美音:[həuld ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[həuld ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.把握,把持力,柄,控制,监禁,掌握,货舱 vt.拿着,保存,支持,占据,持有,拥有 vi.支持,保持,有效 n.控制,保留


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动词过去式:held 过去分词:held 现在分词:holding 第三人称单数:holds

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apply  assume  bear  carry  cling-to  clutch  consider  contain  grasp  grip  have  keep  maintain  occupy  presume  regard  retain  stand-up  support  suppose  surmise  think  drop    


/həʊld; hold/
v (pt, pp held / held; hZld/)
1 [Tn, Tn.pr] take and keep or support (sb/sth) in one's arms, hands, teeth, etc 拿住, 抓住, 抱住, 咬住, 托住, 支撑住(某人[某物])
*The girl was holding her father's hand. 那女孩抓住她父亲的手.
* The lovers held each other tight. 这一对情侣紧紧地搂抱着.
* They were holding hands, ie holding each other's hands. 他们手握着手.
* She was holding an umbrella. 她拿着一把伞.
* She held me by the sleeve. 她抓住我的袖子.
* She was holding the baby in her arms. 她抱着婴儿.
* He held the rope in his teeth as he climbed the tree. 他爬树时用牙齿咬着绳子.
2 [Tn]
(a) bear the weight of (sb/sth); support 承受(某人[某物])的重量; 支承
*Is that branch strong enough to hold you/your weight? 那树枝经得住你[你的重量]吗?
(b) restrain or control (sb/sth) 约束或控制(某人[某事物])
*Try to hold the thief until the police arrive. 设法看管好这个小偷, 等警察到来.
* The dam gave way; it was not strong enough to hold the flood waters. 水坝坍塌了; 它不够坚固, 挡不住洪水.
3 [Tn.pr, Tn.p, Cn.a] keep (oneself/sb/sth) in the specified position or condition 使(自己[某人/某物])保持在某一位置或某种状况
*The wood is held in position by a clamp. 木头用钳夹固定住了.
* Hold your head up. 把头抬起来.
* Hold your arms out. 把手臂伸出来.
* It took three nurses to hold him down while they gave him the injection. 给他打针时, 用了三个护士才把他按住.
* She held out her hand to take the rope. 她伸手去抓那根绳子.
* Hold yourself still for a moment while I take your photograph. 你不要动, 我给你拍照.
4 (a) [I] remain secure or in position 保持稳定或固定
*How long will the anchor hold? 这锚能稳住多久?
* I don't think the shelf will hold if we put anything else on it. 我看再放上其他东西那架子就不稳了.
(b) remain unchanged; last 持续; 维持
*How long will this fine weather hold? 这样的好天气能维持多久?
* If their luck holds, they could still win the championship. 他们假若能继续交好运, 还能获得冠军.
(c) continue to be true or valid 继续适用; 继续有效
*The offer I made to you last week still holds. 上星期我向你提供的建议仍然有效.
* The argument still holds. 该论据仍然站得住脚.
5 [Tn] (of the wheels of a car, etc) maintain a grip of (a corner, road, etc) (指汽车等的轮子)贴紧, 咬住(拐角、道路等)
*My new car holds the road well. 我的新汽车贴路性能很好.
6 [Tn] have enough space for (sth/sb); contain 可容纳(某物[某人]); 包含
*This barrel holds
25 litres. 这个桶能装25升.
* Will this suitcase hold all my clothes? 这只衣箱装得下我所有的衣物吗?
* I don't think the car will hold you all. 我看这辆汽车坐不下你们这些人.
* My brain can't hold so much information at one time. 我脑子一下子记不住这么多信息.
* (fig 比喻) Who knows what the future holds for us? 谁能知道我们未来会如何?
7 [Tn] defend (sth) against military attack; keep possession of 守卫(某物); 据守
*hold a fort, garrison, etc 据守堡垒、要塞等
* The town was held against frequent enemy attacks. 该城抵御了敌人一次又一次的进攻.
* The Tory candidate held the seat, but with a greatly reduced majority. 保守党的候选人保住了席位, 然而在得票上所占的优势却大为减少.
8 [Tn, Cn.n] keep (sb) and not allow him to leave 拘留(某人)
*Police are holding two men in connection with last Thursday's bank robbery. 警方拘留了两名与上星期四的银行劫案有关的人.
* The terrorists are holding three men hostage. 恐怖分子把三个人扣为人质.
* He was held prisoner throughout the war. 他在战争期间一直被囚禁着.
9 [Tn] have ownership of (sth); possess 握有(某事物); 占有
*An American conglomerate holds a major share in the company. 一家美国的大联合企业持有该公司的大部分股份.
10 [Tn] have the position of (sth); occupy 担任(某职位); 占据
*She has now held the post of Prime Minister longer than anyone else this century. 她现在当首相任期之长在本世纪是前所未有的.
* How long has he held office? 他已任职多长时间了?
11 [Tn] have (sth) as sth one has gained 获得, 博得, 赢得, 持有(某事物)
*She holds the world record for the long jump. 她保持着跳远世界纪录.
12 [Tn] keep (sb's attention or interest) by being interesting 使(某人的注意力或兴趣)不减
*A good teacher must be able to hold her pupils' attention. 优秀的教师一定能吸引住学生.
13 [Tn] have (a belief, an opinion, a view, etc) 怀有, 持有(某种信念、见解、观点 等)
*He holds strange views on religion. 他对宗教问题持有奇怪的看法.
* I hold the view that the plan cannot work. 我认为那个计画不可行.
14 [Tf, Cn.a, Cn.t] (fml 文) believe, consider or regard 相信; 认为; 视作
*I hold that the government's economic policies are mistaken. 我认为政府的经济政策是错误的.
* I hold the parents responsible for their child's behaviour. 我认为父母应对子女的行为负责.
* I hold him to be a fool. 我认为他是个傻瓜.
15 [Tn] cause (a meeting, conference, etc) to take place 召开, 举行(会议、大会等)
*The meeting will be held in the community centre. 会议将在社区活动中心举行.
* We hold a general election every four or five years. 我们每四五年举行一次大选.
* The Motor Show is usually held in October. 汽车展览会通常在十月份举行.
16 [Tn]
(a) (of a ship or an aircraft) continue to move in (a particular direction) (指船只或飞行器)继续朝(某一方向)航行
*The ship is holding a south-easterly course. 船只继续朝东南方向航行.
(b) (of a singer) continue to sing (a note) (指歌唱者)继续唱(某音符)
*hold a high note 持续唱着高音.
17 [I, Tn] wait until the person one has telephoned is ready to speak 等对方接电话
*Mr Crowther's extension is engaged at the moment; will you hold (the line)? 克劳瑟先生的电话分机正占着线呢, 您稍等一下好吗?
18 (idm 习语) hold `good remain true or valid 仍然适用; 仍然有效
*The same argument doesn't hold good in all cases. 同一论点并非对所有情况都适用. `hold it (infml 口) (used to ask sb to wait, or not to move 用以请求某人等候或不要活动)
*Hold it a second I don't think everyone's arrived yet. 稍等片刻吧--我看人还没有到齐呢. there is no holding sb sb cannot be prevented from doing sth 什么也拦不住某人做某事
*Once she gets onto the subject of politics there's no holding her. 她一谈起政治, 就没完没了. (For other idioms containing hold, see entries for ns, adjs, etc 与hold搭配的其他习语见有关名词、形容词等的词条, 如 hold the fort => fort; hold sb/sth dear => dear. )
19 (phr v) hold sth against sb (infml 口) allow sth to influence one's judgement or opinion of sb 让某事物影响自己对某人的评价或看法
*He's afraid that his criminal record will be held against him when he applies for jobs. 他担心自己有前科不好找工作.
* I don't hold it against him that he votes Conservative. 我并不因为他投了保守党的票而对他有看法.

