美音:[end ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[end ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.末端,尽头,结束,目标,限度,梢,末端,死亡 v.结束,终结,终止


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动词过去式:ended 过去分词:ended 现在分词:ending 第三人称单数:ends

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/end; ɛnd/
1 farthest or last part or point (of the length of sth); extreme limit 末端; 尽头; 极限
*the end of a road, stick, line 路的终点、棍的顶端、线的末端
* the house at the end of the street 在街道尽头的房屋
* join the end of the queue 站在一排人的最後
* the end of the tunnel 隧道的终点
* the west/east end (ie the parts in the west/east) of a town 城镇的西[东]区
* We've travelled from one end of Britain to the other. 我们已从英国的这一头旅行到另一头.
* [attrib 作定语] the end house 最末尾的房子
* the end carriage, ie in a train 末节车厢.
2 final part of sth; finish; conclusion 某事物的最後部分; 结束; 结论; 终结; 终止
*at the end of the day, month, year, century, etc 在一日、月、年、世纪等之终结时
* the end of a story 故事的结尾
* He said he'd love her till the end of time, ie for ever. 他说天长地久永远爱她.
* the end of an era 一个时代的终结.
3 small piece left over after sth has been used 某物使用後剩下的小块
*a cigarette end 香烟头
* candle ends 蜡烛头.
4 (often euph 常作委婉语) death 死亡
*He's nearing his end, ie is dying. 他已气息奄奄.
* She came to an untimely end, ie died young. 她死的时候很年青.
5 aim or purpose 目的; 目标
*gain/win/achieve one's ends 达到目的
* with this end in view/to this end 以此为目标[为达此目的].
6 half of a sports pitch, etc defended or occupied by one team or player (球类比赛场地中的)半场
*At half-time the teams changed ends. 比赛进行一半时, 双方交换了场地.
7 part or share (esp of a business, etc) with which a person is concerned 与某人有关的(尤指企业等的)部门或部分
*We need someone to handle the marketing end of the business. 我们需要有人管理本公司的销售部.
* Are there any problems at your end? 你那部门有问题吗?
8 (idm 习语) at a loose end => loose1. (be) at an end finished 结束; 终结
*The war was at an end. 战争结束了. at the ,end of one's `tether having no power, patience, endurance, etc left 已无力量、耐性、耐力等
*I've been looking after four young children all day and I really am at the end of my tether! 我整天都在照料四个小孩, 确实已筋疲力尽了! (be) at the end of sth finishing sth; having no more of sth 完成某事物; 已无某事物
*at the end of his patience 他已再无耐性. at the ,end of the `day when everything is taken into consideration 把一切都考虑进去
*At the end of the day the new manager is no better than the previous one. 从各个方面来看, 这位新经理并不比前任强. at one's wits' end => wit. be at/on the receiving end => receive. be the end (infml 口) be the limit of what one can tolerate; be very bad, annoying, etc 可忍受的极限; 非常糟、令人恼怒等
*This is the end I'm never coming to this hotel again. 可受够了--我再也不到这家旅馆来了.
* They really are the end! 他们真令人恼火! the beginning of the end => beginning (begin). bring sth/come/draw to an end (cause sth to) finish, usu after lasting some time (使某事物)结束, 终止(通常为已持续一段时间的)
*The battle finally brought the war to an end. 这一仗使这场战争终告结束.
* At last the meeting came to an end. 会议终于结束了. burn the candle at both ends => burn2.the business end => business. come to a bad/sticky `end be led by one's actions to ruin, disgrace, punishment, an unpleasant death, etc 遭到报应; 恶有恶报
*He'll come to a bad end one of these days. 他总有一天会遭到恶报的.
* I like films where the villain comes to a sticky end! 我喜欢恶有恶报的影片! a dead end => dead. an ,end in it`self thing that is considered important in its own right, though possibly originally having another purpose 本身即很重要的事物(可能起初并不为主)
*For the old lady buying the daily newspaper soon became an end in itself, since she really just wanted to chat with the shopkeeper. 那老太太每天去买报纸, 不多时便觉乐在其中, 因为她主要是想和店主聊天. the ,end ,justifies the `means (saying 谚) even wrong or unfair methods may be allowed if the result or purpose of the action is good 只要目的正当, 可以不择手段. (reach) the ,end of the `line/`road (reach) the point at which one does not wish, or cannot bear, to continue in the same way (达到)不希望的或不能容忍的地步
*It's sad that they got divorced but they had reached the end of the line together. 他们离婚令人难过, 但双方已达到无法容忍的地步了. (not) the ,end of the `world (not) completely disastrous for sb 对某人(不)是天大的灾难
*You must realize that failing one exam is not the end of the world. 你要明白, 一次不及格不是大不了的事. (go to) the ,ends of the `earth (go to) the most remote parts of the world (去)天涯海角
*(fig 比喻) I'd go to the ends of the earth to see her again. 哪怕走遍天涯海角, 我也要再次见到她. ,end `on with the ends meeting 两端相遇
*The two ships collided end on, ie The front (or back) of one struck the front (or back) of the other. 那两条船两端相撞了. ,end to `end in a line, with the ends touching 首尾相接成一行
*arrange the tables end to end 将桌子连接排成一行. get hold of the wrong end of the stick => wrong. go off the deep end => deep1. in the `end at last; finally 终于; 最後
*He tried many different jobs; in the end he became a postman. 他做过多种工作, 最後当了邮递员. keep one's `end up (Brit infml 口) continue to be cheerful and play one's part despite difficulties (不顾困难)仍乐观而尽本分, 不泄气. light at the end of the tunnel => light1. make an end of sth (fml 文) finish sth 结束某事物. make (both) ends meet earn enough money to live without getting into debt; balance one's income and expenditure 使收支相抵
*Being out of work and having two young children, they found it impossible to make ends meet. 他们失了业, 还要养活两个小孩, 无法维持起码的生活. make one's hair stand on end => hair. a means to an end => means1. no end of sth (infml 口) very many or much; very great 无数的; 大量的; 巨大的
*I've had no end of problems recently. 近来我的问题没完没了.
* We had no end of trouble getting them to agree. 我们为让他们同意着实费尽了口舌. not/never hear the end of sth => hear. odds and ends => odds. on `end
(a) upright 直立; 竖着
*He placed the box on (its) end and sat on it. 他把箱子竖起来, 坐在上面.
(b) continuously 连续地
*They argued for two hours on end. 他们连续争论了两小时. put an `end to one's life/oneself kill oneself 自杀. put an end/a stop to sth stop sth from happening any more; abolish sth 终止或废止某事物
*The government is determined to put an end to terrorism. 政府决心遏止恐怖主义活动. the thin end of the wedge => thin. throw sb in at the deep end => deep1. to the bitter end => bitter. without `end never reaching an end or finishing 无尽的; 无穷的
*troubles without end 无穷无尽的烦恼
* world without end 广袤无际的天地.

