美音:[(noun) kləus (verb) kləuz ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[(noun) kləus (verb) kləuz ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
v.关,关闭,结束,停止,使靠近,靠拢,会合,包围 n.结束 adj.近的,紧密的,精密的,齐根的,封闭的,亲密的,闷气的 adv.接近,紧密地


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形容词比较级:closer 最高级:closest 副词比较级:closer 最高级:closest 名词:closeness 副词:closely 动词过去式:closed 过去分词:closed 现在分词:closing 第三人称单数:closes


clud=to shut(关闭)

近义词, 同义词


airless  conclude  end  fasten  finish  imminent  lock  near  shut  stifling  stop  stuffy  suffocating  terminate  begin  beginning  commence  far  open  outset  start    


/kləʊs; klos/
adj (-r, -st)
1 [pred 作表语] ~ (to sb/sth); ~ (together) near in space or time (在空间或时间上)接近
*This station is our closest, ie the nearest one to our home. 这个站离我们最近.
* The church is close to the school. 教堂离学校很近.
* The two buildings are close together. 这两座建筑物距离很近.
* The children are close to each other in age. 孩子们彼此的年龄很接近.
* Their birthdays are very close together. 他们的生日紧挨着.
2 (a) near in relationship 关系很近的
*a close relative 近亲.
(b) ~ (to sb) intimate; dear 亲近的; 亲密的
*a close friend 密友
* She is very close to her father/She and her father are very close. 她和父亲的关系很亲密.
3 to a high degree 高度的; 极度的
*in close proximity, ie almost touching 极为接近
* There's a close resemblance/similarity, ie They are very alike. 有极为相像[相似]之处.
4 with little or no space between; dense; compact 中间无空隙的; 浓缩的; 挤紧的
*material with a close texture 质地紧密的材料
* The soldiers advanced in close formation. 士兵排成密集队形前进.
5 (of a competition, game, etc) in which the competitors are almost equal (指竞赛、游戏等)参赛者几乎平手的, 势均力敌的, 棋逢对手的, 旗鼓相当的, 难分高下的
*a close contest, match, election, etc 势均力敌的竞赛、比赛、选举等
* a close finish 几乎平手的结局
* The game was closer than the score suggests. 实际的比赛与所得的分数相比更难分高下.
6 [attrib 作定语] careful; thorough; detailed 仔细的; 彻底的; 详细的
*On closer examination the painting proved to be a fake. 再经仔细观察, 证实那幅画是膺品.
* pay close attention to sth 密切关注(某事物)
* close reasoning, ie showing each step clearly 严谨的推理(把每一步骤都表示清楚)
* a close (ie exact) translation 紧扣原文的翻译(准确的).
7 [attrib 作定语] strict; rigorous 严格的; 严厉的
*in close confinement 被严密监禁
* be (kept) under close arrest, ie carefully guarded 被严密拘禁(戒备森严)
* keep sth a close secret 对某事物严守秘密.
8 (a) (of the weather) humid; oppressive; heavy (指天气)潮湿的, 闷热的, 沉闷的
*It's very close and thundery today. 今天天气阴沉有雷.
(b) (of a room) without fresh air; stuffy (指房间)没有新鲜空气的, 不通气的
*a close atmosphere 窒闷的空气
* Open a window it's very close in here. 打开窗户吧--这里很闷气.
9 (phonetics 语音) (of vowels) pronounced with the tongue raised close to the roof of the mouth (指元音)闭塞音的(发音时将舌抬起接近上 )
*The English vowels/ i:/ and/ u:/ are close. 英语元音中的/ i:/和/u:/是闭元音.
10 [pred 作表语] secretive; reticent 遮遮掩掩; 沉默寡言
*be close about sth 对某事物守口如瓶.
11 [pred 作表语] mean; stingy 吝啬; 小气
*He's very close with his money. 他用钱很吝啬.
12 near to the surface; very short 离表面很近的; 很短的
*A new razor gives a close shave. 新刀片刮得很乾净.
13 (idm 习语) at ,close `quarters very near 非常近的
*fighting at close quarters 近战. a ,close `call (infml 口) almost an accident, a disaster or a failure 几乎造成事故、灾难或失败
*We didn't actually hit the other car, but it was a close call. 我们倒并未撞上那辆汽车, 可险些出了事. a ,close `shave situation in which one only just manages to escape an accident, a disaster, etc 勉强脱离危险、灾难等; 死里逃生; 九死一生. a close/near thing => thing. close to/near the bone => bone. close/dear/near to sb's heart => heart. close/near to home => home1. hold/keep one's cards close to one's chest => card1. keep a close `eye/`watch on sb/sth watch sb/sth carefully 密切注视某人[某事物]. keep/lie `close stay hidden; not show oneself 躲藏; 不露面
*He decided to lie close for a while. 他决定躲一躲.