/həʊld; hold/
1 (a) [sing] act or manner of holding sb/sth; grasp; grip 拿; 抓; 抱; 咬; 托; 支撑
*She kept a firm hold of her little boy's hand as they crossed the road. 横过马路时, 她紧紧地牵着她那小男孩的手.
* He lost his hold on the rope. 他未能抓住绳索.
(b) [C] particular way of holding an opponent, etc 抓紧对手等的某种方式; 擒拿(法)
*wrestling holds 摔交中的擒拿法.
2 [sing] ~ (on/over sb/sth) influence 影响
*He has a tremendous hold over his younger brother. 他对他弟弟很有影响.
3 [sing] ~ (on sb/sth) power or control of sb/sth 左右某人[某事物]的能力; 对某人[某事物]的控制
*The military has tightened its hold on the country. 军方加强了对这个国家的控制.
4 [C] place where a climber can put his hands or feet when climbing 攀登者可手攀或脚踏之处
*There are very few holds on the cliff face. 峭壁的正面可供手攀或脚踏的地方很少. Cf 参看 foothold (foot).
5 (idm 习语) catch, get, grab, seize, take, etc `hold of sb/sth take sb/sth in the hands 抓住、拿住、握住某人[某物]
*I threw the rope and he caught hold of it. 我把绳子扔了过去, 他一把就抓住了.
* I managed to grab hold of the jug before it fell. 我设法抓住了那个罐子才未跌落. get hold of sb/sth (infml 口)
(a) find and use sth 找到某物以供使用
*Do you know where I can get hold of a second-hand carpet cleaner? 你知道我在哪里可以弄到旧的地毯除尘器吗?
* Wherever did you get hold of that idea? 你那想法究竟是从哪里来的?
(b) contact or find sb 与某人联系; 找到某人
*I've been trying to get hold of her for days but she's never at home. 我找了她好几天, 她始终不在家.

/həʊld; hold/
hollow part of a ship below the deck, where cargo is stored 货舱.


The Dreamhold is an interactive fiction game by Andrew Plotkin released in 2004. Its primary purpose is to be a tutorial to IF, and because of that the "core" of the game is relatively easy to finish.
1. But her teammate almost dropped it. Wilma had to stop to get a good hold on the stick.
    但是她的队员已经掉了, 威尔玛不得不停下来抓住接力棒。

2. Bagrit foresaw a time when computers would be small enough to hold in the hand,

3. Born June 5, 1952, in St. Louis, the oldest of three daughters, she started drawing almost as soon as she could hold a pencil.

4. We decided to hold the meeting in the hall.

5. Worry is a spasm of the emotion; the mind catches hold of something and will not let it go.

6. With the hand held high in the air, hold the string so that the weight nearly touches the ground.

7. Without the air to hold some of the sun´s heat, the earth would be freezing cold at night, too cold for us to live. 2

8. They hold no religious creed.

9. The kings of ancient Egypt planned strong tombs to keep their bodies safe after death and to hold their treasures.

10. The third happened to take hold of the elephant´s trunk, "both of you are entirely wrong," he said.