美音:[skwɛə ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[skwɛə ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.正方形,广场,平方,直角尺 adj.正方形的,四方的,直角的,正直的,公平的,结清的,平方的,彻底的 adv.成直角地,正直地,公平地,坚定地 v.使成方形,弄平,使直,与...一致,符合,自乘,结算


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形容词比较级:squarer 最高级:squarest 名词:squareness 副词:squarely 动词过去式:squared 过去分词:squared 现在分词:squaring 第三人称单数:squares

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/skweə(r); skwɛr/
1 having four equal sides and four right angles; having the shape of a square2(1) 正方形的; 四方的
*a square room, table, handkerchief 正方形的房间、桌子、手帕. =>illus at quadrilateral 见quadrilateral插图.
2 having or forming (exactly or approximately) a right angle 成直角或近似直角的; 方的
*square corners 方角
* a square jaw/chin, ie angular, not curved 棱角分明的下颌[下巴].
3 of comparatively broad solid shape 宽阔结实的
*a woman of square frame/build 健硕的女子.
4 [pred 作表语] properly arranged; tidy 妥当; 整洁
*We should get everything square before we leave. 咱们应该把一切都安排妥当了再走.
5 [pred 作表语]
(a) ~ (with sth) level or parallel 水平; 平行
*tables arranged square with the wall 沿墙壁平行排列的桌子.
(b) settled; paid for; balanced 结清的; 已付的; 收支相抵的
*get one's accounts square 把帐结清.
6 measuring a specified amount on all four sides, as a calculation of area 平方的
*one square metre, ie an area equal to that of a square with sides that are each one metre in length 一平方米
* A carpet six metres square (ie having all four sides measuring
6 metres) has an area of
36 square metres. 六米见方的地毯面积是36平方米.
7 straightforward; uncompromising 乾脆的; 坚决的
*a square refusal 断然拒绝.
8 fair; honest 公平的; 公正的; 诚实的; 正当的
*a square deal 公正的协议
* square dealings, eg in business 公平的交易
* I want you to be square with me. 我要求你对我以诚相待.
9 (dated infml 旧, 口) out of touch with new ideas, styles, etc; old-fashioned; conventional 不合时尚的; 守旧的; 传统的.
10 (in cricket) in a position approximately at right angles to the batsman (板球运动中)与击球员约成直角位置的
*a fielder standing square on the off side 站在击球员头部方向与之成直角位置的守场员.
11 (idm 习语) be (all) square (with sb)
(a) (in sport) have equal scores (文体活动中)比分相同的, 打平的, 平局的
*all square at the ninth hole, ie in a golf match 在第九洞积分相等(指高尔夫球).
(b) with neither person in debt to the other 彼此两不欠帐的
*Let's call it all square, shall we? 咱们谁也不欠谁的了, 对吧? a fair/square deal => deal4. a square `meal large and satisfying meal 丰盛的一顿饭
*He looks as though he hasn't had a square meal for months, ie looks underfed. 瞧他那样子, 好像几个月没好好吃过一顿饭似的. a square `peg (in a round `hole) person whose character or abilities make him unsuitable for or uncomfortable in his job or position (性格或能力)不适宜做某工作或任某职务的人.

1 squarely; directly 正对着; 径直
*hit sb square on the jaw 对准某人的下颌打.
2 (idm 习语) fair and square => fair2.

/skweə(r); skwɛr/
1 geometric figure with four equal sides and four right angles 正方形. =>App
5 见附录5. =>illus at quadrilateral 见quadrilateral插图.
2 object having this shape, or approximately this shape 正方形物; 方形物
*the squares on a chess board 棋盘上的方格
* cut the paper into squares 把纸裁成方形
* soldiers drawn up in squares 排成四方阵的士兵.
3 (a) four-sided open area, eg in a town, used as a garden or for recreation, or one enclosed by streets and buildings (方形)广场, 街心
*a market square 集市广场
* listen to the band playing in the square 聆听广场上乐队的演奏.
(b) Square (abbr 缩写 Sq) (in addresses) buildings and streets surrounding this (用作地址)广场四周的建筑及街道
*He lives at No
95 Russell Square/Sq. 他住在罗素广场95号.
4 result when a number or quantity is multiplied by itself 平方
*The square of
7 is 49. 7的平方是49. *
49 is a perfect square. 49是完全平方.
5 L-shaped or (also T-square) T-shaped instrument for drawing or testing right angles 曲尺; 丁字尺.
6 (dated infml 旧, 口) person who is out of touch with new ideas, styles, etc; conventional or old-fashioned person 守旧的人; 老古板
*I'm basically a bit of a square. 我是比较古板的.
7 (idm 习语) back to square one back to the starting-point in an enterprise, a task, etc with no progress made (事情、工作等因无进展)退回到起点
*That idea hasn't worked, so it's/we're back to square one. 那主意行不通, 得从头再来. on the `square (infml 口) fair(ly); honest(ly) 公平(地); 诚实(地); 正直(地)
*Is their business on the square? 他们做生意规矩吗? out of square (with sth) not at right angles (with sth) (与某物)不成直角.