/end; ɛnd/
1 [I, Ipr, Tn, Tn.pr] (cause sth to) come to an end (使某事物)结束, 终止
*The road ends here, ie goes no further. 这条路到此为止.
* How does this story end? 这故事的结局如何?
* They decided to end their relationship. 他们决定结束彼此的关系.
* They ended the play with a song. 他们以一首歌曲结束了这出剧.
2 (idm 习语) the be-all and end-all => be1. ,end it `all; ,end one's `life commit suicide 自杀
*He was so miserable that he seriously thought about ending it all. 他难受得甚至认真考虑过要自杀. ,end one's `days/`life (in sth) spend the last part of one's life (in a particular state or place) (处于某状况下或在某处)度过余生
*The great singer ended his days in poverty. 那位大歌唱家在贫困中度过残生.
3 (phr v) end in sth
(a) have sth as its tip or ending 以某事物作为末端或结尾
*The word ends in -ous. 此词以-ous结尾.
(b) have sth as a result or conclusion 以某事物作为结果或结论
*Their long struggle ended in failure. 他们长期斗争终告失败.
* The argument ended in tears. 争吵到最後声泪俱下.
* The debate ended in uproar. 那场争辩以大吵大闹收场. end sth off (with sth/by doing sth) finish sth (in a suitable or successful way) (妥当地或顺利地)结束某事物
*We ended off the meal with coffee and brandy. 我们这顿饭最後喝的是咖啡和白兰地.
* He ended off his speech by telling a very funny joke. 他最後讲了一个非常滑稽的笑话结束了讲话. end up reach or come to a certain place, state or action, esp by a lengthy route or process 到达或来到某处, 达到某状态或采取某行动(尤指经一长路程或过程)
*If you continue to steal you'll end up in prison. 你要是继续行窃终归得进监狱.
* After much discussion about holidays abroad we ended up in Cornwall. 我们反覆商量到国外度假的事, 最後决定去康沃尔.
* At first he refused to accept any responsibility but he ended up apologizing. 最初他拒不承认有任何责任, 到头来还是道了歉.
* If he carries on driving like that, he'll end up dead. 他照这样开车, 早晚得死于非命.


Welverdiend is a town in Ehlanzeni District Municipality in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa.
1. Eventually chains were fixed to one end of the dish and a powerful winch was put into operation.

2. End of story: The move is finally over. Everything's in boxes. My office is completely without organization. I feel at home.

3. By the end of next year, they will have finished work on the new stadium.

4. By the end of October 1886, the statue had been put together again and it was officially presented to the American people by Bartholdi.

5. But what surprised me most was to see some of the village people seated on the benches at the end of the room.

6. By the end of the next century, a single city may have more than 100 million inhabitants.

7. Bill had carried his gold to the end; he would carry Bill's gold to the ship. Ha-ha! He would have the last laugh on Bill.

8. By the end of 1988, more than 130,000 cases of AIDS were reported, but, because of under reporting, there may actually be more than 350,000 cases.

9. But in the end, I was the one who cried.

10. By the end of 1995, each of China's provincial capitals except for Tibet will have digital switches and high-capacity optical fiber links.