美音:[´ınfluəns ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[´ınfluəns ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.影响,感化,势力,有影响的人(或事),(电磁)感应 vt.影响,改变


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名词:influencer 动词过去式:influenced 过去分词:influenced 现在分词:influencing 第三人称单数:influences 形容词:influenceable


flu=to flow(流动)

近义词, 同义词


affect  induce  move  persuade  prejudice  sway    


/'ɪnflʊəns; `ɪnfluəns/
1 [U] ~ (on sth) power to produce an effect; action of natural forces 影响力; 作用
*the influence of the moon (on the tides), of the climate (on agricultural production), etc 月球(对潮汐)的作用、气候(对农业生产)的影响.
2 (a) [sing] ~ (on sb/sth) (exercising of) power to affect sb's actions, character or beliefs through example, fear, admiration, etc 感化(力); 影响(力); 支配(力)
*the influence of parents on their children 父母对子女的影响
* have a good, bad, beneficial, harmful, civilizing, pernicious, etc influence on sb's behaviour, character, etc 对某人行为、性格等有良好的、恶劣的、有利的、有害的、感化性的、邪恶的...影响
* a young ruler under the influence of his chief minister 受总理大臣左右的年轻统治者
* escape sb's influence 避开某人的势力范围.
(b) [C] ~ (on sb/sth) person, fact, etc that exercises such power 有影响的人或事物
*Those so-called friends of hers are a bad influence on her. 她那些所谓的朋友对她的影响很坏.
* Religion has been an influence for good in her life. 宗教信仰一直引导她向善.
* We are subject to many influences. 我们都受着多方的影响.
* The influences at work in this case (ie factors causing it to develop in a particular way) are hard to disentangle. 在此事中起作用的种种因素很难缕析得清楚.
3 [U] ~ (over sb/sth) power to control sb's behaviour 支配力; 控制力
*His parents no longer have any real influence over him. 他的父母对他不再有任何真正的约束力了.
4 [U] ~ (with sb) ability to obtain favourable treatment from sb, usu by means of acquaintance, status, wealth, etc 权力; 势力; 权势
*use one's influence (with sb) 利用(与某人的关系的)影响力
* She has great influence with the manager and could no doubt help you. 她对经理很有影响力, 无疑能帮你忙.
5 (idm 习语) under the `influence (of `alcohol) (fml or joc 文或谑) (showing signs of) having had too much to drink 酒喝得太多; 有点醉
*be charged with driving under the influence 被控酒後开车.

1 [Tn] have an effect or influence on (sb/sth); cause (sb/sth) to act, behave, think, etc in a particular way 影响(某人[某事物]); 对(某人[某事物])起作用
*the belief of astrologers that planets influence human character 星相家认为星体能影响人的性格的信念
* I don't want to influence you either way, so I won't tell you my opinion. 我不想对你有任何影响, 所以我不告诉你我的看法.
* It's clear that her painting has been influenced by Picasso. 她的画显然受了毕加索的影响.
2 [Cn.t] cause or persuade (sb) to do sth 支配或左右(某人)做某事
*What influenced you to behave like that? 你是受了什么支配而那样做的?
1. For advertising exerts a subtle influence on us.

2. The influence of the factory upon the physiological and mental state of the workers has been completely neglected.

3. Tentatively it can be suggested that this is the main influence upon those who urge the abolition of capital punishment.

4. The Influence of AIDS

5. Newspapers exert such tremendous influence that they can not only bring about major changes to the lives of ordinary people

6. He argued that these books had a pernicious influence on young people.
    他一再申辩, 这些书会毒害青年一代。

7. "Larry usually adjusts very quickly," I said. "I suppose this time it's Charles's influence."
    "通常劳里的适应能力是很强的," 我说。"我猜想这次可能是因为受了查尔斯的影响吧。"

8. She served strong South Indian coffee in the traditional steel cups instead of china; she would be a balancing influence on my youthful radicalism.

9. In the organization of industrial life the influence of the factory upon the physiological and mental state of the workers has been completely neglected.

10. It could have a negative influence on Sandy.