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/naɪt; naɪt/
n [C, U]
1 time of darkness between sunset and sunrise 夜; 夜里; 夜间; 夜晚; 晚上
*in/during the night 在夜里
* on Sunday night 在星期日晚上
* on the night of Friday
13 June 在6月13日星期五夜晚
* a late-night show at the cinema, ie one given much later than the other shows 深夜场电影
* Night fell, ie It became dark. 天黑了.
* He stayed three nights at the hotel, ie slept there for three nights. 他在旅馆住了三夜.
* Can you stay the night/stay over night (ie spend the night here)? 你能在这里过夜吗?
2 evening on which a specified activity takes place 进行某项活动的夜晚
*the first night of a play 戏剧的首演夜场
* the last night of the Proms 逍遥音乐会的告别夜场.
3 (idm 习语) all night (long) throughout the whole night 整夜; 通宵; 彻夜. all right on the night => right1. at night when night comes; during the night 夜里; 夜间; 晚上
*These animals only come out at night. 这些动物仅在夜间才出来. *
10 o'clock at night, ie
10 pm 晚上10点钟. by day/night => day
*travelling by night 夜行. an early/a late `night night when one goes to bed earlier/later than usual 比平时睡得早[晚]的夜晚
*You've been having too many latenights recently. 你近来晚睡的次数太多了. have a good/bad `night sleep well/badly during the night (夜里)睡得好[不好]. in the/at dead of night => dead. like a thief in the night => thief. the livelong day/night => livelong. make a `night of it spend much of the night in celebrating, eg at a party 痛快地玩一晚上(如参加聚会). ,night after `night for many nights in succession 一夜又一夜; 连着几夜. ,night and `day/,day and `night continuously; all the time 夜以继日; 日以继夜
*machines kept running night and day 日夜不停运转着的机器. a night `out evening spent enjoying oneself away from home 出外玩乐的一个晚上
*I enjoy an occasional night out at the theatre. 我偶尔晚上出去看看戏. ships that pass in the night => ship1. in the still of the night => still1 n. spend the night with sb => spend. things that go bump in the night => thing. turn ,night into `day do at night what is usually done during the day 以夜作昼; 昼夜颠倒.

*Compare at night, by night, in the night, during the night, on a (...) night (...). 试比较at night、by night、in the night、during the night、on a (...) night (...)等词组. At night is used of something habitually happening during the hours of darkness *at night用以表示惯于在夜间发生的事
*Nocturnal animals such as bats and owls only come out at night. 夜行动物, 如蝙蝠和猫头鹰只在夜里才出来.
* I don't like driving at night. 我不喜欢在夜间开车. By night can cover the meanings of at night. *by night包括at night的意思. It is used especially when the conditions or circumstances of an action are being emphasized 但by night尤用以强调某活动的条件或环境
*The enemy attacked by night, ie under cover of darkness. 敌人趁夜袭击(即有夜色作掩蔽). In the night usually refers to the night immediately past *in the night通常指刚刚过去的那个夜晚
*I'm exhausted. The baby woke up three times in the night. 我累坏了. 孩子夜里醒了三次. During the night can also be used in this sense 这一含义也可用during the night来表示
*Everything was quiet during the night. 昨夜万籁俱寂. On is used when the night in question is further defined 对night有所限定时, 要用on
*on a night in May 五月的一 个夜晚
* on a cold winter's night 严冬的一个夜晚. For further information on prepositions of time, see the note on usage at time1. 欲进一步了解时间介词, 参看time1 所附用法.


n [U and C]
1【when it is dark】
3 nights
4 night!
5 night night!
6 night and day/day and night
7 night or day/day or night
8 night after night
9 first night/opening night
10 spend the night with somebody/spend the night together
11 a good night's sleep
12 (have a) late/early night
13 last thing at night
[Language: Old English;Origin: niht]
the dark part of each 24-hour period when the sun cannot be seen and when most people sleep
 It was a cold moonlit night.
 I didn't sleep too well last night .
 At night the temperature drops below zero.
 He woke up twice during the night .
 The party went on all night .
 Many animals hunt by night .
 Who could be calling at this time of night ?
 an attack in the dead of night
 We spent the first two nights of our vacation in a cheap motel.
 If you miss the last bus home, you can always stay the night .
 We took the night train to Glasgow.
 Night was beginning to fall .
 the cold night air
the time during the evening until you go to bed
 We had a really good meal last night .
 They stay in and watch television every night .
 She recognised him from the night before (=the previous evening) .
 My parents are coming for dinner tomorrow night .
Friday/Saturday etc night
 There's a party at Ben's place on Saturday night.
 We were on our way back from a night out (=an evening when you go to a party, restaurant, theatre etc) at the theatre.
 Anna doesn't like him walking home late at night .
quiz night/student night etc
(=an evening when a particular event happens, especially at a bar, club etc)
if you do something nights, you do it regularly or often at night
 I work nights, so I'm usually asleep during the day.
spoken used to say goodbye to someone when it is late in the evening or when they are going to bed
= good night
 Night! See you tomorrow!
night night!
spoken used to say goodbye to someone, especially a child, when they are going to bed
night and day/day and night
all the time
 The store is guarded day and night.
 We had to work night and day to get it finished.
night or day/day or night
at any time
 You can call me any time, night or day.
night after night
every night for a long period
 He's out drinking night after night.
first night/opening night
the first performance of a play or show
 We saw 'Riverdance' on its opening night.
spend the night with sb/spend the night together
to sleep with someone and have sex with them
 And you thought we spent the night together?
a good night's sleep
a night when you sleep well
 You'll feel better after a good night's sleep.
(have a) late/early night
to go to bed later or earlier than usual
 I think I'll have an early night.
last thing at night
at the end of the day, just before you go to bed
 You should water plants either first thing in the morning or last thing at night.
COLLOCATES for sense 1
last night
at night (=when it is night)
in/during the night (=at a particular point in the night)
in the middle of the night
all night (long)
by night (=at night, rather than in the day)
at this time of night (=used when you are surprised)
in/at the dead of nightliterary (=in the middle of the night when it is quiet)
spend/stay a night somewhere
stay the night (=sleep at the house of someone you are visiting)
night train/bus/flight
night fallswritten (=it starts to become dark)
the night air
the night sky

1. Before returning home at night, he took a shower and changed back into his suit.

2. Before returning home at night, he took a shower and changed back into his suit.

3. Burglar alarms going off at any time of the day or night serve only to annoy passers-by and actually assist burglars to burgle.

4. But he lives so far away, and it is such a bad night that I have decided to ask you to go instead.

5. But studying my textbooks late at night in the library of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), I would dream, not of India, but of America, the land of opportunity.
    但是, 当我深夜在印度技术学院的图书馆里啃着书本的时候,我脑子经常想的不是印度,而是美国这个机会之国。

6. Who was that blonde I saw you with last night?

7. We played checkers and ate melon seeds and peanuts all night.
    我们整个晚上都在下西洋棋, 吃瓜子和花生.

8. We all enjoyed the operetta shown last night.

9. Why did you oversleep? What did you do the night before the exam?
    你为什么睡过头呢? 考试的前一天晚上你做什么?

10. We played checkers and ate pear and peanuts all night.
    我们整个晚上都在下西洋棋, 吃梨子和花生.