/kləʊs; klos/
1 leaving little space between; in a close position 中间无空隙地; 位置接近地
*They live quite close. 他们住得很近.
* hold sb close, ie embrace sb tightly 紧紧地拥抱某人
* follow close behind sb 紧跟在某人背後
* She stood close (up) against the wall. 她紧靠着墙站着.
2 (idm 习语) close `by (sb/sth) at a short distance (from sb/sth) 离(某人[某事物])不远. close on almost; nearly 几乎; 差不多
*She is ,close on `sixty. 她接近六十岁了.
* It's ,close on `midnight. 已近午夜了. close up (to sb/sth) very near in space to sb/sth 离(某人[某事物])很近
*She snuggled close up to him. 她紧紧地挨着他. run sb/sth `close be nearly as good, fast, successful, etc as sb/sth else 接近某人[某事物]那样好、快、成功等
*We run our competitors close for price and quality. 在价格和质量上, 我们差不多都赶上我们的竞争对手了. sail close/near to the wind => sail.

/kləʊs; klos/
1 (esp in street names 尤用于街道名称) street closed off at one end; cul-de-sac 一头不通的街道; 死巷; 死胡同
*Brookside Close 布鲁克赛德巷.
2 grounds and buildings surrounding and belonging to a cathedral, an abbey, etc (大教堂、寺院等的)周围的场地和建筑物.

/kləʊz; kloz/
1 [I, Tn] (cause sth to) move so as to cover an opening; shut (使某物)关, 闭
*The door closed quietly. 门轻轻地关上了.
* This box/The lid of this box doesn't close properly, ie The lid doesn't fit. 盒子[盒子的盖]盖不严.
* close a door, a window, the curtains, etc 关门、关窗户、拉上帘子
* If you close your eyes, you can't see anything. 若闭上眼睛, 那就什么都看不见了.
2 [I, Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (to sb/sth) be or declare sth to be not open 不开; 关闭某事物
*The shops close (ie stop trading) at 5.30. 商店5时30分关闭(停止营业).
* Wednesday is early-`closing day, ie the day when the shops are not open in the afternoon. 星期三提早关门(该日商店下午不开门).
* The theatres have closed for the summer. 戏院现已歇夏.
* The museum is closed (to visitors) on Sundays. 星期日博物馆(对参观者)不开放.
* This road is closed to motor vehicles. 这条路机动车不准通行.
3 [I, Ipr, Tn, Tn.pr] (cause sth to) come to an end (使某事物)终止
*The closing (ie last) day/date for applications is
1 May. 申请的截止日[日期]是5月1日.
* The speaker closed (the meeting) with a word of thanks to the chairman. 演讲者向主席道了谢, (会议)就结束了.
* As far as I am concerned the matter is closed, ie will not be discussed further. 对我来说, 事情已了结.
* Steel shares closed at 15, ie This was their value at the end of the day's business on the Stock Exchange. 钢铁股票收盘价为15英镑. =>Usage 见所附用法.
4 [I, Tn] (cause sth to) become smaller or narrower (使某物)变小或变窄
*The gap between the two runners is beginning to close, ie One runner is catching the other up. 两个赛跑者的差距开始缩短.
5 (idm 习语) a closed `book (to sb) subject about which one knows nothing 自己一无所知的科目
*Nuclear physics is a closed book to most of us. 我们大多数人对原子核物理学一窍不通. be,hind closed `doors without the public being allowed to attend; in private 不准公众旁听的; 秘密的
*The meeting was held behind closed doors. 会议秘密进行. close a `deal (with sb) agree to the terms of a business agreement 同意交易协定的条款; 成交. close one's `eyes to sth ignore sth 不理会某事物; 视而不见; 熟视无睹
*The Government seems to be closing its eyes to the plight of the unemployed. 政府似乎对失业者的困境熟视无睹. close one's `mind to sth be unwilling to think about sth seriously 不愿认真思考某事物; 拒不考虑某事物. close (the/one's) `ranks
(a) (of soldiers) come closer together in a line or lines (指士兵)排紧, 列队靠拢.
(b) (of members of a group) forget disagreements and unite in order to protect or defend common interests (指团体中的成员)求同存异, 团结一致保卫或捍卫共同利益
*In times of crisis party members should close ranks. 在紧要关头, 党员应该团结起来. shut/close one's eyes to sth => eye1. with one's eyes shut/closed => eye1.
6 (phr v) close around/round/over sb/sth surround and enclose or grip sb/sth 围住并包围或钳制某人[某事物]
*His hand closed over the money. 他手中紧握着钱.
* She felt his arms close tightly around her. 她觉得他把她搂得很紧.

