美音:[feıs ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[feıs ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.脸,面容,表情,威信,正面,地形,外观 vt.面对,面向,面临,承认,抹盖 vi.朝,向


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名词:facelessness 动词过去式:faced 过去分词:faced 现在分词:facing 第三人称单数:faces 形容词:faceable

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brave  confront  countenance  encounter  expression  look  meet  oppose  back    


/feɪs; fes/
1 front part of the head from the forehead to the chin 脸; 面孔
*a pretty, handsome, etc face 漂亮的、英俊的...面孔
* Go and wash your face. 去把脸洗一洗.
* He was so ashamed that he hid his face in his hands. 他羞愧得用手把脸蒙住.
* I saw many familiar/strange faces, ie people whom I recognized/did not recognize. 我看见很多熟悉的[陌生的]面孔.
2 expression shown on a face 面部表情; 脸色
*a sad face 悲伤的面容
* smiling faces 笑脸
* She had a face like thunder, ie She looked very angry. 她满面怒气.
* You are a good judge of faces, ie You can judge a person's character by (the expression on) his face. 你很会根据人的相貌(表情)来判断人的性格.
3 (a) surface or side (of sth) (某事物的)表面, 面
*A cut diamond has many faces. 经切割的钻石有很多晶面.
* They disappeared from/off the face of the earth, ie totally disappeared. 他们从地面上消失了(全部消失了).
* The team climbed the north face of the mountain. 那小队攀登山的北坡.
(b) front or main side (of sth) (某事物的)正面, 主要的一面
*the face of a clock 钟的面
* He put the cards face down on the table. 他把纸牌面向下放在桌上.
(c) = coal-face (coal).
(d) surface that is used for hitting, working, etc esp the striking-surface of a bat or the working-surface of a tool 用以打击、工作等的面(尤指球拍或工具的面).
4 = typeface (type2).
5 (idm 习语) be staring sb in the face => stare. cut off one's nose to spite one's face => nose1. one's face falls one's expression shows disappointment, dismay, etc 脸沉下来(表示失望、沮丧等)
*Her face fell when she heard the news. 她听到这个消息脸都沉下来了. face to face (with sb/sth) close to and looking at (sb/sth) 面对面地看(某人[某事物])
*His ambition was to meet his favourite pop star face to face. 他心向往之的是要面对面地见见他心目中的流行曲歌星.
* The burglar turned the corner and found himself face to face with a policeman. 盗贼一拐弯面对面地碰上个警察.
* The two rival politicians came/were brought face to face in a TV interview. 那两个对立的政客面对面地一起接受电视访问. fall flat on one's face => flat3. fly in the face of sth => fly2. grind the faces of the poor => grind. have, etc egg on/all over one's face => egg1. have the face (to do sth) (infml 口) be bold or impudent enough 竟然有脸或胆敢(做某事)
*How can you have the face to ask for more money when you do so little work? 你干这么少工作还有脸多要钱? have one's face lifted have a face-lift(1) (做面部除皱纹)整容; 做面部拉皮手术. in the face of sth
(a) in spite of sth 不顾某事物
*succeed in the face of danger 不惧危险地完成
* continue in the face of criticism 不顾批评而继续干.
(b) confronted by sth 面对某事物
*We are powerless in the face of such forces. 面对这样强大的力量, 我们无能为力. keep a straight face => straight1. laugh in sb's face => laugh. laugh on the other side of one's face => laugh. a long face => long1. look sb in the eye/face => eye1. lose face => lose. make/pull `faces/a `face (at sb) grimace (at sb); pull the face into amusing, rude, disgusted, etc expressions (对某人)做鬼脸, 扮怪相
*The schoolboy made a face at his teacher's back. 那个男生对着教师的背後做个鬼脸.
* The clowns pulled funny faces. 小丑扮出了可笑的鬼脸. not just a pretty face => pretty. on the `face of it (infml 口) judging by appearances 就表面判断
*On the face of it, he seems to be telling the truth though I suspect he's hiding something. 表面上看, 他似乎说的是实话, 可我怀疑他有隐情. plain as the nose on one's face => plain1. put a bold, brave, good, etc `face on sth accept (bad news, etc) courageously, pretending that it is not as bad as it is 装出满不在乎的样子面对(坏消息等)
*Her exam results were disappointing but she tried to put a brave face on it. 她的考试成绩令人失望, 但却装出若无其事的样子. put one's `face on (infml joc 口, 谑) apply make-up to one's face 往脸上涂化妆品. save face => save1. set one's face against sb/sth be determined to oppose sb/sth 坚决反对某人[某事物]
*You shouldn't set your face against all forms of progress. 你不应该硬是反对各种进步形式. show one's face => show2. shut/slam the door in sb's face => door. shut one's mouth/face => shut. a slap in the face => slap n. till one is blue in the face => blue1. to sb's `face openly and directly so that sb can hear 当着某人的面
*I am so angry that I'll tell him to his face what I think of him. 我气得要当面把我对他的想法告诉他.
* They called their teacher `Fatty' but never to his face. 他们把自己的老师叫作`胖子', 但却从未当面叫过. Cf 参看 behind sb's back (back1). wipe sth off the face of the earth => wipe.

