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strong为小学词汇   词频:528


副词:strongly 形容词:strongish 形容词比较级:stronger 最高级:strongest

近义词, 同义词


brawny  forceful  hardy  mighty  muscular  potent  powerful  sturdy  vigorous  weak    


/strɒŋ; [US] strɔ:ŋ; strɔŋ/
adj (-er / -NgE(r); -N^L/, -est / -NgIst; -N^Ist/)
1 (a) not easily broken, hurt, injured, captured, etc; solid and sturdy 不易破坏、损坏、伤害、捕获等的; 坚固的; 强壮的
*a strong stick, fort, structure 结实的手杖、堡垒、构造
* feel quite strong again, ie in good health after an illness 觉得完全康复了
* The chair wasn't strong enough and it broke when he sat on it. 这把椅子不够结实, 他一坐上去就散架了.
* We need strong defences against the enemy. 我们需要建立强大的防御力量以抗击敌人.
* We still have a strong chance of winning. 我们仍很有希望获胜.
(b) having great power, esp of the body 强有力的(尤指身体)
*strong muscles 强健的肌肉
* a strong country, ie one with a large army, etc 强国(拥有大量军队等的)
* an actor with a strong voice 嗓音洪亮的男演员
* strong enough to lift a piano alone 力气大得能独自搬起钢琴.
(c) done or happening with great power 用力的; 强劲的
*a strong push, blow 有力的一推、一击
* play a strong shot, eg in tennis 用力一击(如网球赛中).
2 (a) (of emotions, opinions, etc) that can resist influence (指感情、观点等)能抵御外来影响的, 坚定的, 不动摇的
*strong will, belief, determination 坚强的意志、信念、决心
* have strong nerves, ie be not easily frightened, worried, etc 有非凡的勇气.
(b) that can exert great influence 能发挥巨大影响力的
*a strong conviction, protest 坚定的信仰、强烈的抗议
* a strong personality 很强的个性
* strong leadership 坚强的领导
* There is strong (ie convincing) evidence of her guilt. 她的罪证确凿.
(c) [attrib 作定语] (of a person) convinced; determined (指人)有坚定信仰的, 有决心的
*a strong believer, supporter 坚定的信徒、支持者.
3 moving quickly 快速移动的
*a strong wind, current, etc 强风、急流.
4 (a) (capable of) having a great effect on the senses; intense or powerful (能)产生强烈的感官效果的; 强烈的; 有力的
*a strong light, colour 强光、浓重的颜色
* a strong feeling of nausea 很强烈的厌恶感
* Her breath is rather strong, ie has an unpleasant smell. 她口臭很重.
(b) having a lot of flavour 味浓的
*strong tea, cheese, etc 酽茶、味重的乾酪
* a strong taste of garlic 强烈的蒜味.
(c) (of a drink) containing much alcohol (指酒)酒精含量高的, 烈性的
*Whisky is stronger than beer. 威士忌比啤酒度数大.
5 (of a person) effective; skilful; able (指人)工作效率高的, 有技巧的, 能干的
*a strong candidate for a job, ie one who is likely to get it 极有可能被录用的人
* a pupil who is strong in physics but weak in English 物理好而英语差的学生.
6 (after numbers 用于数词之後) having the specified number 有某数量的
*an army
5000 strong/a 5000-strong army 一支5000人的军队.
7 (commerce 商)
(a) rising steadily 稳步上升的
*strong prices, share values, etc 坚挺的价格、股票价值等
* The stock market is stronger now, ie People are more willing to buy shares, etc. 股票行情现在看涨(买者踊跃).
(b) (of a currency) having a high value in relation to other currencies (指某货币)较为坚挺的
*Is the pound strong or weak (against the yen) at the moment? 目前英镑(对日元)是坚挺还是疲软?
8 [usu attrib 通常作定语] (grammar)
(a) (of a verb) forming the past tense by a vowel change (eg sing, sang), not by adding -d, -ed or -t (指动词)强的, 不规则的(用元音变化而不用添加词尾d、ed或t的方法构成过去式的, 如sing、sang).
(b) (of the pronunciation of some words) that is the version used when the word is stressed (指某些字的读音)强式的
*The strong form of `and' is / nd; And/. *and一字的强式读音为/And/.
9 [pred 作表语] (infml 口 esp Brit) not to be tolerated, believed, etc 难以容忍、无法相信等
*It was a bit strong of him to call me a liar in front of the whole department. 他当着全体同事的面说我撒谎, 未免太过分了.
10 (idm 习语) be strong on sth be good at sth or doing sth 擅长某事物的; 善于做某事的
*I'm not very strong on dates. 我不善于和异性朋友约会. one's best/strongest card => card1. going `strong (infml 口) continuing (a race, an activity, etc) vigorously; continuing to be healthy 精力充沛地继续(赛跑、活动等); 依然健壮
91 years old and still going strong. 她已91岁了, 仍然很健康.
* The runner is still going strong on the last lap. 那个赛跑运动员在跑最後一圈时仍然劲头很足. (as) strong as a `horse/an `ox having great physical strength; able to do heavy work 体壮如马的; 力大如牛的. one's/sb's strong `point/`suit thing that one/sb does well 自己[某人]所擅长的事物
*Don't ask me to add up the bill
*arithmetic isn't my strong point. 别叫我算帐单, 我的算术可不怎么样. a strong stomach ability not to feel nausea 不感 到恶心
*You have to have a strong stomach to watch animals being slaughtered. 要想看宰杀动物, 得看着不恶心才行. > strongly adv
*strongly built 体格健壮的
* a light shining strongly 很明亮的灯
* a strongly-worded protest 措辞激烈的抗议
* She finished the race strongly. 她很有毅力地跑完了全程.
* I feel strongly that..., ie I firmly believe that... 我坚信....