*Generally, close means the same as shut and is more formal *close通常与shut的意思相同, 但较庄重
*Shut/Close the door! 把门关上!
* The box won't shut/close. 这个盒子关不上. When referring to the opening hours of public places, both shut and close are used 指公众场所的开放或营业时间时, 用shut和close均可
*Shops/Offices shut/close at 5.30. 商店[办事处]5点30分停止营业[办公]. Note closed in the following example 注意以下例句中要用 closed
*Museums are closed to the public on Mondays. 博物馆每逢星期一闭馆. Close can mean `terminate' and `make smaller' *close可意为`终止'和`使更小'
*The meeting was closed after the demonstrators interrupted it. 会议遭示威者干扰而结束.
* Some politicians aim at closing the gap between rich and poor. 有些政治家的奋斗目标在于缩小贫富的差距. It is also used of roads, railways, etc 这个词还可用于街道、公路、铁路等
*They've closed the road because of an accident. 这条路因发生事故而被封闭. Lock means to close a door, box, suitcase, etc and fasten it with a lock and key. *lock意为把门、盒子、箱子等关上, 再用锁(和钥匙)锁上.

/kləʊz; kloz/
n [sing]
1 end of a period of time or an activity (一段时间或一活动的)终结, 结束, 末尾
*at the close of the day 在黄昏时候
* towards the close of the 17th century 将近17世纪末叶
* The day had reached its close. 天已黑了.
* at close of play, ie at the end of the day's play in a cricket match 当天在板球比赛结束的时候.
2 (idm 习语) bring sth/come/draw to a `close end or conclude sth 结束某事物
*The ceremony was brought to a close by the singing of the national anthem. 典礼在国歌的歌声中结束.
1. But so far the only evidence for a genetic component has been through statistics, the relationship being inferred mathematically from comparisons of twins and other such studies of close relatives.

2. We anchored (our boat) close to the shore.

3. When the bull got close to him, he clumsily stepped aside to let it pass.

4. We had formed close ties with the villagers.

5. With a smile, he asked his friend, "What did the bear tell you when he put his nose so close to your ears?"

6. Without words, through yellowed eyes, I receive my thank you and her eyes slowly close.

7. We can even, if we want, interpret the term "family" to include people who are not related to us either by blood or marriage — a set of close friends who support one another, like the women I mentioned above.
    愿意的话我们甚至可以把 "家庭"看作包括一些与我们既无血缘关系、又无婚姻关系的人 --一些互相扶持的亲密朋友,就像前面所提到的那些女士。

8. We found a table close to the stage. He ordered half a liter of beer and I ordered a grape soda.

9. This is a close approximation to the truth.

10. The irregularities in depth of the shallow water close to the land bring danger to trip.