/feɪs; fes/
1 [Tn] have or turn the face towards (sb/sth); be opposite to 面对或面向(某人[某事物]); 正对; 朝
*Turn round and face me. 转过身来面对着我.
* Who's the man facing me? 面向着我的那个男人是谁?
* The window faces the street. 那窗户面临着街道.
* The picture faces page 10. 该图在第10页的对面.
* `Which way does your house face?' `It faces south.' `你的房子朝着那个方向?'`朝南.'
2 [Tn] meet (sb/sth) confidently or defiantly without trying to avoid sb/sth 毅然相对(某人[某事物]); 对付、应付某人[某事物]
*He turned to face his attackers. 他转过身来对付那些攻击者.
* (fig 比喻) face dangers 应付危险的事物
* face one's responsibilities 正视自己的责任
* face facts, ie accept the situation that exists 面对事实(承认现状).
3 [Tn] require the attention of (sb/sth); confront 要求(某人[某事物])的注意; 面临
*the problems that face the Government 政府面临的难题.
4 [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (with sth) cover sth with a layer of different material 在某物上覆盖一层另一种材料
*face a wall (with plaster) (用灰泥)涂墙壁.
5 (idm 习语) about/left/right face (US) = about/ left/ right turn (turn1) . face a charge (of sth)/face `charges be forced to appear in court accused of sth 被控某事物须出庭受审
*face serious charges, a charge of shoplifting 被控严重罪名、入店行窃之罪. face the `music (infml 口) accept the criticisms, unpleasant consequences, etc that follow a decision or action of one's own 由于自己的决定或行动而接受批评、承担後果等
*You've been caught cheating now you must face the music. 你的骗局已经戳穿--这下子你得自食其果了. let's `face it (infml 口) we must acknowledge that... 我们得承认...
*Let's face it, we won't win whatever we do. 我们得承认, 怎么做都不行.
6 (phr v) face up to sth accept and deal with sth unpleasant or demanding honestly and bravely 诚实而勇敢地承认和处理令人不快的或困难的事物
*He must face up to the fact that he is no longer young. 他应该勇于正视自己不再年轻这一事实.
* She's finding it difficult to face up to the possibility of an early death. 她面临可能早逝而手足无措.
1. Every time a packet left her hands, the hateful yellow face of the officer who had taken her son away flared up in her mind.

2. Bill: Wow! You´re right! That´s really funky You´re got some growth on your face, too, don´t you?

3. By then, I was flat on my face on the pathway, its dirt against my forehead.

4. But then Sam lets go of the swing. He flies into the air and lands face down in the dirt.

5. We have to face facts.

6. We are willing to face any hardship or peril.

7. When he got there he found the clock so high up that he could not see the figures on the face distinctly.

8. We looked at old Maggie and saw that her poor face was as white as a sheet.

9. When at last he turned, sweat streaming down his face and into his neckerchief, the creature had gone.

10. When I am finished, I pull a chair up beside the bed to face her and, taking her free hand between mine, again notice the long, thin fingers.