美音:[´bɔtəm ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[´bɔtəm ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.底,底部,尽头,末端 adj.底部的 vt.装底,查明真相,测量深浅 vi.到达底部,建立基础


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名词:bottomer 动词过去式:bottomed 过去分词:bottomed 现在分词:bottoming 第三人称单数:bottoms

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base  foundation  summit  surface  top    


/'bɒtəm; `bɑtəm/
1 [C usu sing 通常作单数] lowest part or point of sth 物体最低的部分或最低点
*the bottom of a hill, mountain, slope, valley, etc 丘、山、坡、谷等的底部
* The telephone is at the bottom of the stairs. 电话在楼梯下面.
* There are tea leaves in the bottom of my cup. 我的杯底有茶叶.
* The book I want is (right) at the bottom of the pile. 我要的那本书(就)在这堆书底下.
* Sign your name at the bottom of the page, please. 请在这一页的下方签上你的名字.
2 [C usu sing 通常作单数] part on which sth rests; underside 物体最低的部位; 底面
*The manufacturer's name is on the bottom of the plate. 制造厂商的名称在盘子背面.
3 [C] part of the body on which one sits; buttocks 臀部; 屁股
*fall on one's bottom 摔倒时屁股着地
* smack a child's bottom 打孩子的屁股.
4 [sing] farthest part or point (of sth); far end (of sth) 最远的部分; 最远点
*There's a pub at the bottom of the road. 路的尽头有一家酒馆.
* The tool shed is at the bottom of the garden, ie at the end farthest from the house. 工具房在花园的尽里头.
5 [sing] (person or group in the) lowest position in a class, list, etc (处于等级、名单等)最低位置(的人或团体)
*He was always bottom of the class in maths. 他的数学成绩在班上总是垫底.
* Our team came/was bottom of the league last season. 我们队在上季度的联赛中排名最後.
* She started at the bottom and worked her way up to become manager of the company. 她从最低的位置干起, 通过努力终于当上了公司的经理.
6 [sing] ground under a sea, lake or river (海洋、湖泊或河流的)底
*The water is very deep here, I can't touch (the) bottom. 这儿水很深, 我摸不着底.
* The `Titanic' went to the bottom, ie sank. `提坦'号客轮沉入海底了.
7 [C] ship's hull; keel 船身; (船的)龙骨.
8 [C usu pl 通常作复数] lower part of a two-piece garment (两件一套的服装的)下件
*pyjama bottoms 睡裤
* track suit bottoms 运动裤.
9 [U] lowest gear 最低挡
*drive up a steep hill in bottom 用低挡驶上陡峭的山.
10 (idm 习语) at bottom in reality; really; basically 其实; 实际上; 基本上
*He seems aggressive but at bottom he is kind and g

adj [attrib 作定语]
1 in the lowest or last position 最低的; 最後的
*the bottom line (on a page) (一页的)最末一行
* the bottom rung (of a ladder) (梯子的)最下一级
* the bottom step (of a flight of stairs) (一段阶梯的)最下一级
* Put your books on the bottom shelf. 把你的书放在最下层的架子上.
* go up a hill in bottom gear 用低挡上山.
2 (idm 习语) bet one's bottom dollar => bet.

v (phr v) bottom out (commerce 商) (of prices, shares, etc) reach the lowest level (指物价、股票价格等)跌落最低水平
*There is no sign that the recession has bottomed out yet. 没有迹象表明萧条已经到了极点.


a humorous character who is changed into a donkey in Shakespeare's play A Midsummer Night's Dream
1. But it is the real bottom line in every area of society and a discipline we must demand of ourselves.

2. What´s at the bottom of it?

3. There are many oval stones at the bottom of the stream.

4. The open sea was deep and mysterious, and anyone who gave more than a passing thought to the bottom confines of the oceans probably assumed that the sea bed was flat.

5. The sea bed was scoured with powerful nets and there was tremendous excitement on board when a chest was raised from the bottom.

6. The bottom line is: If you don't really learn it now, you'll probably have to learn it later!

7. This is "bottom up".

8. Taking directions from my "coach", who was standing at the bottom of the tower, I tightened my helmet, closed my eyes and leaped into the air.

9. Keeping his body twisted so that his gun still pointed at the fat man and his guest, Max grasped the window frame and heaved his other leg up and over the bottom of the window.

10. He had spotted a tiny bottle at the bottom of my case and he pounced on it with delight.