) at the back of one's mind in one's thoughts, but without being of immediate or central concern 在内心中(但并非急事或要事)
*At the back of his mind was the vague idea that he had met her before. 他隐隐约约地觉得以前曾经见过她. the ,back of bey`ond an isolated place, far from a centre of social and cultural activity 与外界隔绝的地方; 远离闹市的地方
*They live somewhere at the back of beyond. 他们住的地方远离闹市. ,back to `back with back against back 背靠背
*Stand back to back and let's see who's taller. 背靠背站好, 看看谁的个子高. ,

/bæk; bæk/
adj (esp attrib and in compounds; no comparative or superlative 尤用于定语及复合词中; 无比较级或最高级)
1 situated behind 位置在後的
*a back garden 後花园
* the back door 後门
* back teeth 槽牙
* `back streets, ie usu narrow streets in a poor part of a town 後街(通常指城镇贫民区中狭窄的街道).
2 (a) of or for a past time 以前的; 过去的
*back issues of a magazine 过期的杂志.
(b) owed for a time in the past; overdue 拖欠的; 逾期的
*back pay/taxes/rent 积欠的工资[税款/租金].
3 (phonetics 语音) (of a vowel) formed at the back of the mouth (指元音)後元音的.
4 (idm 习语) put sth on the back burner (infml 口) put work, etc aside to be dealt with later 将工作等暂时搁置留待以後处理. by/through the back door in an unfair illegal way 走後门(采取不正当不合法的手段)
*He used his influential friends to help him get into the civil service by the back door. 他利用那些有权有势的朋友帮助他走後门, 到政府行政部门任职.

/bæk; bæk/
adv part
1 (a) towards or at the rear; away from the front or centre 往後; 在後; 在背面
*Stand back to allow the procession to pass. 往後站, 让队伍通过.
* Sit well back in your chair. 靠着椅背坐好.
* You've combed your hair back. 你已把头发梳到後面.
* The house stands back (ie at some distance) from the road. 那房屋离>公路有一段距离.
* We passed a garage, about a mile back. 我们经过了一个汽车服务站, 大约有一英里远了. Cf 参看 forward1 1.
(b) under control 控制住; 忍住
*He could no longer hold back his tears. 他再也忍不住自己的眼泪.
* The barriers failed to hold/keep the crowds back. 那些障碍物未能拦住群众.
2 (a) in(to) an earlier position, condition or stage 在(回到)以前的位置、状况或阶段
*Put the book back on the shelf. 把书放回到书架上.
* Please give me my ball back. 请把球还给我.
* My aunt is just back (ie has just returned) from Paris. 我姨妈刚从巴黎回来.
* It takes me an hour to walk there and back. 我步行一个来回用一小时.
* We shall be back (ie home again) by six o'clock. 我们六点钟回来.
* The party expects to be back in power after the election. 该党希望大选以後能重新掌权.
(b) (of time) ago; into the past (指时间)以前, 上溯
*(way) back in the Middle Ages 上溯到中世纪
* That was a few years back. 那是几年以前的事.
3 in return 回报
*If he kicks me, I'll kick him back. 他若踢我, 我就踢他.
* Jane wrote him a long letter, but he never wrote back. 简给他写了封长信, 然而他一直没有回信.
* She smiled at him, and he smiled back. 她向他微笑, 他也向她微笑.
4 (idm 习语) back and `forth from one place to another and back again repeatedly 来回地
*ferries sailing back and forth between Dover and Calais 往返于多佛港和加来港之间的渡船. (in) back of sth (US infml 口) behind sth 在某物的後面
*the houses back of the church 位于教堂後面的房屋.

/bæk; bæk/
1 [I, Ipr, Ip, Tn, Tn.pr, Tn.p] (cause sth to) move backwards (使某物)後退
*back (a car) out of/into the garage, onto the road, into (ie hitting) a tree 开倒车驶出[驶入]车房、驶上公路、撞着一棵树.
2 [Ipr, Tn] ~ (on/onto) sth face sth at the back 背对着某物
*Our house backs on(to) the river. 我们的房子背靠着河.
3 [Tn]
(a) give help or support to (sb/sth) 帮助, 支持 某人[某事] 
*She's the candidate who is backed by the Labour Party. 她是工党支持的候选人.
(b) give financial support to (sb/sth) 给 某人[某事物] 以财务上的支持
*Who is backing the film? 谁是那影片的赞助人?
4 [Tn] bet money on (a horse, greyhound, etc) 下赌注于(赛马、赛狗等)
*I backed four horses but won nothing. 我在四匹马上下了注, 但全都输了.
* Did anyone back the winner? 有人下注下在最後胜出的这匹马上了吗?
* The favourite was heavily backed, ie Much money was bet on its winning the race. 在那匹热门马上下了重注.
5 [Tn, Tn.pr esp passive 尤用于被动语态] ~ sth (with sth) cover the back of sth; be a lining to sth 覆盖某物的背面; 作某物的衬里
*The photograph was backed with cardboard. 照片背面衬上了一层纸板.
6 [Tn] sign (sth) on the back as a promise to pay if necessary; endorse 在背面签字作为可根据需要随时付 款的担保; 背书
*back a bill, note, etc 在单据、票据等上背书.
7 [I] (of wind) change gradually in an anti-clockwise direction (eg from E to NE to N) (指风向)循反时针方向逐渐改变(如由东风转为东北风再转为北风). Cf 参看 veer 2.
8 (idm 习语) ,back the wrong `horse support the loser (in a contest) 下错了赌注; 支持(竞赛中的)输家.
9 (phr v) back away (from sb/sth) move backwards in fear or dislike 因害怕或厌恶而後退
*The child backed away from the big dog. 那个孩子看见大狗就向後退了. back `down; US back `off give up a claim to sth; yield 放弃对某事物的要求; 屈服
*He proved that he was right and his critics had to back down. 他证明了他是正确的, 而那些非难他的人不得不收起他们那一套. back out (of sth) withdraw from (an agreement, a promise, etc) 不履行(协议、承诺等)
*It's too late to back out (of the deal) now. 现


Kallebäck is one of 8 districts in Örgryte borough, Gothenburg, Sweden.
1. Everyone knows that if he shouts in the vicinity of a wall or a mountainside, an echo will come back.

2. Before returning home at night, he took a shower and changed back into his suit.

3. Because of this, we kept looking back, wondering if we were leaving a trail of oil and petrol behind us.

4. Before we had time to worry about what might happen, we were back on the plain again.

5. Before returning home at night, he took a shower and changed back into his suit.

6. By January 10th, I was back to where I had started from.

7. Back in the train, we told each other what a wonderful time we had had that day.

8. But I am going to buy them all back again now!"

9. Back in the early 1960s, when the laser was first being developed, it was viewed by some as a fascinating research tool, others called it a science-fiction toy.

10. But hardly had he eaten the last mouthful when he was back in his study again.