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n.逗留,延缓,中止,支柱 v.在,暂住,坚持,止住,抑制,延缓,停(下)


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动词过去式:stayed 过去分词:stayed 现在分词:staying 第三人称单数:stays

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continue  delay  detain  dwell  endure  hold-up  inhabit  last  live  occupy  persist  remain  reside  retard  stop  go    


/steɪ; ste/
1 (a) [La, I, Ipr, Ip, It, In/pr] remain or continue in the same place (for a long or short time, permanently or temporarily, as specified by the context); not depart or change 停留; 留下; 住; 在某处呆一段时间
*stay (at) home, ie not go out or to work 呆在家里
* stay late at the office 在办公室呆到很晚
* I'm afraid I can't stay, ie I must leave now. 很抱歉, 我得走了.
* stay in the house, in bed, in one's room, etc 呆在房子里、床上、房间里等
* stay in teaching, journalism, etc, ie not change one's job 继续教书、从事新闻工作等
* stay away from (ie not go to) school 不上学
* Stay on this road for two miles then turn left. 沿这条路走两英里, 然後向左拐.
* Stay here until I come back. 我回来之前你别走.
* We stayed to see what would happen. 我们留下来看进一步的发展.
* I can only stay a few minutes. 我只能呆上几分钟. => Usage at and 用法见and.
(b) [La, Ln] continue in a certain state 维持某状态
*stay awake 不睡觉
* stay single, ie not marry 不结婚
* He never stays sober for long. 他不醉的时候不多.
* They stayed friends for years. 他们的友谊维持了多年.
2 [I, Ipr, In/pr] remain or live somewhere temporarily, esp as a visitor or a guest 逗留, 暂住(尤指过访或作客时)
*It's late why don't you stay (ie for the night)? 很晚了--你就在这儿过夜好吗?
* stay in a hotel 住在旅馆里
* Why don't you come to stay with us next time you visit Durham? 下次来达勒姆就住在我们这儿好吗?
* Jenny's staying in Dublin for a few days, but she now lives/is now living (ie has her home) in Belfast. 珍妮目前在都柏林小住几日, 她的家是在贝尔法斯特.
* stay the night with sb, ie sleep at sb's house for the night 在某人家过夜.
3 [Tn] (fml 文) stop, delay, postpone or check (sth) 停止, 延缓, 推迟, 控制(某事物)
*stay (ie delay) punishment/judgement 延缓惩罚[审判]
* stay the progress of a disease 防止病情恶化
* a little food to stay (ie temporarily satisfy) one's hunger 暂且充饥的一点食物
* (arch 古) stay one's hand, ie refrain from doing sth 不去做某事.
4 [I] (arch 古) (usu imperative 通常用于祈使句) wait a moment; pause; stop 稍等; 稍停; 停下
*Stay! What is this I see? 且慢! 这是什么?
5 (idm 习语) be here to stay/have come to stay (infml 口) be permanent and generally accepted 固定下来; 普遍认可; 成为风尚
*I hope that (the idea of) equality of opportunity for men and women has come to/is here to stay. 我希望男女机会平等(的思想)能形成风气. keep/stay/steer clear => clear2. stay the `course continue going to the end (of sth difficult, eg a race, a struggle) 坚持到底
*I don't think he's sufficiently dedicated to stay the course. 我认为他不够坚定, 不会坚持到底的. stay `put (infml 口) remain where one/it is or is placed 呆在原处; 留在原地; 固定不动
*The baby wouldn't stay put long enough for the photo to be taken. 这孩子总动换, 拍不了照片.
6 (phr v) stay away (from sb/sth) keep a distance (from sb/sth); not interfere (with sb/sth) (与某人[某事物])保持距离; 不打扰(某人[某事物])
*Tell him to stay away from my sister! 叫他离我妹妹远点儿!

1 period of staying; visit 停留; 逗留; 逗留时间
*an overnight stay in Karachi 在卡拉奇过夜
* a fortnight's stay with my uncle 在叔叔家做客两星期.
2 (idm 习语) a ,stay of exe`cution (esp law 尤用于法律) (order permitting a) delay in the carrying out of a court judgement or a postponement of some (usu unpleasant) activity 缓期执行(的裁决); 推迟进行(的命令)(通常指延迟某项令人不快的活动)
*They were due to start demolishing the old theatre today but there's been a last-minute stay of execution. 原定今天把这座旧戏院拆掉, 但临时突然决定暂缓进行.

/steɪ; ste/
1 [C] rope or wire supporting a mast, pole, etc (船桅、杆等的)支索.
2 [C] any prop or support 可倚靠的人或事物; 支撑物
*(fig 比喻) the stay of (ie the person who helped him in) his old age 他晚年的倚靠.
3 stays [pl] old-fashioned type of corset, stiffened with strips of bone or plastic 带撑条的旧式紧身内衣.
1. But she had to stay and look out for Tom, the secretary of the Tenants´ Association, on his way home from work.

2. 'Stay away from those trashmen. They're dirty.' I was angry with her. 'They're as good as we are,' I told her. '

3. We rebelled at having to stay in on such a fine day.

4. We want it to stay down the hole until we can lead it off in a controlled manner.

5. We´re going to stay at my mother´s for the weekend.

6. While traveling for various speaking appointments, I frequently stay overnight in the home of a family and am assigned to one of the children's bedrooms.

7. Without these inviting signs, others will most likely stay away from you and look for someone who appears to be ready for contact.

8. The inspector then asked the old lady to try to check what was missing by the next day and advised her not to stay alone in the flat for a few nights.

9. Though he managed to take a number of brilliant photographs, he could not stay near the volcano for very long.

10. The plan had been for the President to stay at the Residence of the American Minister.