/skweə(r); skwɛr/
1 [Tn] make (sth) right-angled; give a square shape to; make square 使(某物)成直角; 使成方形
*square timber, ie give it rectangular edges 把木材加工成长方体
* squared corners 方角.
2 [Tn] make (sth) straight or level 使(某物)变直或变平
*square one's shoulders 端起肩膀.
3 [Tn usu passive 通常用于被动语态] multiply (a number) by itself; get the square2(4) of (a number) 使(某数)成平方; 求(某数)的平方:
3 squared is 9. 3的平方是9.
* y2 = y y, ie y squared y的平方.
4 [Tn usu passive 通常用于被动语态] mark (sth) with squares; square off 在(某物)上做出方格
*squared paper 方格纸.
5 [Tn, Cn.t] get the co-operation of (sb) by dishonest means; bribe 拉拢(某人); 贿赂; 收买
*All the officials had to be squared before they would help us. 所有的官员都得给好处才肯帮助我们.
* He has been squared to say nothing. 他已被收买, 什么也不说.
6 [Ipr, Tn.pr] ~ (sth) with sth (infml 口) be or make (sth) consistent with sth; (cause sth to) agree with sth 使(某事物)与另一事物一致; (使某事物)与另一事物相符
*Your theory doesn't square with the known facts. 你的说法跟已知的事实不符.
* You should square your practice with your principles. 你的行为应该跟你的原则一致.
7 [Tn] cause (a total of points, wins, etc) to be even or level 使(总分、比赛成绩等)相等
*This victory has squared the series. 赢了这一场, 把这组赛事的总分拉平了.
8 (idm 习语) square one's ac`count/square accounts with sb
(a) pay sb or be paid by him what is owed 与某人结帐.
(b) get one's revenge on sb 向某人报复. square the `circle (attempt to) do sth that is impossible (尽力)做不可能做到的事.
9 (phr v) square sth off
(a) give sth a square or rectangular shape or outline 将某物弄成方形或矩形
*square off a piece of wood 把一块木头加工成方形.
(b) divide (a surface) into squares 在(某物表面)上分割成方格
*Square the page off with your ruler. 用尺在这页纸上打上方格. square up to sb/sth (infml 口)
(a) prepare to fight sb (ie by raising the fists like a boxer) 摆开格斗架势(准备跟某人厮打).
(b) confront sb or sth (esp a difficult situation) with determination 坚定地对付某人或某事物(尤指困境)
*He must square up to the reality of being out of work. 他必须正视失业这一现实. square up (with sb) pay (sb) the money one owes (esp before leaving a restaurant, etc) 向(某人)付帐(尤指离开餐馆等处之前)
*Can I leave you to square up with the waiter? 我把跟服务员结帐的事交给你办行吗?
* It's time we squared up, ie settled our accounts. 咱们该结帐了.
1. Behind me someone switched on a light, and I could see his thick silvery hair and strong, square jaw.

2. The exultant crowds were dancing in the square.

3. The jocund crowd left the square only when the police came.

4. The market is held in the town square.

5. The shape and dimensions of the skyscrapers depend entirely on the necessity of obtaining the maximum income per square foot of ground, and of offering to the tenants offices and apartments that please them.

6. Trafalgar Square, please.

7. These vast buildings stand on each side of Tian An Men Square.

8. The square itself is five hundred yards wide, five times the size of St. Peter´s in Rome, and it is now the largest, and I think perhaps one of the most pleasing squares in the world.

9. The toodle is a little square of paper with a bit of mustard (芥末) rolled up into it.

10. To see the direction in which the British police are heading, consider the experience of the Northumbria police who have responsibility for law and order in 5,000 square kilometers of Northeast England.