美音:[rı´zə:v ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[rı´zə:v ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.储备(物),储藏量,预备队 vt.储备,保存,保留,预定,预约


reserve为中学词汇   词频:3142


名词:reserver 动词过去式:reserved 过去分词:reserved 现在分词:reserving 第三人称单数:reserves 形容词:reservable


serv=to serve(服务),to keep(保持)

近义词, 同义词


hold  keep  preserve  put-aside  save  store    


/rɪ'zɜ:v; rɪ`zɝv/
v [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (for sb/sth)
1 put aside or keep sth for a later occasion or special use 保留或储备某物
*Reserve your strength for the climb. 留点力气准备攀登吧.
* These seats are reserved for special guests. 这些座位是留给贵宾的.
2 have or keep (a specified power); retain 具有或保持(某种权利); 保留
*The management reserves the right to refuse admission. 资方有权拒绝接纳.
* (law 律) All rights reserved, eg for the publisher of the book, record, etc. 版权所有.
3 order or set aside (seats, accommodation, etc) for use by a particular person at a future time; book 预订或保留(座位、住处等); 订购
*reserve tickets, rooms, couchettes 预订票、房间、卧 
* reserve a table for two in the name of Hill 以希尔的名字预订一个双座的桌位
* Is your holiday a reserved booking, sir? 先生, 您来度假办理预订手续了吗?
4 (idm 习语) reserve (one's) `judgment (on sb/sth) (fml 文) delay giving an opinion, eg until the matter has become clearer 暂不表态(如有待事情明朗化).

/rɪ'zɜ:v; rɪ`zɝv/
1 [C usu pl 通常作复数] thing put aside or kept for later use; extra amount available when needed 储备(物); 储备量
*dwindling oil reserves 日渐减少的石油储量
* have great reserves of capital, energy, stock 储备有大量资金、能源、物资
* the `gold reserve, ie to support the issue of banknotes 黄金储备
* [attrib 作定语] a reserve (petrol) tank 备用(汽)油箱
* The champion drew on his reserve strength to win in the last
50 yards. 那个冠军在最後的50码使出全部力气争取胜利.
2 (a) the Reserve [sing] forces outside the regular armed services and liable to be called out in an emergency 预备役部队; 後备军.
(b) reserves [pl] military forces kept back, for use when needed 後备部队
*commit one's reserves to the battle 将後备部队投入战斗.
3 [C] extra player chosen in case a substitute is needed in a team 替补队员.
4 [C]
(a) area of land reserved esp as a habitat for nature conservation 保留用地; (尤指)自然保护区
*a `bird, `game, `wildlife, etc reserve鸟类、猎物、野生动物等保护区.
(b) similar area of land reserved for occupation by a native tribe (土著部落的)专用居留地
*`Indian reserves, eg on the Amazon 印第安部落的居留地(如亚马逊河沿岸的).
5 [U] limitation on one's agreement with a plan, acceptance of an idea, etc (在同意某计画、接受某意见时所加的)限制条件, 保留
*We accept your statement without reserve, ie fully. 我们毫无保留地接受你的意见.
* He spoke without reserve (ie freely) of his time in prison. 他毫无保留地(直言不讳地)述说了他在监狱中的事.
6 [C] (also reserve price) (Brit) (US upset price) lowest price that will be accepted, esp for an item at an auction 底价(尤指拍卖时的)
*put a reserve of £95000 on a house 把一所房子的底价定为95000英镑
* The Van Gogh failed to reach its reserve and was withdrawn. 凡高的画因出价未达拍卖底价而收回.
7 [U] tendency to avoid showing one's feelings and appear unsociable to other people; restraint 矜持; 落落寡合; 自制
*For once, she lost/dropped her customary reserve and became quite lively. 这次, 她一反平素的沉默寡言, 表现得很活跃.
* A few drinks broke through his reserve. 他喝了点酒之後那矜持态度消失了.
8 (idm 习语) in re`serve kept back unused, but available if needed 储存; 留以备用
*funds kept/held in reserve 备用金.
1. This Central American country has one of the most ambitious programs in the world to reserve the ecological diversity of its tropical rain forests.

2. Her reserve had been intolerable even to those neighbours who were full of pity and kindly intentions.

3. Do you always reserve a room in advance?

4. Yes, I always reserve a suite.

5. Modern means of communication have enabled the travellers to reserve a plane seat or a hotel room from a long distance.

6. For better or worse, qualities such as friendliness or reserve, plainness or charm may be suggested by your name and conveyed to other people before they even meet you.