adj comparativestrongersuperlativestrongest
1【able to lift heavy things/do hard work】
2【not easily damaged】
3【able to deal with difficulty】
8【argument/reason etc】
9【likely 】
11 be in a strong position
12 strong wind/current/tide
13【good at something】
15【alcohol/drugs etc】
17 strong language
18 strong accent
19 strong nose/chin/features
21 600/10,000 etc strong
22 be going strong
[Language: Old English;Origin: strang]
having a lot of physical power so that you can lift heavy things, do hard physical work etc
 He was a big strong man.
 Jack was tall and strong.
strong hands/arms/muscles etc
 He picked her up in his big strong arms.
 I'm not strong enough to fight him.
not easily broken or destroyed
 good strong shoes
 The locks on the doors were solid and strong.
determined and able to deal with a difficult or upsetting situation
 I am not strong enough to take insults and hatred.
 Laura had a strong character.
having a lot of power or influence
 The Fifth French Republic was established with a strong president in 1958.
 a strong national army
 Our party is the strongest as we come up to the election.
strong emotions, opinions, beliefs etc are ones that you feel or believe a lot and are very serious about
 He had a strong sense of responsibility to his vocation of preaching.
 There has been strong support for the strike.
 The proposal has met with strong opposition from local people.
strong feelings/views/opinions
 Many people have strong feelings about the issue.
a strong desire, influence etc affects you very much
 He had a strong desire for power.
 Such feelings may have a strong influence over your decisions.
 The temptation is very strong.
a strong relationship, friendship etc is very loyal and likely to last a long time
 He maintained strong links with the world of the deaf.
 She still has a strong relationship with her mother.
 I have a strong commitment to the quality of teaching.
likely to persuade other people that something is true or the correct thing to do
 There is a strong case for an energy conservation programme.
 They need strong evidence to secure a conviction.
 a strong argument
likely to succeed or happen
 She's a strong candidate for the party leadership.
strong possibility/chance/probability
 A year ago, there was a strong possibility that he wouldn't live.
healthy, especially after you have been ill
 I don't think her heart is very strong.
 You've been blessed with a strong constitution (=you are healthy and do not easily become ill) .
be in a strong positionalsogain a strong position
to be in a situation where you have power over other people or are likely to get what you want
 The company have gained a strong position in the cheese market.
strong wind/current/tide
wind, water etc that moves with great force
 A strong wind was blowing across the lake.
very good at something
 His writing was strong on description.
 We beat a team that was much stronger than ourselves.
be sb's strong point/suit
(=the thing that someone is especially good at)
 Tact never was my strong point.
having a taste or smell that you notice easily
 strong coffee
 This cheese has a very strong flavour.
 a strong smell of petrol
having a lot of a substance such as alcohol that gives something its effect
 extra strong beer
 strong pain killers
 I haven't touched strong drink (=alcoholic drinks) for years.
bright and easy to see
 The light was not very strong.
strong language
speech or writing that contains a lot of swearing
 This film is not suitable for children under 12 as it contains strong language.
strong accent
the way that someone pronounces words that shows clearly that they come from a particular area or country
 a strong German accent
strong nose/chin/features
a nose etc that is large and noticeable, especially in an attractive way
 She has the same strong features as her mother.
a strong currency (=the type of money used in a country) does not easily lose its value compared with other currencies
600/10,000 etc strong [only after number]
used to give the number of people in a crowd or organization
 the company's 2,200 strong workforce
 The crowd was 10,000 strong.
be going strong
to continue to be active or successful, even after a long time
 He celebrated his ninetieth birthday this month and is still going strong .
come on strongatcome on(10)
WORD FOCUS: strong
person: tough, muscular, wiry, powerful
thing: tough, sturdy, durable, rugged, heavy-duty, indestructible, well-made, robust
country/organization: powerful, mighty, influential, dominant
See also: strength, power

1. By this time her legs were beginning to tremble, so she sat down and accepted a cup of very strong tea, while he telephoned the police.

2. Behind me someone switched on a light, and I could see his thick silvery hair and strong, square jaw.

3. Because of its strong educational system in mathematics and science, it should thrive in the information age.

4. But the conference heard equally strong evidence for the role that environmental factors play in creating genius.

5. But it warned that, given the likely strong seasonal variation in attendance, it was not possible to predict future attendance or profits.

6. Why do you have such strong faith?

7. The soldiers made a strong assault on the town.

8. The strong earthquake left death and destruction behind it.

9. Their humbler followers, such as partridges, have a like power of strong propulsion, but soon tire.
    它们的低级同类, 如鹧鸪, 有一种同样大的推进力, 但很快就疲劳了.

10. Their humbler followers, such as partridges, have a like power of strong propulsion, but soon tire.
    它们的低级同类, 如鹧鸪, 有一种同样大的推进力, 但很快就疲劳了.